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Medicine Hat is a city that is home to many different types of drivers. Throughout each year they are challenged with all types of driving conditions. Drivers here need good quality insurance to rely on. To help them with this there are several quality insurance brokers.

Western Insurance

charity organziation

This is an insurance company that is offering all types of insurance to clients. It includes servicing those in Medicine Hat. They are a subsidiary of the Wawanesa Insurance company. Their goal has been to build a network of insurance brokerage facilities. Throughout the Western sector of Canada. They have accomplished this by now having 172* offices. Also, they are a business entity that is heavily involved in the communities that they serve. The Company has started the Western Communities Foundation which is a charity organization.

They focus on many other community events. In their vehicle category of insurance, they have many different packages. They cater to the passenger drivers but as well as those that have recreational vehicles. Their LinkedIn page shows that they have 1,036* employees. Here it also shows that they have 6,554* followers. On their Facebook page, they have 3,611* followers. For Google reviews, they have two* that are giving a 2.2*rating.

Thomson Schindle Green

This is an independently operated company. The company is committed to offering a variety of different insurance packages. To those in need of this type of service. They are well recognized as being a leading insurance broker in the Medicine Hat area. They offer a full selection of vehicle insurance packages. These are tailored to meet the needs of each driver. The professionals will focus on getting the best discounts. Those that each insured shopper is entitled to. The company had partnered up with several of the leading insurance companies. Those that are well known for the insurance packages that they offer. The company currently has 4* Google reviews giving them a 3.2*rating.

A-Win Insurance

A-Win has worked very hard at collecting a full selection of insurance providers. This way they can cater to the needs of each of their clients. No matter whether it is vehicle insurance or another type of insurance, this company can deliver. They have a full range of vehicle insurance packages. Included in this are other types of vehicles. Such as all-terrain vehicles as well as recreational vehicles. The company makes it known that they are there as support for their clients. This is who they work for.

They offer some extra support by offering a free personalized policy review. This is important for those that are not clear as to the type of insurance that they need. This company will make sure that their clients can make informed decisions. Their LinkedIn page shows that they have 79* employees. Also on their LinkedIn page, they have 172* followers. On their Facebook page, they had a 541* followers and based on eight* reviews they have a 5.* star rating. Currently*, they have no reviews on Google reviews.

Westland Insurance

educational material

Westland Insurance considers themselves to be a leading independent insurance broker. They cater to the Western Canada area which includes Medicine Hat. The company came into being in 1980 and has been going strong ever since. They believe in forming close relationships with their clients. No matter what type of insurance they may be seeking. They provide a lot of educational material on their website. It is to help the Medicine Hat drivers know how they can capitalize on premium savings. On their LinkedIn page, they have 326* employees. Here they also have 1,679* followers. On their Facebook page, they have 738* followers. Here based on 136* reviews they have 4.6* rating.

Cypress Insurance

This is an insurance brokerage firm serving Medicine Hat and the surrounding region. They provide a full selection of insurance packages that include auto insurance. They work on behalf of the client. The Company has linked up with several top quality insurance companies. Cypress works diligently on getting the most comprehensive insurance packages. Based on their client’s needs. Attention is given to detail and affordability. Currently*, the company does not have any Google reviews.

Reliance Insurance

Reliance Insurance is an insurance brokerage that started in 1992. The company has been servicing the Medicine Hat and surrounding region since that time. Plus, they are heavily involved in the community. The company does support the local food bank as well as the Medicine Hat Little League and Squash club. They are affiliated with a select group of partners. Those that they feel are going to be able to serve their clients the best. The company has the priority of getting the best insurance rates. With no compromise on coverage. On the company’s Facebook page they have 349* followers. Here, there are 7* reviews giving them a 4.9* star rating. On Google reviews, they have 35* reviews listed giving them a 5* rating.

Robinson Insurance

Robinson Insurance has been servicing the area for over 55 years. They offer a full selection of insurance coverage. Included in this in their personal policies section is their auto insurance. Here they offer insurance for all types of vehicles. They work diligently on getting the best rates for their vehicle insurance clients. The focus is also put on the applicable discounts to make the premiums more affordable. They have chosen a quality selection of insurance companies to work with. By having a selection of companies such as at this it makes insurance shopping for their clients more precise. They can look for the best options as they pertain to each client. Currently, the company has two* Google reviews giving them a 4.5* star rating.

Ambrosi Insurance

There are those that want to deal with a specific insurance provider such as the Co-Operators. Then this agent is here to assist them. This professional provides the support that the vehicle insurance shoppers require. The company is showing a team of five* on their website to assist their clients. This agency is involved in supporting their community. Currently, the agency has one* review on Google reviews giving them a 5.* rating.

Sun Life

Sun Life is an insurance provider. They have an office that serves the Medicine Hat insurance shoppers. For one of their insurance offerings, it includes vehicle insurance. This office will provide all the support necessary for insurance shoppers. Including those looking for affordable rates. Currently in this agency has two* reviews on Google giving it a 3.* star rating.


Allstate as an insurance provider has an office located in Medicine Hat. Here those looking for vehicle insurance will be able to find all the help they need. Allstate is well known for their provision of quality insurance coverage. Currently*, this agency does not have any reviews on Google review.


The AMA agency located in Medicine Hat offers many different services. Included in this is the offering of vehicle insurance. The agents here will work diligently. They focus on getting an auto insurance coverage that includes many discounts. They also offer a 24-hour claims service which is helpful in stressful situations. Currently*, the company does not have any Google reviews.

Crystal Metz Insurance


This is an agency that supports the offerings of State Farm insurance. Also, they offer other types of insurance. Crystal has been involved with State Farm as an agent since 2008. As an insurance agent, she has received many awards for her participation in the industry. For those looking for auto, insurance one can count on this agent to find them the best coverage at the best prices.

*Data collected on the day of post publishing.

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