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Clients looking for vehicle insurance in Kanata will find that they have a good selection of insurance brokers to choose from.

Lalande Insurance

When an individual is shopping for vehicle insurance, they want to deal with a company that is going to give them the attention they need. That is what one can expect from this insurance brokerage firm. They have been in business for over 40 years. It is a family owned and operated insurance brokerage company. They focus on being there not only to help clients buy insurance but to help them with their claims. This is an important part of insurance shopping. When a claim needs to be made insured clients need to know that they have easy access to get things in motion. The company has a following of 41* individuals on Facebook. They also have a five* star rating here. On Google, they have received a 4.* star rating based on four reviews.

Mann Insurance

urgent service

Man insurance is an insurance brokerage has been around since 1978. It is another brokerage firm that is family operated and has done so for two generations. They are an independent insurance brokerage. This is important as it means that they do not work for one specific insurance company. They have a list of insurance companies that they work with. This way they can offer personalized insurance coverage services. They are showing that they have an arsenal of seven employees to assist clients. They offer after hours and urgent claims service. This is a great feature for clients that need to put in their claims. They have someone on their side to assist them through the process. The Company has received a 5.* *Rating for Google reviews based on two of them.

Mitlin & Associates – Co-Operators

For those that are familiar with Co-Operators Insurance, they may want to deal with this particular insurance Company. If so the broker for the Kanata region is Mitlin & Associates. This a brokerage entity that has a team of three to assist with the client needs. The company links to the main Facebook page for Co-Operators. The rating that has been given here is a 2.6 *star rating. The following is 21,940*. For Mitlin & Associates, they have received a 2.3*rating based on three reviews.

Reid Mark

This is an insurance broker serving the Kanata area for State Farm insurance. State Farm is a large insurance company that is well recognized. It is convenient to have a broker to go through for more personalized service. Also if there is a claim having one person to contact is advantageous. The broker utilizes that the State Farm Canada webpage. Here there are 29,402* followers. Currently* this broker has no reviews on Google reviews.

Palladium Insurance

This is a large insurance brokerage firm classed as an independent. It means that they will rely on several different insurance providers to serve their clients. Aside from vehicle insurance, they offer many other different types of coverage. Their Facebook page indicates that they have 160* followers with a five-star rating. Some of the comments here refer to the company being amazing to work with. Their LinkedIn page indicates they have a 37* employees on staff. Google reviews show based on three reviews they have received a 4.* Rating.

Johnson Insurance


For those living in the Kanata region, they can check out what Johnson insurance has to offer. The company has been in business for over 130 years. They are classed as one of the country’s leading and fastest insurance brokerage firms concerning growth.  In addition, they offer personalized service when it comes to their insurance packages. They have some extra advantages such as offering air miles based on the premiums.Also, they are heavily into supporting education. They have done this through the Johnson scholarships which they have been involved in for many years. Also, they have a section on their website called the lighthouse. It is an information section offering information on many different insurance-related topics. Based on nine reviews the Company has received a 2.1* *rating.

Rachel O’Neil

Rachel is an insurance broker serving the Kanata area. She represents the Co-operators Insurance Company. There are other brokers in the area representing this company. It is a well-branded company and as such takes on a large number of clients. Having a broker like Rachel helps to deliver personalized insurance services.

Gifford and Associates

This brokerage firm is located in Nepean Ont. which is very close to Kanata. As such, they can provide insurance products to the residents of Kanata. They offer a full selection of vehicle insurance. Plus, other types of insurance. Whenever shopping for vehicle insurance, it is important to look for discounts. It is something that can be discussed with an insurance broker like Gifford and Associates. They have nine reviews on Google giving them a 3.7* rating.

Rhodes and Williams

This insurance broker has made sure that they can cater to all types of vehicle insurance. They have been in business since 1935. Also, they are considered to be one of Ontario’s largest brokerage firms. The Company is proud of the long-term clients that they enjoy serving. They have a large team of professionals on staff. This allows them to offer the personalized insurance services that are important to insurance shoppers.  They have a following of 661 people on Facebook. They have 66 reviews on Google which have given them a 4.9* star rating.

Trigon Insurance


Trigon prides themselves on their extensive knowledge of the insurance industry. The Company relies on leading technology to serve its clients. Also, they have a My Policy app that gives their clients information at a glance about their insurance. They are affiliated with an extensive list of insurance companies. This allows them to obtain the best insurance as per each client’s needs. They have 3 Google reviews giving them a 3.7* rating.

*Data collected on the day of post publishing.

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