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Peteborough ON

Peterborough was once a rural town. But has rapidly grown into one of Ontario’s vibrant cities. The streets are always busy with traffic. The many drivers here have created a need for some quality vehicle insurance brokers.



ISL is a third generation full-service insurance brokerage. It dates back to 1949. The company offers a full selection of insurance packages. The company has created partnerships with many of the leading insurance companies. By doing this, it allows them to bring fair pricing to their clients. The company helps to develop personalized insurance packages. Those which will meet the individual needs of the insurance shoppers. On their Facebook page, they have 148* followers. This gives them a 5.* star rating. They are active in the community. By supporting various events. One of these is with the support of free public skating. Currently* this insurance broker does not have any Google reviews.

Elliot Insurance

This is a company that operates as a fully independent insurance brokerage entity. They work hard at getting the best insurance prices for every client. The company can arrange insurance for vehicle insurance. As well as many other types. It has become their priority to ensure that every client is satisfied. According to their insurance needs. They make themselves available through their 24-hour emergency contact. They focus on the potential discounts that they can get for applicable clients. One of these discounts that they will try and make available is the Telematics. Presently on their LinkedIn page, they are showing that they have eight* employees. On their Facebook page, they have 184* followers. Giving them a 5.* star rating. At present they have two* Google reviews a giving them a 5.*star rating.

Topping Insurance

In 2016 topping insurance as an independent insurance broker teamed up with RJ insurance group. They do offer a full roster of insurance products. They have a vehicle category of insurance offerings. It includes all-terrain vehicle insurance. Plus, other pleasure vehicle insurance. The company dates back to 1858. On their Facebook page, they have 74* followers giving them a 5.* rating. They have accumulated five* Google reviews giving them a 3.2* star rating.

R.J. Brown

RJ Brown is an independent insurance brokerage company. They like to keep their clients informed. In regards as to what is mandatory for insurance in Ontario. They offer a full line of vehicle insurance. Along with other types of insurance. Included in their vehicle insurance packages is reasonable antique and classic auto insurance. The company has teamed up with the top quality insurance partners. It allows them to shop efficiently for their client’s insurance needs. On their LinkedIn page, they are claiming to currently have 15* employees. They have six* Google reviews giving them a 4.5* star rating.



Burrows insurance has an enthusiastic team of insurance specialists. They like to meet the needs of their clients. Their insurance offerings includes auto insurance. As well as motorcycle insurance. Plus, insurance for several other types of recreational vehicles. They realize that insurance is an individualized product. It allows them to work with each client accordingly. They also are there to assist those that are classed as high-risk drivers. The company was founded in 2010. Based on this they like to consider themselves as a one-stop shop for insurance needs. They currently have five* reviews on Google reviews giving them a 4.2* star rating.

BMT Insurance

BMT has been in the business of insurance for over 50 years. They believe in offering good customer service. Also in treating each client as an individual. They are intent on building strong relationships with each client that they serve. They work with a long list of partners. It allows them to offer competitive prices. As well as choices when it comes to any individual’s insurance needs. They are heavily involved in the community. They supported the Canadian Red Cross. As well as local high school bursaries. Plus they offer a full selection of different types of vehicle insurance. There may be an option for contents damage in a collision. Plus tire blowout protection. They currently have one* Google review giving them a 5.* star rating.

McDougall Insurance

McDougall has joined up with Monkman insurance. To better serve the insurance needs of the Peterborough area. They are considered to be the largest insurance brokerage. For serving Eastern Ontario. The Company has three key areas of focus. It is offering quality service backed by credibility and personalized service. The company offers a full range of insurance products. Vehicle insurance is part of this. They offer many different packages within their auto insurance coverage. Plus, they focus on young drivers and classic car insurance. They also are very intent on keeping up with the potential insurance discounts. Those that can help to lower their client’s premiums. Their LinkedIn page shows that they have 128* employees. They currently have 5739* followers. With a 4.7* star rating.

Stewart Morrison Insurance

Stewart Morrison insurance brokerage has been serving the Peterborough and Kawartha areas since 1971. They have grown their business. To where they now have six* offices to cater to their clientele. With their auto insurance packages, they offer many other types of vehicle insurance. Plus, there are additional insurance offerings for other needs. They focus on the needs of different insurance shoppers. They like to pay attention to age-related drivers. For example, they focus on young drivers. As well as mature drivers. Of course, they give the same attention to all clients. No matter what their gender or age. Their LinkedIn page shows that they currently have 19* employees. On their Facebook page, they have 305* followers. Giving them a 4.6* star rating. On Google reviews  they have one* review that has given them a 1.* point star rating.

Insurance Protect

This is an independent brokerage company that serves the Peterborough area. They serve their clients with their many years of experience. Plus, they have built a reputation of trust. The company offers a large selection of insurance packages. Among these is auto insurance. The Company takes pride in getting the best prices possible. As it pertains to those that have vehicle insurance needs. They like to focus on individual insurance needs. Those that not only includes passenger insurance but other vehicle insurance as well. They will cater to the new drivers and high-risk insurance needs. The company was founded in 1940. Their LinkedIn page shows that they have 23* employees on staff. Their Facebook page shows that they have 95* followers. Currently* they do not have any Google reviews.

Darling Insurance

recreational vehicles

Darling insurance offers a full line of personal insurance packages. Included in this is auto insurance as well as for some recreational vehicles. Darling has been providing insurance services since 1928. Currently*, the company does not have any reviews on Google reviews.

*Data collected on the day of post publishing.

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