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North Bay is a beautiful city situated in Northern Ontario. It is a place where many tourists visit. It is also home to many residents. All of which must have at least the basic insurance coverage to be able to drive anywhere in Canada. There are multiple insurance brokers and agents available that service this area.

North Bay Insurance Brokers


The brokers here welcome questions about insurance. It is because they offer these types of products. They want clients to be fully informed as to what is available to them. Insurance buying is a big undertaking. The cost is important. But, so is the proper coverage. This company has been in the business for over five decades. They recently changed their name to North Bay Insurance. But they did not change their calibre of service. On their Facebook page, they have 115* followers. They have 6* Google reviews giving them a 5.* rating.

Kennedy Insurance

It is always pleasant when insurance shoppers can shop in their area. Which can include attending to their insurance needs. For this, they may want to check out what Kennedy Insurance Brokers have to offer. This is a company that has been in business for over 100 years. Based on this they have the experience and expertise. That which is needed to help find the right insurance package for each client. On their site, they show a team of 13* individuals. Ones that are prepared to help those that are in need of quality insurance. These brokers make sure that their clients are well informed as to what is available to them. They will also determine what insurance discounts are available. These help to make the insurance more affordable. On the companies LinkedIn page, they have 18* employees. Plus they have 41* followers here. On their Facebook page, they have 212* followers. They have received six* reviews giving them a 4.3* star rating. Currently, they do not have any Google* reviews.

Cambrian Insurance

This is an insurance company that offers different selections of insurance. In their personal insurance department, they offer auto insurance. They are an independent brokerage firm. They have 18* locations that they provide their services through. Their mandate is to work closely with each client. To determine what their insurance needs are. This is a personal product. Insurance premiums are determined by different metrics. Those that apply to the applicant. Many clients don’t realize this. The brokers here will work closely with their clients. To determine what discounts may apply to them. Insurance companies offer a wide range of discounts. Those which can be helpful in reducing the premiums. On the company’s Facebook page they have 1733* followers. Currently, they do not have any Google* reviews.

Rivet Insurance

passenger vehicles

Rivet puts together comprehensive auto insurance packages for their customers. They work towards getting them the coverage that is appropriate for them. They also look for ways that they can save on this type of product. The company insures passenger vehicles as well as some recreational vehicles. They worked diligently on customizing the auto insurance packages for each. On their LinkedIn page, they have 35* employees. Here they also have 117* followers. They have 2* Google reviews giving them a 3.* point star rating.


BrokerLink offers personalized service to every client that they are providing insurance for. They are a network of brokers that work throughout many of the different provinces. They have a convenient office located in North Bay. The professionals here will ask a series of important questions. How the insured answers these questions determine the type of insurance coverage they need. They will be informed as to what additional options are available to them. Also, whether they are needed. There will be talk about what potential discounts are going to be used to help reduce the cost. The company is always there to answer any questions and to assist if a claim should arise. On the companies LinkedIn the page, they show 930* employees. Also here on LinkedIn, they have 2987* followers. On their Facebook page, they have 20,086* followers. The statistics from LinkedIn and Facebook cover the company on the whole. For this particular office, Google reviews they have received one*. It has a given them a 5.* point star rating.

Easy Insure

Easy insure has taken a different approach as brokers providing insurance. They have decided they will meet their clients’ needs online. They deal with personal insurance which includes vehicle insurance. As well as commercial insurance. They will take on the same role as what an on land brokerage firm does. They will be intent on shopping for the best insurance prices. Focusing on the potential premium discounts. On the companies LinkedIn page, they have 26* employees and 110* followers.

Knox Hutchison

This company has been in business for more than 60 years. Their priority has always been to serve the community with their insurance needs. They are an independent broker. Also, they believe in making shopping for insurance as simple as possible. Plus, they like to build relationships with their clients. Their focus is on asking the right questions. So they can shop diligently for the right insurance package. Their LinkedIn page shows that they have 21* employees as well as 87* followers here. Their Facebook page shows they have 41* followers.

Economical Insurance

This insurance company is not located in North Bay, but they do cater to the residents here. They will take care of the insurance needs of clients here. Also, they carry many different types of insurance packages. Among these is their vehicle insurance. They do offer their services through Cambrian Insurance. As well as Brokerlink and several others.

All Risks Insurance Brokers


This is a company that has more than 200+ brokers across Ontario. They also service the North Bay area. Also, they are a company that enjoys offering personalized service. They will work closely with those looking for vehicle insurance. This type of insurance can be overwhelming, but this company makes it easy to buy. On their LinkedIn page, they have 1045* followers with 191* employees. On their Facebook, they have received 12* reviews giving them a 3.9* star rating. They also have 693* followers here.

Johnstons Insurance

This is insurance brokerage firm that is not located right in North Bay but is close by in South River. They offer a full selection of insurance packages. Clients can count on the honesty and trustworthiness of this company. Based on their ability to be able to get good insurance rates. Without compromising coverage.

*Data collected on the day of post publishing.

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