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For vehicle insurance, there are several important factors to consider. There are factors that those who are buying insurance should be aware of. There are specific rules and regulations that all insurance companies must follow.  Each insurance company will differ in a variety of different ways. Finally, insurance can differ in each province. It is not unusual for individuals to have many specific questions. They are about their needs for insurance. One that often comes up is the question what happens when an individual owns two cars? When they need insurance for both of these.

Can You Have Two Cars On One Insurance Policy?

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It is quite common for many individuals to own two vehicles. In some cases, people like to have a smaller car for traveling to work. Then have a more luxurious car to use for their pleasure. Others like to have cars that they may drive by the season. Some will buy a cheaper compact car for the winter months. Then for the spring-summer months, they may choose to go with more of a high-end vehicle. No matter what the reason, in Ontario anyone has the option to own more than one vehicle and have it insured.

For those that are buying insurance, they want to be able to do so in a simple way.  It makes sense to want to put a second vehicle on the same policy as the first vehicle.

There are options for being able to do this. Each insurance company will handle it in their way in some aspects.

One thing that is mandatory when it comes to vehicle insurance is there must be a named primary driver. If the individual owns both of vehicles and is going to be driving them, then they are named as the primary driver. But the one insurance policy will be for both vehicles. It is multi-car insurance.

Is There a Limit to How Many Cars You can Have on One Policy?


Every insurance company will set their own rules to how many cars they will allow on one policy. It could range between four and five. The insurance company will use some metrics. The same ones that they use that pertain to assessing vehicles. For example, insurance companies do focus on the make and model of the vehicles. Each vehicle is assessed on its merit. This information will help to set the premiums.

There are some advantages to having the two cars on the one policy. It pertains to the potential discount that could be available for this. Insurance companies like to get as much business as possible. By allowing two cars to be on the one policy, it increases their profit. It is an advantage the insured as often the insurance company will offer a better rate. It may be a better rate would be when compared to having each vehicle listed on a separate policy.

Can You Have Car Insurance on Two Cars?

It is more workable to have it on the one policy. Unless there are mitigating circumstances.

Can You Have Two Cars With Different Insurance Companies?

There are a lot of individuals that wonder about this. There are often many discussions that take place about it. It is confusing with questioning whether one can have two policies on the same vehicle.

Two car owners may want to insure them differently.  There should be no reason why they cannot do this. They could choose different insurance companies to do this. In fact, it may be a necessity. If one has a vehicle classed as an antique vehicle, it may need specialty insurance. Perhaps the regular insurance company doesn’t cover this type of vehicle. Referring to the present Insurance company the driver is using.

In other cases, some individuals feel that even with the multiuse policy the rates are too high. They would prefer to split the two vehicles into separate insurances. They may find that for one of the vehicles that they can get a better rate from a second insurance company.

Can One Person Be the Primary Driver of Two Cars?

It is possible for an individual to be the primary driver on two vehicles. It’s because a person can own and be the only driver of two vehicles. There will always have to be a primary driver named for each vehicle. It may be necessary to name a secondary driver. That is if someone else will be driving the vehicle.

Insuring two cars Under One Name

It is legal to ensure two cars under one name. Individuals can own more than one vehicle in their name. The drivers of these vehicles must have insurance.

Making The Right Decisions


For many, it makes good sense to have two vehicles to rely on for their lifestyle. Careful planning should go into the way they can get the best insurance rates for each of these. If one is used more than the other careful thought is important for this. Knowing which vehicle is going to get the better rates would be the one to drive the most. If the vehicles are similar, then this makes a choice easy.

In most cases, individuals want to take the smaller vehicle for driving on a regular basis to work. This car will receive more attention from the insurance company. It’s based on the fact that the car usage is more frequent. More often. It allows the other vehicle that may be more expensive to ensure a reduction in the premiums.

Individuals that are in this situation should ask an important question. They should ask if the second vehicle not being driven as much would qualify for a low mileage discount.

It is important for insurance shoppers to know what potential discounts may be available. By knowing these, they could apply some of them to the multi-vehicle package. But this will depend on what the particular insurance company is offering. It presents another good reason why it’s a good step to do some insurance comparison shopping. It is not something that is difficult to do if one takes advantage of using quotes as of their starting point.

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