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There are many musicians that live and work in many parts of Canada. Most often they need some form of transportation and many own their vehicles. As musicians, this of raises the question about what type of vehicle insurance do they need.

Do Musicians Need Special Vehicle Insurance?


It is not uncommon for musicians to have to travel to different gigs where they will be performing. Sometimes they need larger vehicles. If they have to transport their musical instruments. These musical instruments can be very expensive. There is a concern that if the individual were in an auto accident would the instruments get covered. Then over and above that how does the insurance affect the musician. In Canada, it is mandatory to have insurance to drive. At the very least every driver must have the basic insurance.

Is the Musician a Professional?

It needs determining what situation the musician is in. They are going to have to determine if they are involved in their music as a business or as a hobby. This is going to make a difference to the insurance company. Some musicians are professional. They use their vehicles to go back and forth to gigs. Or for other music-related responsibilities. It may mean that they need to have commercial insurance. Much the same as what self-employed individuals need according to their professions. There are some individuals that do not enter into the music world as a professional. They have other full-time jobs, and their music is a hobby. Insurance companies will most likely look at this in a different light

Should Musicians Tell Their Insurance Company about Their Music Profession?

travelling for business

It is important that a musician lets their insurance company know that they are a musician. This will allow the insurance company to determine where they fit in. In regards to vehicle insurance. Some individuals working in the entertainment industry use their vehicle for this purpose. There could be a problem. If they do not let their insurance company know about this. They could get into an accident. The insurance company may determine it was as a result of travelling for business. There could be problems with the claims.

The insurance company will ask a series of questions. To determine if the musician fits into a professional or hobby level. For insurance purposes. One of the things they will want to know is how many hours are spent travelling for this profession. This will help them to determine if the insurance needs to be on a commercial level. They will also want to take into account if instruments are being carried as a result of this. However, in most cases, the vehicle insurance does not cover the contents of the vehicle. The insurance that would cover the instruments most likely would be through another form of insurance. Perhaps content insurance for an individual’s home or apartment.

This is a unique a situation. It is important that the insurance company has all of the details possible. To determine how they are going to provide coverage.

Will Auto Insurance Cost More for Musicians?

One of the concerns for the musician will be whether the insurance is going to cost more. Sometimes an individual gets rated for commercial insurance. It is higher than personal insurance. There are many different ways that insurance costs can get reduced.

Musicians may want to check out their various organizations. To see if they offer any type of insurance packages. Quite often organizations will strike deals with insurance companies. That pertains to a specific profession. The insurance company will offer them a discount. This is usually done through group insurance. It means that the organization will get a group of musicians together. They will all get covered for vehicle insurance under one policy. There are pros and cons to doing this. What has to be remembered is that insurance is a personalized product. In group insurance, everyone is a look that collectively. The rates may be discounted because of them being a group. But, they still may be higher than what the musician can get by going with their insurance.

How Can Musicians Get Vehicle Insurance Discounts?

If the musician is opting to shop for their vehicle insurance, then they want to focus on the discounts. Every insurance company is different in Canada. They offer their collection of discounts for drivers. Although many of these can be similar. The amount of discount being given may be different.

Simply looking at the type of vehicle that the musician is going to will be one advantage. Some vehicles cost more to insure than others. It can depend on the make model and year of the vehicle. It can also depend on if the vehicle is vulnerable to theft. Some musicians do not need a larger vehicle for transporting music equipment. Then it gives them more options for being able to choose vehicles that are cheaper to insure.

Another important aspect is the personal history of the driver. If the musician maintains a clean driving record, this is going to help keep the cost down. Insurance companies look at many different metrics when it comes to drivers. They are keen on looking at any driving infractions. Ones that could create a risk for the insurance company. They also will look at the amount of experience that the driver has.

Should Musicians Shop Around for Insurance?

Musicians Shop

Musicians usually have a lot of expenses. Any way that they can keep their costs down is good for them.

When it comes to vehicle insurance, there are ways to keep the costs down. One is by doing some comparison shopping for insurance. The other way is by taking advantage of what discounts may be available to them. Even if they are being classed as a professional and need commercial insurance, there are still discounts that will save money.

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