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Orillia Ontario

Orillia is a busy and vibrant city that is in the Simcoe County region. There are several insurance brokers here to serve the insurance needs of residents. They will work hard at getting the best auto insurance packages at reasonable prices.

Will Marshall Insurance Brokers

customer care

This brokerage firm has built their business on loyalty. Also, making customer care is their priority. It goes all the way back to 1983. Since then they have continued to serve the Orillia area with insurance products. When it comes to vehicle insurance, the company realizes the importance of this. They want their clients to feel confident when driving. Knowing that they are fully protected with their chosen insurance package. To do this the experts here take the time to talk with each client to determine what to their needs are.

Every driver in Canada must have basic insurance. Here at Will Marshall, they will also discuss the additional insurance. That which gives greater protection. Their LinkedIn page shows that they have 12* employees and 44* followers here. On their Facebook page, they have 231* followers. Here they have received six reviews giving them a 5.* point star rating. On Google, they have two* reviews giving them a 5.* point star rating.

McLean & Dickey

This insurance brokerage firm has a large team of professionals. Those that are intent on providing the very best in insurance services to their clients. The company deals with many different types of insurance packages. One of these is vehicle insurance. They will shop diligently. To make sure that each client gets the personalized insurance package they need. Clients can count on this company being there for them. Should they need to submit a claim. They are here to act as the representative of their clients. With the insurance companies that they do business with. Currently, on the Google reviews, they have two* reviews giving them a 5.* point star rating.

Ron Johnston Insurance

This company has been acting as insurance brokers for the Orillia area since 1977. They believe in old-fashioned customer service. Based on this it means building a relationship with each client that they serve. Over the years they have chosen only the top quality insurance companies that they know they can rely on. They rely on these companies to be able to provide comprehensive and affordable insurance. For vehicle packages for each client they serve. They are there to assist their clients with claims when the need arises. Currently, the company has three* Google reviews giving it a 3.3* star rating.

KRG Insure


KRG is an independent insurance brokerage firm formed in 1980. They have different categories of insurance that they can provide for their clients. One of these categories is personal insurance. Within that, is the vehicle insurance. This company knows that the insurance rates in Ontario can be extremely high. They will work closely with every client to help reduce their costs for this type of insurance. They work hard on presenting potential discounts. Ones that will help to bring the premium cost down.

Vehicle insurance is a personalized product. It requires personalized attention. This company can provide that and more. Their LinkedIn page shows they have 79* employees with 1,737* followers here. On their Facebook page, they have 82* followers. They have received one* review here giving it a 5.*point star rating. On Google reviews, they have received two* reviews. Giving it a 5* point star rating this is under the name of Cragg G B insurance broker limited.

Murray Hofstetter

State Farm is an insurance company that many people are familiar with. There are some that prefer to deal directly with one specific insurance provider. For those that have chosen State Farm, to do this, Murray Hofstetter is there to help them. Murray is going to take the time to look after the individual needs of each client. Currently, there are three* Google reviews giving this agent a 2.3* star rating.

Ryan Kerr – Co-Operators

The Co-Operators is a company that many families have been dealing with for many years. Some wish to carry on the tradition. By depending on this Insurance company for their Insurance needs. Quite often this is vehicle insurance. In Orillia, Ryan is the agent that represents this company. He is prepared to answer any questions regarding this type of insurance. He will be there to put together insurance coverage for drivers that they can count on. Currently, this agent does not have any Google* reviews.


It comes as a surprise to some to discover at that CAA also offers auto insurance. This is an additional service that they provide among their other services. They believe in educating clients about what auto insurance is comprised of. Also, how it gets calculated. They also place a lot of focus on how drivers can save money on their insurance packages. Currently, the office located in Orillia has 19* Google reviews giving them a 4.* point to start rating.

Steve Edmonds

Steve is a representative for State Farm insurance. For those that want to keep their insurance shopping simple and easy then using this agent is the way to go. State Farm is highly recognized for the diversified packages that they offer. When it comes to car insurance. There are some potential discounts that may be available through this company. Steve is going to make sure that his clients looking for auto insurance are going to get the best deal. Currently, this agent does not have any reviews* on Google reviews.

Sun Life

Sun Life is an insurance company that likes to make their business entity a one-stop shop. They carry many different types of insurance. To accommodate those that need vehicle insurance, they work with Belair Direct. Clients that are part of the Sun Life programs will receive a referral to Belair Direct. They could automatically receive a 10% savings the based on this. Currently, for this office, there are no Google* reviews.

The Co-Operators


For those who want to deal directly with the Co-Operators, there is a branch located here to help. Co-Operators are well known for the large range of insurance packages that they offer. There are many drivers in Ontario. Ones who rely on this insurance company. To give them the best protection at the most affordable rates. Currently in this branch does not have any Google* reviews.

*Data collected on the day of post publishing.

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