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Quebec city

Quebec City can be a challenge to drive in. There are many Insurance Brokers available to meet the insurance needs for those who require this type of service.

Courtier unis

Quebec City

As an Insurance broker serving Quebec City, this company focuses on getting good insurance discounts for their clients. Part of their insurance services is shopping for the best vehicle insurance for Quebec City drivers. As enticements for new clients, they offer the possibility to save up to 50% on premiums. Plus, an extra incentive is one month’s worth of free insurance. They also encourage insurance bundling to realize even greater savings. The Company has a very extensive list of Insurance Companies that they do business with.  Currently*, the company does not have any reviews on Google reviews.


Hub is a Company that has a larger roster of Insurance Brokers. These are brokers that pay attention to detail. They make all the individual insurance concerns their priority. There are many different components to vehicle insurance. Also, there are often a lot of discounts that can be enjoyed. The insurance shopper will only be aware of these if informed by their brokers. This is why Hub insists on taking the small insurance details into account. Currently*, Hub does not have any reviews listed on Google.

Jean Gamache

Jean Gamache Insurance Brokers offers a full line of insurance products. For vehicle insurance shoppers this company is a one-stop shop. The company deals in all types of vehicle insurance products. There are complete packages for the passenger vehicles. In addition to this, it is a broker that can look after the needs for all types of recreational vehicle insurance. Out of four, Google reviews the Company has received a 3.* star rating.

J.A. Lemieux

pleasure vehicles

This insurance broker takes the time to fully explain what the Quebec City insurance requirements are. The company will shop for the best insurance deals for passenger drivers. Also, they cater to those who require insurance for many of the other types of pleasure vehicles that require insurance. Out of five Google reviews, the company has received a 4.2*star rating.

Trepanier  J.& H.

Another established insurance broker serving the insurance needs of drivers in Quebec City. Their focus is on being able to get competitive pricing for all of their clients. The company has a long list of affiliates to rely on. As of yet, the company has not been ranked on Google* reviews. This Company is a family business and has been serving clients for the past *36 years

L Unique

When an insurance shopper is looking for an insurance broker, they have certain expectations. One of these is that they expect the broker will be aware of the potential insurance discounts that may be available. L Unique is one of those brokers. They focus on setting specialized programs. Also, a company who makes paying for insurance more flexible. The Company has a Facebook page where they have 1,283 followers*

Fradet Assurances

This company lists six experts* on their website to serve clients throughout Quebec City in need of insurance. They offer complete insurance packages and focus on getting the best discounts for each client they serve. The company has been in business since 1970. It is a family operated business intent on delivering good customer service. *As of yet, they have not received any client reviews on Google.

Dumont Assurances

Dumont is a family run insurance brokerage business. It was founded in 1957. The company offers it services to drivers across Quebec City. Plus offers other types of insurance packages.  The Company has received 20 Google reviews giving it a 4.8* star rating. On their Facebook Page, they have a 4.3* rating and 217* followers.

Paul Eugene Chabot Assurance

Chabot is an insurance brokerage company that has been in business for sixty-five years. They like to offer helpful hints for drivers to be able to lower their insurance premiums. They have seventeen* brokers on staff to assist them with servicing their clients. The company has two google reviews giving them a 5.* rating. They also enjoy a 5* rating on Facebook. They also have 172* followers.

Jean Yves LeMay

Not only does this insurance broker offer vehicle insurance but many other types of insurance packages. The company has a 5.* star rating based on two Google reviews. Clients report that the company does well at listening to their client’s needs.

Compulsory Insurance In Quebec City


In Quebec, automobile insurance is mandatory as it is in every Province and Territory across Canada. Basic insurance must be purchased through the Private Insurance Companies. This where the importance of Insurance Brokers comes into play.

Drivers are required to have liability insurance. It can be no less than $50,000. It is this segment of insurance that covers property damage to a third party. When this happens as a result of an accident. When it comes to bodily injury the claims for this are normally attended to under the no-fault plan as it pertains to the SAAQ. If the accident occurs outside of the province, then the liability coverage tends to this claims. The SAAQ is provided to all residents living in Quebec.

The Importance of Shopping for the Right Insurance

While there is some Government protection, the liability insurance has to be purchased. It means shopping for this. But it also means that one should not think that every insurance company is going to charge the same rates. The insurance broker will gather some important information about the driver. All of this information will be used by the insurance companies to determine the insurance rates. Each item of information plays an important role in what kind of discount they may be eligible for. A good insurance broker is going to ask the right questions of their clients. Then they will be able to shop effectively from their list of affiliates that they deal with.

Having Enough Insurance

While the mandatory insurance gives some coverage for many, it may not be enough. It may sound as though the Insurance broker is trying to upsell their products. But in most cases they want their clients to be able to make informed decisions. They can only do this when they have enough insurance facts to rely on. Some may want to increase their liability insurance. But perhaps may not want to take out comprehensive insurance. These are important decisions. Ones that can only be made when one is fully aware of what they mean.

*Data collected on the day of post publishing.

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