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Saint John

Vehicle insurance is important. It is mandatory in Canada. Those living in Saint John can count on insurance brokers to assist them. These professionals have the experience necessary to shop for the best insurance.

Hope Grant Insurance


Hope Grant is in the business of providing insurance since 1873. They carry off all types of insurance. Included in this is vehicle insurance. To serve their clients best, they have teamed up with quality insurance providers. Having a choice of providers to choose from allows the company to provide the best service. On the companies, LinkedIn page and they have 11* employees. Here they also have 23* followers. On their Facebook page, they have 138* followers. Out of 4* reviews they’ve received a 4.* point star rating.

Hall and Fairweather

Those living in Saint John can count on this firm for their insurance needs. They are a company that deals with all types of insurance. Their focus is on vehicle insurance by providing personal service. The company has been in business since the 1850s. They take great pride in the number of clients they have served during this time. Their mandate is, to be honest, and forthcoming with their clients. They will shop diligently for the type of insurance package that suits each client best. Their Facebook page shows that they have 125* followers. The company currently has one Google review giving them 5.* point star rating.

J.B. Elliot Insurance

It can be difficult shopping for the right vehicle insurance. There are brokers like Elliot insurance that are ready willing and able to help. This company is an independent insurance broker. They have linked up with some quality insurance providers. To best serve their clients. When it comes to vehicle insurance discounts, this company will work hard to get them. Their focus is on creating peace of mind for those in need of insurance. Currently, the company has one* review on Google reviews giving them 5.* point star rating.

Mitchell McConnell

Having the right vehicle insurance in place gives everyone security. This type of insurance can be expensive. Working with a brokerage firm like this helps to cut the costs. This is a company that focuses on educating their clients. Giving them choices and suggestions for the best coverage. They have been in business for 80* years. Based on this that they have the expertise to be able to serve their insurance clients best. They are good standing members of the Better Business Bureau. Currently, on Google reviews, they have one* review giving them a 4.* point star rating.

JW Insurance

This company is dedicated to assisting individuals to find the insurance that they need. They have been serving Saint John and surrounding area for many years. They provide all types of insurance. For auto insurance, they offer a variety of different packages. They will help the clients choose those which are best suited for them. They will also work with the clients to find what discounts may be available to them. Currently, this company has three* reviews on Google reviews. This is giving them a 5.* point star rating.

Carnaghan Taylor

handle claims

There is no need for insurance shoppers to stress about their insurance. At least not if they are going to use this firm as their broker. The company acts as a representative of the insurance providers and the client. They are available 24/ 7  to handle claims. Plus, they are also available to answer any questions at that an individual may have. Also, they have been serving the community for many years. The company is proud of the products that they offer. The company currently has three* Google reviews giving them a 3.* point star rating.

Huestis Insurance Group

As an insurance brokerage firm, they take great pride in serving the insurance needs for those in Saint John. They offer a variety of different insurance packages. In their personal insurance department, this includes vehicle insurance. The experts here are quite capable of meeting the insurance needs for their drivers. They worked diligently at getting the best rates along with the best discounts. On their Facebook page, they have 1103* followers. On their Google page, they have three* reviews giving them a 1.* point star rating.

Cooke Insurance Group

Insurance shoppers may want to check out what the Cooke insurance group has to offer. This is a company that has been around for many years and is noted for their customer service. They are quick to provide auto insurance quotes. However, they will first get to know their clients to serve them best. They will pay close attention to discounts and savings which can be garnered for clients. Their LinkedIn page shows that they have 55* employees. Also here they have 94* followers. On their Facebook page, they have 527* followers. Also here they have 29* reviews with a 3.9* star rating. Currently*, the company does not have any Google reviews.

McTague Insurance

Shopping for vehicle insurance can be quick and easy. In Saint John there are brokers like McTague insurance to assist them with this. They have partnered up with a good selection of insurance providers. By doing this, it allows them to get the best insurance coverage based on each individual’s need. Discounts and vehicle insurance are highly important in bringing down the premium costs. This is a company that will find those that apply to each client they serve. The company has been in business since 1949. Based on this they have all the experience and expertise needed. To meet the insurance needs for the region. On Google reviews that they currently have 4.* reviews giving them a 3.5* star rating.

All Coverage


This is an insurance brokerage firm that takes pleasure in dealing with clients. They know that when it comes to vehicle insurance that this is a personalized product. Also, they will take the time to find out what their clients’ needs are. They have been in the business for almost 30 years. They are passionate about the insurance products they have to offer. Currently*, they do not have any Google reviews.

*Data collected on the day of post publishing.

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