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Midland Ontario

Midland is a town in the Georgian Bay region with a population of about 16,800. There are a lot of drivers here who need good insurance coverage. They want the buying of this product to be simple and hassle-free. The brokers who serve this area are intent on delivering this type of service.

Swick Bauman & Associates

joined forces

This company has joined forces with the BrokerLink network. BrokerLink is a name that is becoming well known in the insurance industry. They are striving to open up offices in almost every region where insurance is needed. This is a network of brokers that have come together to act in a common fashion. By providing the best insurance services for the clients that they service. The company is dedicated to providing personal service for insurance. They know this product is of a personal nature. Each BrokerLink office strives to offer the very best packages of insurance. Based on the individual’s needs. Currently, this company has no Google* reviews.

Mink Insurance

Mink insurance takes great pride in serving the residents of Midland. Intent on meeting their insurance needs. They realize that when it comes to vehicle insurance, it is a product that is often needed quickly. As such those wanting this type of insurance do not get the opportunity to fully understand it. Here at Mink, they try to change this. They make sure that time is available to answer all of the questions the insurance shopper may have. Then they work closely on getting the best packages based on the client’s needs. They determine these needs by asking the right questions of the client. Mink is also aware that insurance is expensive in Ontario. For this reason, they will work hard at getting all of the potential discounts. Those that may apply to each client. Currently, on Google, this insurance brokerage firm has three* reviews. Giving them a 4.7* star rating.

Dalton Timmis

Anyone that is making any purchase wants to know that they’re getting true value for their money. This is most applicable when it comes to insurance. Many individuals are in need of vehicle insurance and want to deal with a reputable company. This insurance brokerage has a good reputation and focuses on its client’s needs. They have been named as Canada’s number one insurance broker. In their personal line of insurance, it includes auto insurance. As well as motorcycle coverage and recreational vehicles. They currently have three* Google reviews giving them a 5.* point star rating.

Asselin Insurance Brokers

recreational vehicles

This insurance brokerage company has been in business for 75* years. They have built their reputation on the care that they give each client that they serve. Plus, they offer a full line of insurance packages for vehicles including recreational vehicles. They believe in professionalism. But they also believe that each client has the right to personal service. Buying insurance is a personalized product and clients have the right to be informed. On their Facebook page, they have 200* followers they have nine* Google reviews giving them a 3.4* star rating.

Transure Insure

This is an insurance brokerage company that knows their product well. They carry a full line of insurance products. Including auto and truck insurance. The Company considers themselves to be insurance specialists. They have gained a reputation for being a quality insurance brokerage firm. It is based on the care they provide to their clients. They are intent on serving their area where they reside well. Also, they believe in educating their clients regarding the insurance packages they are purchasing. It allows clients to make informed decisions. When clients are in need of insurance help, this is a company that can be turned to. Currently, this company has no Google* reviews.

John Stark Insurance

John Stark is an insurance brokerage firm that goes way back to 1870. It is a family owned business and services the Midland area as well as the surrounding areas. Their whole approach to business is that they work for the client. They have become affiliated with several quality insurance providers. What this means is that they can shop efficiently for each client’s insurance needs. One policy does not fit all. Vehicle owners each have their own needs. Insurance companies have metrics that they use decent term in premiums. This insurance broker will make sure that the appropriate discounts are applied. For each of their clients.

The Co-Operators

Most people that are shopping for insurance can count on finding a Co-Operators agent in their area. This is no different when it comes to the insurance needs for Midland. Co-Operators are here to offer all types of insurance including auto insurance. This is a big company and a direct insurance provider. They believe in personalized service. They care about their client’s needs. Also, they strive to keep the cost of insurance in an affordable range. For everyone that does business with them.

Economical insurance

Economical takes pride in being a Canadian company. Their goal is to provide quality insurance packages. To meet all of the needs of each client. As a broker, they believe that their mandate is to serve their clients. One of the many responsibilities that brokers have is to save their clients money. Economical is well aware of this, and it is one of their priorities. They also are intent on offering advice and suggestions to clients. However, the client has the final word, and the professionals here will meet their needs.

KRG Insure

K RG is pleased to be able to provide insurance for those in the Midland area. In their personal insurance line, it gives a full selection of auto insurance options. Their goal is to save each client a good portion of money on their premiums. They state that they may be able to save up to 25% for eligible clients. Being eligible means meeting the criteria for the different discounts. Those that are often available with vehicle insurance. This insurance brokerage firm has been in business since 1980. They take great pride in the reputation that they have built over these years.

Noble Insurance

For those that can’t have their insurance needs met in Midland, they may want to look just outside of the area. One that is located in Collingwood which is only an hour away is Noble insurance. This insurance brokerage firm has been working in the insurance industry since 1945. Based on this they have all of the experience needed. To find the right insurance for each that they service. Vehicle insurance is a big priority for any driver especially those in the Midland area. As this is a rural area. Being able to buy insurance at reasonable rates is an important step for them. On their Facebook page, this company has 829* followers with a 4.2* star rating based on 20* reviews.

Secure Insurance

Midland area

Secure insurance is a company that is more than willing to serve those in the Midland area. They are a company that is dedicated to good service. They believe that every client is unique. As such they want to take the time to determine what their clients’ needs are. Vehicle insurance is a big undertaking and one that needs to be given thought. It can also be confusing. However, this insurance Company takes the confusion out of this type of product.

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