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Those that live in St. John’s have no worries when it comes to shopping for vehicle insurance. There are many insurance brokerage companies waiting to serve them. Most have been in business for several years. They each have their roster of Insurance Companies that they represent.

Wedgewood Insurance


Wedgewood insurance brokers are an independent brokerage firm. This means that they are affiliated with several insurance companies to be able to serve their clients better. To be able to access information and to deal with the company quickly they have set up what is called a W/24 online portal. This offers a lot of advantages as clients can update their policy details. Or, get in touch with an agent quickly. As well as report a claim and print out any of their policy documents. Wedgewood has a 1116*following on Facebook. On Google, they currently have 26 reviews giving them a 3.7**rating.

Crosbie Job Insurance

This is a Company for anyone needing vehicle insurance or another type of recreational vehicle insurance in St. John’s. It is a brokerage that can provide them with the services they need. They are a company that focuses on providing their clients with a great deal of information. This way they feel that they can make an informed decision. Currently, on LinkedIn, they are indicating that they have 14 employees*to serve their clients. On their Facebook page they have 375 followers* and they have been given a 4.5*rating. On Google, they have received a 4.8* star rating based on four reviews.

Acton Insurance

Acton insurance offers all of the standard vehicle insurance policies. They also focus on antique vehicle insurance coverage. On their website, they are showing a team of nine employees that cater to the insurance needs of people in the St. John’s area. They have received three reviews on Google giving them a 3.7*star rating.

Steer Insurance


Steer insurance offers a variety of different types of insurance including automobile insurance. Among the many packages that they offer they also focus on the uninsured automobile coverage benefits. This company has been in business for more than 80 years. They are intent on offering personalized service. Plus, are prepared to answer any and all insurance questions that insurance shoppers may have. This is an insurance brokerage company that believes in giving back to its community. They are involved in many different events. In the past, they have been involved in Jamarama as well as the Festival of Friends. They have a large following on Facebook comprised of 3199*  followers. Also, they have received a 4.1* rating here. The company used their Facebook page for giving drivers plenty of good tips. As of today* the Company has not received any reviews on Google.

Munn Insurance

When one is checking out this insurance brokerage, they will find that they have several different packages of vehicle insurance. This is a company that got started in the early 1900s. They believe in being active in the community. They support organizations such as the home builders Association. As well as the and NL Heavy Civil. They also belong to several organizations. Such as the Better Business Bureau. Also the Canadian Federation of Independent Business. On their Facebook page, they have 1358* followers. For Google reviews, they have received 14 reviews giving them a 3.1*rating.

Fairway Insurance

This insurance broker believes in saving their clients time. They offer several different vehicle insurance packages. They will provide all of the information concerning these so clients can make informed decisions. The company has been in business since 1973.  Meeting the needs of Atlantic Canadians with their vehicle insurance. As of to date* this insurance brokerage has not received any Google reviews.

Cal LeGrow

This is an insurance broker that has sold their personal insurance business to Macdonald Chisholm Trask Insurance. With MCTI those interested in vehicle insurance can find assistance with this company. They offer a full range of vehicle insurance products. They hold the same values in serving their clients as what Cal LeGrow has done during their years of offering personal insurance.

OMA Insurance

OMA insurance is a specialty insurance broker dedicated to physicians only. They have an insurance package that they offer for vehicle insurance for this profession.

Sunco Insurance

Sunco is an independent brokerage firm offering all types of insurance. It includes a vehicle insurance. They have been in business since 1985. The company is a family owned and operated business entity. Their focus is on treating people with respect and making sure that they are informed as to what is best for their insurance needs.

Rock Insurance

Rock insurance is an insurance brokerage firm located in Paradise right on the border of the city of St. John’s. As such, they catered to the insurance needs of those in St. John’s. They offer a complete line of insurance packages for vehicle insurance. The company believes in educating their clients about it the type of insurance that they need. It is based on the fact that insurance is mandatory in Canada to drive a vehicle.

Vehicle Insurance Brokerage  Shopping Tips


Many people don’t realize how important it is to properly shop for vehicle insurance. Quite often this type of insurance is taken for granted. The real importance of it is not recognized until the time comes to make a claim. By dealing with insurance brokers, one does not feel that they are caught up in the large network of insurance companies. An insurance broker is able to give more personalized attention. They are often the first contact when a vehicle mishap occurs. Having a good insurance broker can make it the difference between getting through all of the red tape that comes with a claim. Many of the brokerage companies deal with a selection of the insurance companies that they have chosen to partner up with. It is based on that they can shop for the client to find the best type of coverage based on their particular needs. An insurance broker will ask a lot of questions which are important. It is the answers to these questions that help them to narrow down their search. Insurance is an individualized product which many people are not aware of. Premiums are set on many different metrics according to that particular individual.

*Data collected on the day of post publishing.

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