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Leduc is a busy city about a half hours drive from Edmonton. Drivers here are always on the look out for quality insurance. To purchase this, they want to use the services of insurance brokers that service this area.

Leduc Insurance


Leduc insurance is an independent brokerage firm. One that is all about making life easier for insurance shoppers. They do this by making sure that their clients have selections for their insurance needs. They are intent on making sure that those in Leduc and surrounding area are cared for.  Especially those who do not have insurance experience. Plus, want to avoid any hassles or disappointment when shopping for insurance. Among the many different packages that this company offers it includes auto insurance. Aside from passenger vehicles, the company specializes in insuring motorcycles. As well as ATVs and trailers. Included in their insurance coverage packages are other types of recreational vehicles. On their Facebook page, they have 574* followers. They have received a five* star rating for seven* reviews. On Google, they have a 4.9* star rating.

Drayden Insurance

Drayden insurance is an insurance brokerage firm very dedicated to their clients. They have been in business since 1965. Plus, currently, they have eight* branches across the region. For the convenience of insurance shoppers. The company employs over 140* people, and their database exceeds 30,000* clients. They are here to provide all different types of insurance including vehicle insurance. One of the hassles that come for drivers is when they have to make a claim. With this insurance company, the process is made easy as they are here to represent them. Their LinkedIn page shows they have 340* followers. On their Facebook page, they have 383* followers. They have 32* reviews on Google giving them a 4.7* star rating.

RMG Agencies

This is an agent that represents the Co-Operator’s insurance. Their focus is on supporting the community that they are located in. Plus they do this best by meeting the insurance needs of the individuals that live here. They are intent on making sure that buying auto insurance is a hassle-free experience. Also, they want to make sure that their clients are educated. According to what is available to them and what is mandatory for them as drivers in Canada. This agency currently does not have any reviews on Google* reviews.

Shaw Insurance

Shaw insurance is all about providing the best insurance products possible. They started the business in 1981 and moved to Leduc in 2002. They work with some of the top leading insurance providers that service Canada. Their job is to represent their clients which they take on with great responsibility. Among the different types of insurance that they have to offer is auto insurance. They do this in a stress-free manner. Clients that deal with this insurance company feel confident. In the products that they have purchased. They also know that this company is there to back them when the need arises. Their Facebook page shows they have 64* followers and out of five* reviews, they have a five* star rating. They currently have 23* reviews on Google giving them a 4.3* star rating.

Gaetz Insurance

This insurance company brokerage firm is all about making life simple. They feel the best way they can do this is by providing quality insurance products. They have chosen to do this by joining forces with some leading insurance companies. Those that are known to be able to provide quality rates with top-notch insurance coverage. They will sit and take the time with their clients. To discover what their needs are and how this company can best meet those needs. The company currently has three* reviews on Google giving them a 2.*star rating.

Western Insurance

Vehicle insurance comes under the personal insurance heading. It is a personalized product. Here at Western insurance, they are well aware of this, and they approach it with that concept. Meaning that they treat each client with the utmost respect and care. They only provide the best insurance coverage by listening to their clients. Every client is different when it comes to their needs for vehicle insurance. There will be different discounts that they may qualify for. The insurance brokers here will make sure that the clients get all that they are eligible for. To reduce their premiums. The Company’s LinkedIn page shows that they have 6,589* followers. On their Facebook page, they have 3,619* followers. They currently do not have any reviews* on Google reviews.

Johnson Agencies

customer service

Johnson agencies are providing insurance services since 1973. They are a family orientated company and realize the importance of personalized insurance. They know that their vehicle insurance clients have a big responsibility. For having the right type of insurance coverage. They also realize that this can be a hassle trying to find insurance that meets their needs. This company will focus on their customer service. Which includes treating every client as an individual. They can find good rates. Based on appropriate discounts. Through the quality insurance providers that they do business with. The company has three* Google reviews giving it a 4.7* star rating.


Those shopping for insurance are going to find Co-Operators is in Leduc to assist them. Co-Operators are widespread across Canada. The company is intent on offering quality insurance solutions. Those that meet the needs of every insurance shopper. The Co-Operator’s agent located here does not currently have any Google* reviews.

Dyck Insurance

This insurance brokerage firm is most pleased to be able to service those in the Leduc area. They have a full line of auto insurance products to bring to their customers. Also, they have been in business since 1979 and are considered to be experts in the industry. Plus, they believe in being on a first name basis with their clients. As insurance is a personalized service. They have teamed up with a large selection of prominent insurance providers. Those that have a good selection of insurance packages to take advantage of.

Hardy Colborne Insurance Brokers

This is a company that starts off making it very clear that they work for their clients. They have been in business since 1973. The Company has gained an excellent reputation in the insurance industry. They are hard-working Independent insurance brokers. Ones who have learned to identify the needs of those that they service. Those looking for vehicle insurance can count on this company. To find the exact coverage that they need. Just as important is reasonable pricing. Ones that the experts here will arrange for.

Wetaskiwin agencies


There is no need to stress about auto insurance when one can deal with this insurance broker. They are here to provide all of the insurance services that are needed. They believe in offering one-to-one service. Also, listening to the needs and wants of each client that they have the privilege of serving. Their goal is to make their clients number one in their eyes. They have been doing this for 30* years and have every intention of continuing in the same manner.

*Data collected on the day of post publishing.

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