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Saint-Hyacinthe is an average sized city that is east of Montreal. The drivers here are always on the lookout for quality vehicle insurance. To meet their needs, there are several Insurance Brokers. As well as agents.



This firm believes in offering unique services when it comes to insurance. They call this their Intelligent Offer. It is backed with their 50* years of experience in this industry. Part of their insurance programs is personal insurance. In the personal insurance category, there is the auto insurance. This includes coverage for trucks and some recreational vehicles. The company has teamed up with an abundance of quality insurance providers. This gives this brokerage firm good opportunities. To narrow down the best choices of insurance. For each client that they are dealing with. Currently, on Google* reviews, the company does not have any as yet.

Intact Insurance Saint Hyacinthe

Intact insurance is known to be a very large insurance company. They have chosen to open an agency here to serve the needs of the residents for their insurance. They offer a full selection of insurance packages. Among this is car insurance. Or, for those looking for motorcycle or other vehicle insurance this company can help. They are promoting that they can help drivers with a 25% discount*. This is done through their My Driving program. In addition to this, there may be other premium discounts available. Each has their unique circumstances. When it comes to auto insurance and premiums are based on this. On the companies LinkedIn page, they are showing that they have 36,978* followers. On their Facebook page, they have 22,707* followers. For this particular branch, they have 197* reviews on Google with a 4.8* star rating.


Wawanesa has chosen to provide insurance offerings for this area. They are doing this to cover this area out of their Québec branch. The company is well known in the industry and offers a large variety of insurance products. There are many that have taken advantage of their auto insurance. They worked very closely with their clients. To get them as many discounts as possible. They offer different types of discounts. Some they work towards are loyalty discounts and anti-theft this accounts. Google reviews for this area shows two* reviews giving them a 5.* point star rating.

DPA Insurance

DPA is on par with their insurance offerings compared to other brokerage firms. They work with Intact insurance closely in regards to auto insurance. Plus, they want to make buying insurance an easy process for their clients. They do this by asking the right questions and getting the answers quickly. Once done they can then go about getting the best premiums at the best prices. The company has been in business for more than 75 years. Based on this they have the experience and expertise. That which is needed for proper insurance shopping. Currently, they have 4* reviews on Google giving them a 4.* point star rating.

Langelier Assurances

Most vehicle insurance shoppers want to deal with a company that is going to treat them as an individual. That is what one can expect from this brokerage firm. They have an experienced team of brokers. Ones that specialize in the different areas of insurance. Those that are shopping for insurance here can expect prompt attention. The company will work quickly at finding the right insurance based on the best prices. The company’s LinkedIn page shows that they have 51* employees. Plus, 303* followers on their Facebook page they have 250* followers. For Google reviews, they have one* review giving them a 5.* point star rating.

ABC Insurance

This is a company that takes great pleasure in providing all types of insurance products. One of these is auto insurance. Their mandate is to make it stress-free. Their objective is to get the policy in place for their clients as quickly as possible. At the same time, they will not jeopardize quality for speed. They realize that each and insurance shopper has their own needs. Vehicle insurance can be expensive. But the broker’s here will do their best to get the most affordable premiums. Currently, the company has 4.* reviews on Facebook giving it a 4.* point star rating.


best prices

This is an insurance brokerage agency that offers a variety of insurance packages. For their vehicle insurance offerings, they work through intact insurance Company. The insurance broker here is intent on treating each client as an individual. They will shop for the best prices but make sure that the needed coverage is in place. This type of service allows insurance shoppers to have peace of mind. On Facebook, they have 3555* followers. Currently, they have no reviews* on Google reviews.


This company has several offices where they offer quality services. Their business is offering the best insurance packages available for their clients. They focus heavily on finding as many discounts as possible. For vehicle insurance. They have the owner discount that is available for those that own the vehicle. Plus they have winning combinations discounts. Their LinkedIn page shows they have 1005* employees. Also, here they have 6121* followers. On their Facebook page, they have 8995* followers. They have one* Google review giving them a 4.* point star rating.

Fernando Courchesne & Fils

Every client that is looking for insurance from this company is treated special. It is because insurance is an individualized product. Those looking for vehicle insurance want the best coverage possible. But at the same time, they want affordable prices. These are the metrics that this company uses. When determining what insurance is best for their clients. Currently, this company does not have any reviews* on Google reviews.

IA Insurance

IA takes pride in the personalized approach that they have when meeting insurance needs. They have many offices across Canada for this purpose. They believe in forming a personal relationship for the insurance needs. As it applies to each client. Their mandate is to find good pricing. Also, coverage that applies to meet all the needs of every customer. They will take the time to answer questions and inform their clients as to what is best for them. Their LinkedIn page shows that they have 20,713* followers. Their Facebook page shows they have 11,702* followers. They currently do not have any Google* reviews.

Humania Assurance


There are some insurance shoppers that need vehicle insurance for the first time. Then there are others who have the desire to switch companies. The insurance brokers here can assist those looking for vehicle insurance. They also have other types of insurance packages. This is a company that is well known in the industry. They have received some impressive awards. On their LinkedIn page, they have 110* employees with 1508* followers. They currently do not have any Google* reviews.

*Data collected on the day of post publishing.

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