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Living in Lethbridge means one is living in the largest city in the Southern sector of Alberta. Buying vehicle insurance here is something that can be done quickly and easily. There is a large selection of insurance brokers to assist them with this.

Chaparral Insurance


Getting the best insurance rates possible is important. It’s something that this insurance brokerage company puts their emphasis on. They are a service provider of all types of insurance including vehicle insurance. Getting insurance discounts for their clients is important. They have indicated that there is a possibility of a 50% discount on premiums. It is done through applicable discounts. They have a long list of products that they offer in their auto insurance. One of these is family protection. It allows for extra coverage. Currently, on their Facebook page, they have 62* followers. Here they have received a 5.* rating. On the Google reviews, they have accumulated six reviews also giving them a 5.* Rating.

Westland Insurance

Westland Insurance is an independent insurance broker. They have been in business since 1980. They offer a full product line of insurance packages. Included in this is auto insurance. Their focus is on working with their clients to create personalized insurance coverage. It is a big brokerage entity with over 80 offices throughout the BC and Alberta area. Their mandate is to be the broker of choice for everyone in need of the type of insurance packages they offer.

They take pride in educating their clients. In regards to the many different ways that they can save on their insurance premiums. They have made the payment of the premiums easy by offering a variety of options. There is also the option to make monthly payments. On their Facebook page, they currently have 737* followers. They have received a 4.6* star rating here. On Google, to date, they have 117* reviews that have compiled a 4.9* star rating.

A-Win Insurance

A-Win insurance is enthusiastic about the type of insurance services that they offer. Currently, they are comprised of a team of 19*. Which are prepared to offer quality customer service. The company has a long list of pledges that they want to make to each client. Included in the insurance products that they offer is auto insurance. Something extra that they offer is a no obligation policy review. They have partnered up with some of the top leading insurance companies. By doing this, it means that they can shop around for the best rates for each client. Also, for the best insurance package based on the client’s needs. This insurance company has 28* reviews on Google reviews. It has given them a 4.9* star rating.

McKillop Insurance

This is an insurance broker that started the business in 1953. They believe in offering choices when it comes to insurance needs. Also, they offer a full line of insurance products. Plus, they have a variety of packages for auto insurance. Also, they have recreational coverage. They have carefully chosen a good range of insurance companies. Ones that they feel confident working with. This allows them to be able to offer competitive insurance packages. They have profiled 15* of their employees on their website. These are the individuals that the company counts on. To provide quality service to their clients. They have accumulated  37* Google reviews. This has given them at 3.8* star rating

Schwartz Reliance Insurance

This is an independent insurance brokerage firm claiming to be one of the largest serving Alberta. They have been offering their services since 1927. Also, they have over 30* employees on staff. Their goal is to be able to offer a good choice of insurance packages. They have a long list of insurance companies that they are affiliated with. This helps them to meet their goal of offering choice when it comes to insurance purchases. Their Facebook page indicates that they have 225* followers and a 4.8* star rating. The client feedback is comprised of positive remarks. Praising the service and the staff here. For Google reviews, they have received  20* giving them a 4.2* star rating.

Astro Insurance


This is an independent insurance broker that has been serving Lethbridge since 1972. What they enjoy doing is making insurance buying quick and easy. They offer all types of insurance coverage. Included in this is vehicle insurance. Also for those that need recreational coverage, this is a company that can provide it. They have a vision that they work towards for every client. Plus, they realize that cost is important.  Also, they strive to offer as many vehicle discounts as possible. They like to keep their office a fun place to be, and they do this with the Astro dogs. The Astro dogs are comprised of four poodles that are there to greet customers when they arrive. On their Facebook page, they have 310* followers. This has given them a 3* star rating. For Google reviews, they have gathered 68* of these. It has given them a 4.1* star rating.

Gibbs Insurance

As an independent insurance broker, they offer an opportunity to purchase all types of insurance. Included in this is auto insurance. They have chosen to work with a small but select group of insurance companies. Their goal is to offer affordable insurance in a personalized manner. The company has two offices and several employees on staff to assist clients. They have one review on Google reviews giving them a 5.* star rating.

Western Insurance Group

Western insurance offers a collection of different types of vehicle insurance. This includes that for car and trucks. Plus, all-terrain vehicles as well as recreational vehicles. They also offer other types of insurance. Also, they have many offices available for convenient insurance shopping. Plus, they have three reviews giving a 5.* star rating on Google.

Alpine Insurance

Alpine insurance likes to build strong relationships with their clients. They do this by getting to know what their exact insurance needs are. It is so they can provide the right insurance package at a reasonable price. They currently have 963* followers on Facebook giving them a 3.9* star rating. On Google, they have nine reviews giving them 4.6* star rating.

Armour Insurance


Armour insurance is a full-service brokerage firm offering all types of insurance. Included is vehicle insurance. The company has focused on ten insurance companies they do business with. To bring the best rates and packages to their clients. They like to take part in the community and treat their clients special. They do this by offering Armour insurance contests. On Facebook, they have a following of 4,250*. Here they have a 4.5* star rating. They have 53* reviews on Google, giving a 5.* Star rating.

*Data collected on the day of post publishing

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