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Moncton Dieppe

Shopping for quality vehicle insurance products is no problem for the residents of Moncton-Dieppe residents. There are several brokers in the area waiting to meet their needs.

Jones Insurance


For vehicle insurance including passenger vehicles as well as boat and RVs, one can check out what Jones insurance has to offer. They are a brokerage firm that offers this type of insurance. As well as other types. They have been offering insurance services to the Moncton area since 1913. This is a family business that has been operating for four generations. They have two reviews on Google reviews giving them a 4.* Rating.

A.P. Reid

This insurance broker deals with both personal and commercial insurance packages. They have received many awards for their service. In 2017 they were the Best Insurance Agency Metro Community Choice Awards winner. They were also a finalist in the Best Brokerage over 10 People Insurance Business Awards for 2017. These are just a few of several awards that they are proud of. They began their business in 1980 and since then have opened several offices. They have more than 60 employees that assist them. To date* they have not received any Google reviews.

Archway Insurance

Archway is one of those insurance brokers that are well aware that insurance is personalized. Meaning that everybody has their own special needs for insurance. This company specializes in vehicle insurance as well as other types. It is an independent insurance broker. As such, they rely on many different insurance companies to do business with. They currently have a following of 507* the people on their Facebook page. They have received four reviews on Google reviews and have earned a 3.5* star rating here.

Coast Insurance

Among the many insurance packages that they offer to those living in the Moncton area, it includes vehicle insurance. Besides passenger cars, they also offer insurance for motorcycles and boats. As well as  RVs. They have partnered up with some quality insurance companies to make sure that they can an individualized insurance. They are listing eight* employees that make up their team to serve their clientele they have set high standards for themselves that include being dependable and building relationships with their customers they have received a 4.2**rating on Google reviews.

Sears Insurance

recreational vehicles

Sears offers vehicle insurance and is an insurance broker for Intact insurance. As such they promote the My Driving discount that is known under the Intact insurance offerings. They also offer other types of vehicle insurance. That which pertains to recreational vehicles. The company has four offices that they can serve clients from. They are classed as an independent insurance broker. Also, work closely with the community helping different organizations not only through the donation of money and prizes about by giving their time. Plus, they work closely on helping clients to choose the best insurance that is good for them. They have a claims reporting hotline that is available 24 hours a day throughout the year. Currently, on their Facebook page, they have 603* followers and here they have been given a 4.6 rating. On Google, they have 17 reviews that has compiled a 4.4* *rating.

Bourque Ryan

This insurance broker offers insurance packages that include vehicle insurance for both personal and commercial. They have been in business for over 50 years.Also, they are a locally owned business. Their combined experience including their staff is 38 years of’s. It’s. They believe in working closely with their clients to be able to offer them the best insurance that applies to them. They have received a5.* Rating based on three reviews.

Marshall and Associates

Marshall and Associates have joined forces with the Cook insurance group. The Cook group was founded in 1972. They have four major divisions that take care of the insurance needs of the month and as well as other areas. In fact, they have ten offices spread out through the Atlantic portion of Canada. On their Facebook page, they have 527* followers, and they have received a 3.9* star rating. They believe in giving back to their community and are involved with several organizations. One of these is the donation that they have made it to the Anderson House. They have also won some prestigious awards. One of these was the Best Places to Work in Atlantic Canada award in 2016. They were also a finalist for the Workplace Excellence award. Marshall and Associates had received seven reviews on Google reviews giving them a 4.9* star rating.

Vienneau Insurance

Those looking for insurance for their vehicle in the Moncton area may want to check out this independent insurance broker. They are a family owned business that has been looking after the insurance needs for this area for almost 70 years*. The Company believes in being actively involved in the community and are very supportive of helping hands. Also, they have a great Facebook page that shows that they have 2171* followers. There are a lot of supportive comments from clients that they served to be found here. They believe that shopping for insurance and finding what you want should be a worry-free experience. To date, they have received one review on Google reviews giving them a 5.* *Rating.

Goguen Champlain

Here is an insurance broker that offers a full line of insurance products. Among these is a comprehensive line of automobile insurance. Where they also offer fleet insurance for commercial clients as well. On staff, they also have an in-house claims Specialist that is there when their clients need them. This is beneficial when an insured has to go through a claims process. Currently* they have no reviews listed on Google

Wilson Insurance


Wilson is prepared to offer personalized services for all those in need of insurance. This includes them having a full roster of vehicle insurance to meet the needs of all drivers. The company has been around since 1930 and has continued to grow since then. They have a Facebook page that has some good comments about the company here. These reviewers have given Wilson insurance at 4.7*rating. This is based on 13* reviews. They have a following of 802* people. Currently* they do not have any reviews on Google reviews.

Tom Cormier & Associates

Tom Cormier and Associates is the insurance broker for the Moncton area for the Co-Operators insurance. Co-Operators is a well-recognized brand that offers all types of insurance. Included in this is the vehicle insurance. As a broker for this company Tom Cormier and Associates offer personalized service for those in need of vehicle insurance. To date this insurance broker has a three review posting on Google reviews giving a 2.7* *rating.

*Data collected on the day of post publishing.

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