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Milton city Ontario

Milton is part of the GTA and the Halton region areas. For those living in this area, there are several insurance brokerage firms to assist them with their insurance needs.

Austen & Noble


This is an insurance brokerage company that is prepared to act as your intermediary for your vehicle insurance needs. The company offers a full selection of insurance products. Part of these includes different types of vehicle insurance. They focus on the individual needs of every client. Insurance is a personalized product. Therefore it takes great care in shopping for the right insurance packages. Currently, the company has five reviews on Google reviews giving it a 4.2**rating.

InRoads Insurance Brokers

In their personal insurance category, this company offers vehicle insurance. They are classing themselves as a new generation brokerage firm. As an independent broker, they do business with many top-notch insurance companies. This allows them to meet the needs of all of their clients and not just a few. One of their mandates is to keep their clients informed. They call this segment of their business, claims counselling. They also inform their clients about accident forgiveness and the importance of having this as part of the insurance package. Something else that they inform their clients about is OP CF 43 which is a limited waiver of depreciation. Also, OP CF 27 which is an additional endorsement that can be added to one’s insurance package for greater benefits. They also inform clients about OP CF 13 C which is concerning glass coverage. They suggest the exclusion of this to help reduce the premiums. The company has three reviews on Google reviews with a 5.* *Rating.

Brokerlink Insurance


Brokerlink insurance can be found across Ontario. They are a collection of companies that have come together to form one large insurance brokerage network. Plus, they have over 130 offices. Also, they also employ several hundred employees throughout Canada. They focus on three main insurance companies. These are Intact financial Corporation and Novex insurance company. Also Jevco Insurance Company. They have a full roster of insurance packages including auto insurance. Their Facebook page focuses on their main company. Here they have 20,094* followers. They have four reviews on Google reviews giving them 5. *Rating.

All Risks Insurance

This insurance brokerage firm has been in Milton since 2009. They focus on offering personalized customer service. Also, they offer a variety of different types of insurance packages. Plus, they are proud of the 40 years of experience that they can offer to their clients. The Milton team of All Risks brokers are part of a large network of brokers that are spread across Ontario. The company has  693 followers on Facebook with a 4.2*rating. On Google, they have only received one review to date. But it gives them a 5.* *Rating.

Sterling Insurance

This is an insurance brokerage firm that has been in the insurance industry for over 23 years. Their focus is on meeting the needs of their clients. They work closely with their clients to create individualized packages according to their needs. Currently, they have a 33*  followers on their Facebook page. Part of their mandate is forming long-term relationships with their customers. Along with their auto insurance, they also focus on truck insurance. Currently* they have no reviews or ratings on Google reviews.

Miltowne Insurance

For those living in the Milton area and want insurance options for their vehicles, Miltowne can provide this. They have a full roster of insurance products including auto insurance. In addition to this, they also specialize in high-risk vehicle insurance. Plus, they are connected to a large list of insurance companies that they have partnered up with. To bring good pricing for insurance. The company was founded in 1983 and have been serving the Milton area during this time. The company currently has one review on Google reviews giving it a 3.* rating.

All-Time Insurance

All Time is an insurance brokerage firm serving Milton and the surrounding area. They offer a wide range of products including auto insurance. One of their many focuses is to get the most reasonable rates when it comes to premiums for vehicle insurance. Currently, on their website, they are showing a team of four* to assist their clients. They go to great lengths to describe the importance of a brokerage firm. And to create an understanding of the difference between this type of firm and an insurance agency. They have partnered up with 14* entities to be able to bring affordable insurance packages to their clients. Google has listed a 27* reviews for this company. In total, this has given them at 4.2*rating.

Spriggs Insurance

For those shopping for their vehicle insurance needs, they will want to check out what the Spriggs insurance brokerage firm has to offer. Their site is full of educational information to help the insurance shopper. It is to help them choose the right type of insurance for them. This firm has several brokerage companies throughout Ontario. The company is affiliated with the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario. Plus the Insurance Broker Association of Ontario. At present they have no Google reviews.

Insurance Executives


Insurance executives offer a full line of insurance packages. This includes auto insurance. Plus it includes insurance for other types of vehicles. The company believes in providing detailed information about vehicle insurance to help their customers make the right decisions. They not only consider themselves to be brokers but consultants as well. On their Facebook page, they have 571* followers. From this, they have received a 4.8-star rating. Although located in Mississauga they cater to the Milton area as well. They have received 65* Google reviews which have given them a 4.8-star rating.

Robyn King

Robyn King is the insurance agent that brings the State Farm offerings to those in the Milton area. State Farm is a large insurance company that offers all types of insurance. Including vehicle insurance. Her focus is on getting the best-priced insurance package from State Farm that includes all of the applicable discounts. Robyn has eight reviews on Google reviews giving her a 4.9* star rating.

*Data collected on the day of post publishing

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