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One of the easiest ways to buy vehicle insurance is by getting insurance quotes. It is also one of the most effective ways. But, it means choosing the right quote provider to bring you the results that you need and want.

Kanetix Review


Kanetix is going to tell you exactly what you are going to get from their services. This is a quote comparison website. One that deals with several different types of insurance quotes. Currently, they are offering quotes for;

  • Car
  • Home
  • Travel
  • Life
  • Health
  • Pet
  • Businesses

They also deal with other business entities such as mortgage and credit cards.

This company has been around since 1999. To date, they have partnered up with 70* insurance providers.  Although their home page indicates they have teamed up with 56 insurance providers.

An insurance shopper will ask for a quote as per the insurance that they are interested in. The shopper will need to provide a specific amount of information. That is pertinent to the insurance they are looking for.  Kanetix is committed to securing the rates that they produce in their quotes. This is contingent on the insurance shopping having provided accurate information. So they can get the quotes needed.

Kanetix will take this information and beginning shopping. Among the insurance partners, they have teamed up with. They will get individual quotes from those companies. Ones that provide the type of insurance shopped for.

This company claims that no other entity shops for insurance as much as they do. They also claim they have saved their client $3.8 million on car insurance for the last year. The site goes on to explain that this figure gets based on the average savings. Between the best insurance quotes and the premium amount of participants in the survey. They say that these total yearly savings is a representation of the total saving for all the customers. Who did transactions with Kanetix.

Their website is indicating they have a 4* star client rating. Going off site there are a variety of different sites providing reviews.  One example out of 2,083*reviews the company has received an 8.2* out of 10 score. On their Facebook page, they have 13,114* followers. Google reviews shows 121* reviews giving a 3.8* rating.

Insurance Hotline Review

Insurance Hotline is another quote comparison site. Their claim is that they have been in business for over twenty year. Plus, they are indicating during this time that they have provided more than 3 million quotes. That is a clear indicator that there are plenty of people that need insurance. Keeping in mind that this comparison site is a resource. For quotes for many different types of insurance.

This company has teamed up with over thirty* insurance providers. That they to use to shop with on behalf of their clients.  One thing that individuals are going to find when they go to insurance shop is that there are several insurance quote comparison sites. Some may be affiliated. A prime example of this is that Insurance Hotline is affiliated with Kanetix.

The system that Insurance Hotline has set up is simple and basic. Meaning it is like the average comparison site. The insurance shopper begins their experience here by opting in for a quote. As it pertains to the insurance that they want. Then they get presented with a series of questions to answer. Insurance Hotline indicates that these questions are the same. As what the insurance company would ask.

When the site has gathered all its information it then correlates it. With their database. Their database is comprised of the over thirty insurance providers. Ones that they have teamed up with.

Next, the insurance shopper will be privy to a number of insurance quotes. From the various insurance providers. Now the shopper has the chance to compare these rates to see which are most favorable for them.

The company has a testimonial section on their site with several satisfied clients. Offsite they have gathered different rates according to review sites. Trustpilot is giving Insurance Hotline a rating of seven* out of ten based on 488 reviews. Google reviews is giving them a 4.* rating based on 71 reviews.

Lowest Rates (dot) ca Review

This is an insurance comparison site that’s affiliated with Fintec. Their head office is in Toronto.  They offer free insurance quotes on a few different types of insurance. Plus they offer quotes for other types of services. They have chosen to team up with 30+* insurance providers. Also, they pride themselves on the speed in which they are able to get quotes for insurance shoppers. They are claiming that they will get 20+* quotes in three minutes. It doesn’t appear as though the company has been in business for that long. As they are celebrating five years.

They are up front about the type of information they are going to need in order for them to provide their services. For auto insurance, they need your postal code.  Also, your driving experience, plus vehicle information. The information on their site indicates that they will ask a total of six questions. These are not revealed in the general information. They should be available as soon as one opts in to get the quotes.  With this information, the insurance providers are able to do a speedy quote.

Once you get your quotes as the insurance shopper you are then encouraged to call the applicable broker. It will be a broker that is representing the insurance provider that you are interested in. This will be your opportunity ask more questions about your specific needs. Once you decide on the quote that appeals to you the most you can then buy your insurance.

Lowest Rates supports their services. By saying that what they do for the insurance shopper is free. Plus, it is simple and easy. They are also stating that getting quotes through their company is a more comprehensive way of shopping for insurance. Also, they are saying that the rates provided are unbiased. Meaning everyone has the same opportunity to insurance shop this way. They have 35* google reviews giving them a 4.* rating.

Ratehub Review

When one lands on this site for Ratehub they are going to find that there is a lot of information available to them. At least to get them started on the right track for their insurance shopping. The navigation bar breaks down the different insurance categories. Insurance shoppers can find their area of interest quickly.

Ratehub doesn’t share a lot of information. About themselves in regards to when they started into the rate comparison business.  The Company doesn’t boast about how many thousands of dollars they have saved their clients. Nor how many quotes they have done. They offer a lot of information about why getting insurance quotes is important.  They seem to be equally divided in their attention. That they give to the different services that they perform.

There are some various ratings about client satisfaction for Ratehub. On their Facebook page they have a 4.3* rating based on 18* votes.  They have a 4.* rating on Google reviews.

Do keep in mind that this company offers a variety of different rate services. Their feedback ratings are not just going to get restricted to vehicle insurance clients.

There are times when insurance shoppers will go on forums. To ask about some of the quote comparison sites.  These will vary as well because of the different types of insurance they are offering.

Insureeye Review

multi service

This site is a multi service site. They provide auto insurance quotes. Also, they deal with some other types of insurance. They also provide extra rate services for mortgage and credit cards. All these types of sites like to provide their own level of education. As it pertains to educating prospective clients about the viability of getting insurance quotes. Here at Insureeye they encourage visitors to do comparison quotes. Comparing them to other insurance shoppers.

It is a quick process that gives some general information. The user just enters their age category, their province and their gender. Then some stats will get presented based on the data provided.

Some services are pertinent to vehicle insurance. The company will give 10+* insurance quotes. This comparison site seems to support transparency. They have a section where users can rate their insurance provider. This is information that may be valuable to those who are trying to decide to choose when they get their quotes. Reviews such as this should be used with caution. Insurance is a personalized service. So what takes place with one individual may not be applicable to another. This company has 9* google reviews giving it a 5* rating. On Facebook they have 448* followers.  They have 3* employees showing on their LinkedIn page.

Ratesupermarket Review

If you are looking for vehicle insurance quotes then this comparison site will allow you to do this. These also cater to providing quotes for several other types of insurance.  This company was developed in May 2008. The purpose at the time was to provide mortgage rates. But, they decided to expand into offering the same for insurance rates. The system they use for their rate services is basically the same as what the other comparison companies are doing.

They are claiming that their information is up to date. The insurance shopper enters their information and then the quotes get provided.  If an insurance shopper wants more information about a quote they are able to get this. They just use the call back request on the specific quote that they want. Then a representative from the particular insurance provider will contact them. This allows the shopper to further research the quote they may be interested in. They can ask further questions of the representative. To get answers that they may not get from the original quote.  This company has 5* google reviews giving it a 5* rating. On Facebook they 7,593* followers. They have received a 4.1* rating here.

Thinkinsure Review

This company promotes themselves as being Canada’s Leading Insurance broker.  The company has been serving Canadians in this capacity for over forty years. They are dedicated to providing quotes for various types of insurance. So, they have not branched out into other types of services. They have chosen to partner up with 40+ insurance companies. Their mandate for the provision of services is to offer a good selection of quotes. For the vehicle insurance shopper. They are focused on getting insurance savings for their clients. Also, they believe obtaining insurance quotes should be quick and simple. They want their clients to know they work for them and not the companies they have partnered up with. On their Facebook page, they have 136* followers. They have a 4.4* star rating.  They have 118* google reviews giving them a 4.5* star rating.

Insurance Hunter Review

This company is prepared to offer insurance quotes for five different types of insurance. This includes vehicle insurance. The company claims they will provide 7+* quotes for interested insurance shoppers. This is an independent brokerage company that is based in Windsor Ontario. Their intent is to produce many quotes quickly. They believe that they can save their clients hundreds of dollars. On their insurance purchases. They have teamed up with several insurance providers. To be able to shop for insurance on behalf of their clients. They are stating that beyond the quotes they can offer assistance in helping clients. To choose and purchase their policy. On their Facebook page, they have 5,425* followers. On LinkedIn they are showing they have 10* employees. Also, here they have 114* followers.  They have 15* Google reviews giving them a 3.5* star rating.

offer car

Rates are one of the insurance comparison sites that other types of service rates as well. They offer car insurance quotes. is owned and operated by Kanetix. Ltd. Once they provide the quotes insurance shoppers will have the chance to speak with a representative. About any quote, they have been given. This gives them the opportunity to ask more questions. To be a savvy vehicle insurance shopper it goes beyond just the premium price. It is a great option to be able to make contact with the insurance representatives. Rates is not a broker. They have teamed up with several insurance providers to be able to offer a selection of quotes.

Their focus in on offering speedy but accurate quotes. They are also committed to protecting personal information. That may get submitted to their site. On their Facebook page, they have 1,139* followers. They have received a 5.* rating here.  They have not receives any reviews on Google.

*Data current as of the date of posting

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