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red deer

Red Deer has a population of over 100,000. As such there are many drivers in need of quality and affordable vehicle insurance. There are many brokers who service the region. To help them with their insurance products.


Procom has recently become part of the Rogers insurance company. This has not changed the way that they do business. They offer a full selection of insurance. They have made sure that they can provide coverage for all types of vehicles.  Also, they believe in making sure that the insurance is personalized. According to their client’s requirements. They have teamed up with a select group of insurance companies.Ones that they feel is going to bring the best rates to their clientele. The Company is currently showing an employee list of 15* individuals. Those that are dedicated to serving the clients for this company. The company was established in 1993. They currently have 86* followers on their Facebook page. This is given them a 4.3 *star rating. On Google, they have a 3.8* star rating. Based on 16 reviews.

All Services


This brokerage company believes that business is all about people and not about policy. They area insurance brokerage company that is committed. Plus, they are a full-service company. Which means they offer all forms of insurance. It includes auto insurance. They work with some top brands of insurance companies. To be able to offer competitive insurance rates to their clients. Their Facebook page indicates 166 *followers. They have been given a 4.3* star rating here. This insurance brokerage company is a locally established business since 2000. They started with a staff of three. Now they have now grown to 16*. To help them stand above their competitors, they have some unique offerings. They have The One Day Written Money-Back Service Guarantee. Plus a VIP Client Service Timeline. At present they have six reviews on Google. These reviews are giving them a 4.8* star rating.


There are those in Red Deer looking for the best insurance rates. They are going to want to do some shopping. One of the brokers that they want to give some consideration to is Brokerlink. It doesn’t matter what type of insurance one is shopping for. Brokerlink should be able to help. There are different packages that one can find here. For those looking for vehicle insurance. The company focuses on finding affordable insurance. That is customized for the needs of each of their clients. Brokerlink is part of a network of brokerage firms. Their main page Facebook shows that they have 20,094* followers. They currently have two reviews on Google. Giving them a 4.* star rating.

Ing + McKee

This is an insurance brokerage firm serving Red Deer. Their mandate is to take the stress out of finding the insurance that each need. They work closely with their clients. Also, they believe in taking the time to find the insurance that is best suited for them. The company offers all types of insurance including vehicle insurance. They like to educate their clients. As to what insurance is about. So they can make an informed decision. This company came about as a merger. As such came into being in 1965. This is a company that has built an affiliation list comprised of over 50 well-known insurance companies. Their Facebook page indicates they have 511* followers. Which is giving them a 4.9* star rating. They do have 15 reviews on Google. Which have given them a 4.6* star rating.

Rogers Insurance

Rogers insurance is a brokerage firm that caters to the insurance needs of those in Red Deer. They offer all types of insurance packages. The company has been in business since 1981. They are classed as one of Canada’s largest independent insurance brokerage firms. Also, they are heavily involved in the community. They run many different types of events. For example the Jim Sinclair Charity Golf Tournament. They are also involved with the Canadian Legacy Project.  Their vehicle insurance packages include auto insurance. As well as leisure craft insurance. In addition, they also focus on offering collector car insurance.  Also, they have a following of 613* people on their Facebook page. Plus, they have a five-star rating here. On Google that has earned them a 3.* star rating.

Alpine Insurance

boys and girls

Alpine insurance brokers is a brokerage firm that has created an affiliation with several top insurance companies. They offer a full line of insurance products. In their personal insurance, they offer passenger vehicle insurance. Plus they also offer motorcycle insurance. They focus on several important components of insurance. They put to work their experience in this industry. To be able to bring the best pricing to their clients. They have the ability to work with many different insurance providers. The company is also involved in the community through many different projects. These include the Red Deer Special Olympics. Also, the Children’s Hospital Activity Book. On the company’s Facebook page and they have 963* followers.They have received a 3.9-star rating here. Currently, they have a 4.6* star rating on Google reviews. This is based on eight reviews.

Platinum Insurance

The Platinum insurance brokerage firm is affiliated with many different top quality insurance companies. It allows them to bring competitive rates to their clients. It also allows them to offer a personalized insurance packages. According to the client’s needs. The firm is involved with many different community organizations. Some of these include the Boys And Girls Club Of Red Deer. Also the red Deer Relay For Life. They also contribute to the Ronald McDonald House for Central Alberta. Their Facebook page indicates a following of 45* people. Today have received five reviews on Google giving them a 5.*Star rating.

Access Insurance

Access insurance is very simplified in how they promote their products. They have a good selection of auto insurance coverage. And they focus on listening to the needs of their clients. Their Facebook page indicates that they have 876* followers. They also have a large number of reviews on Google. Totalling 143*to date. These have given them a 4.8* star rating.

Johnson Connor

This is an independent insurance brokerage company. It is privately owned. They have been in business for many years. Also, they have several different locations. They offer a full a selection of insurance products. Along with vehicle insurance. The Company has partnered up with some of the very best insurance companies. To bring the best pricing to their clients. Johnson Connor does not currently have any reviews on Google reviews.

One Stop Insurance


One stop insurance focuses on making it easy for individuals to get their vehicle insurance. The same applies to the other insurance packages in that they offer. The Company has a comprehensive list of insurance companies. Ones that they are affiliated with. Plus, they have two offices in Red Deer. To be able to accommodate the region effectively. They currently have three reviews on Google reviews. Giving them a 5.* star rating.

*Data collected on the day of post publishing.

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