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For a lot of people, they find that vehicle insurance can be quite complicated. Anyone that is driving in Canada should be aware that they must have at least the basic insurance. Aside from this, a great many people want extra coverage. To be sure that any damage that is done to their vehicle is going to get covered by their insurance. Individuals will vary concerning this type of extra insurance. One of the concerns they have is whether their car insurance is going to pay for repairs.

Will My Car Insurance Pay For Repairs After an Accident?


There are many factors that get taken into consideration. Whether the insurance company will pay for your repairs. Those that are required following an accident. It will depend on the type of insurance coverage that you have. When you go to purchase your vehicle insurance you have options. To buy extra coverage concerning this.

Collision Coverage

If you have this particular type of coverage and are in an accident, then you should be able to put a claim in for repairs. For the damage created. This is extra coverage that individuals have the option to buy. If a claim is put in under this section of the policy the insurance company has to make some decisions.

They will have to decide whether they are going to repair the vehicle or whether they are going to write it off. This gets decided based on what the insurance companies’ claims adjuster determines. During their investigation. A decision gets made. Regarding what damages there are and need repairing. Then there is a process that the insured has to go through to get the vehicle repaired.

Does My Car Insurance Pay for Repairs if I Am Fault in an Accident?

The whole purpose of having collision coverage is to make sure that the cost of repairs gets handled. By the insurance company. There is no way of forecasting whether the accident will be your fault or someone else’s. This is a risk that the insurance company takes when they give insurance. In most cases, the insurance company will pay for the repairs if the insured is at fault. The repercussions to this will most likely be an increase in the premiums going forward. Again, this will depend on the circumstances and the particular insurance company. For example, there may be a discount in place that allows for first accident forgiveness. If this is the case, then there may not be any increase in premiums. No matter what cost the insurance company had to incur. Again this will differ among insurance companies. There may be limitations to this.

Will My Car Insurance Pay for Repairs for Damage Other that an Auto Accident?

Auto Accident

Quite often there can be things that go wrong that can damage a vehicle besides being in an accident. Damage can occur from acts of nature. Or a vehicle can get damaged as a result of vandalism. In either case, the damage may be substantial enough that need repairs. The insured wants to know how the insurance company is going to handle this.

Comprehensive Coverage

This is the section of insurance that will cover the damages. Those cause by other circumstances besides a collision. This is extra coverage that many consider buying when ensuring their vehicle. Some individuals decide not to go with this extra coverage. Feeling that the vehicle may not be worth repairing. Or, that they would not get enough for a replacement to justify the cost of this insurance.

Can My Vehicle Insurance Company Refuse to Pay for My Repairs?

Some insureds get concerned. Whether the insurance company can refuse to pay for the repairs. There are situations where this may be possible.

Insurance companies have the right to make exclusions. From the policy that they are giving. It is important that insurance shoppers fully understand what coverage they are getting. Also, what may get excluded from their policy. There might be exclusions for the repairs if the vehicle was lent to someone. Under certain circumstances. Like if an individual lends the vehicle to someone driving under the influence. Then they get in an accident. The insurance company could refuse to pay the claim. Another example is if the vehicle was being used for purposes other than stated. As it pertains to the insurance policy. Some individuals are using their vehicles for ride sharing. They have not notified their insurance company about this. There is a possibility that the insurance company could deny the claim.

Sometimes individuals have minor damage done to their vehicle. Also, the vehicle already has damage occurred to a by natural causes. Such as rusting or break down because of age. They assume that the insurance company is going to repair the covered damage. Also, that they are going to repair this additional damage. This is not the case. The claims adjusters are quite astute at determining what the covered damage is and what is not.

How Much of the Repairs Will My Auto Insurance Cover?


It cannot be assumed that auto insurance coverage is going to pay for everything. When there is an accident or damage done to an insured vehicle an investigation gets done. It gets done through the insurance company. This will help to determine how much the insurance company is going to pay. It will also depend on the deductible that the insured opted for. In this case, the insured will pay their portion of the costs out of their deductible. Then anything over and above that gets covered by the insurance company.

But this will depend on who is at fault for the accident. The investigation may determine that the insured is not at fault. Then they do not have to pay the deductible. In this case, the costs get covered by the direct compensation segment of the policy.

There are many variables when it comes to who pays for auto repairs under vehicle insurance. It creates even more reasons why individuals should shop for the best insurance coverage. That which they feel is reasonably priced.