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minor driver

Every Province has its own rules for those who are going to be driving in their Province. Canada, on the whole, has a rule that all drivers need insurance. Provinces set specific ages as to when one can legally drive. Some get considered as minors which is the age of majority. This will differ between the provinces. Where some will consider those under the age of 18 as a minor. Other provinces will consider those nineteen and under as minors. In Ontario, for example, a minor is under the age of eighteen.

Legal Age for Driving


Again each province will set their own rules for what age an individual can drive legally. For Ontario minors from the age of sixteen and up can apply for a driver’s licence. This means that they as a driver in Canada must have car insurance.

In Ontario once a person has reached the age of 16 they can apply for a learner’s permit. This is the G1 license. They will only be able to drive with this license for the next 12 months. Some have taken an approved driver education course. These individuals only have to stay under this license for eight months. Then after this period, the next stage is the G2 license. They will drive under this license for one year, and then they can apply for their full license.

Can I Get Insurance with a G1 Licence?

It is important for the G1 licenced drivers to understand their limitations. This will help them understand their insurance responsibilities. As it pertains to this type of driver’s licence.

Part of the requirements is having a driver with you that is fully licensed. This means that you are not able to drive the vehicle otherwise. For this reason, you are not eligible to get insurance. In the majority of cases, parents will put their G1 driver on their insurance policy.

Will Insurance Premiums Go Up When Insuring a Minor?

Parents usually want to add their minor with the G1 license to their insurance policy. They get concerned about their premiums. Every insurance company is different. But in the majority of cases, the insurance company does not increase the premiums. For the G1 license holder. Once the G1 driver transitions to the G2 licence there will likely be an increase in the premiums.

Do You Need Insurance for a G1 Licence?

As a G1 license a driver you will be under the insurance coverage of the driver. The one that has to be with you as it pertains to this license.

Keeping Car Insurance in Control for the Minor


There are a lot of things that parents can do to help prepare their minor for the future. When they do become responsible for their insurance.

As a minor with the G1 license, they are responsible for having a licensed driver with them at all times. This license driver is there to help keep the youngster in check. While they are gaining experience at driving. By setting good examples for them, the purpose of the driver is being served. Even though the minor has been through driver training, they often forget a lot of what they have learned. Their best driving habits are going to come from experience. This is why insurance companies focus on the amount of driving experience. That which the insurance shoppers have.

In time the minors become more comfortable with their driving. Some tend sometimes to become overconfident. This is when they can run into difficulty with driving infractions. They need to understand that this type of action is what can cause them to end up with tickets at the very least. Also, they need to understand that these tickets are going to have an impact on their insurance. They will feel the sting of this in the future when they are responsible for their insurance costs.

Making the Right Vehicle Choices

Vehicle Choices

Once the driver has gone beyond the minor age, they will be getting their G2 license. The insurance circumstances are going to change at this time. What the parents may want to do is determine which vehicle the youngster will be driving the most. This is if there is more than one vehicle in the family. They can still get added to the family insurance for the vehicles. But it should be one where there is already a primary driver. To keep insurance cost down at this point one does not want to put them as a principal driver. The insurance company is going to want to make sure that the young driver is being added to the vehicle. The one that they will be driving the most often.

Another good habit to form is to encourage the young driver that is still a minor to think about potential discounts for the future. Allowing them to become educated about insurance is a good way for them to keep the importance of this in mind. For example, they may qualify for a good student discount in the future. This will encourage them to work at getting the good marks to help them with the cost of the insurance. Another great a discount is making sure that they have taken a driver education course. From a qualified institution. Some kids feel that they can learn enough from their parents to be able to drive. The parents can certainly be there to help them get the experience of that they need. However, there will be no discounts given for this. The young miner learns that by accumulating discounts, it can create substantial savings. Then they are more apt to become a more responsible driver. Setting themselves up into a position to become an insured driver on their own.