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Car Insurance can, unfortunately, be difficult to get if you are deemed a high-risk driver. Generally, insurance companies will deem you to be high risk after you have several infractions on your record. The more infractions you have, the higher the risk you have of getting into an accident. It does not matter if you actually get into a car accident. Having an infraction such as a speeding ticket is likely going to increase your insurance rates and make it more difficult to get insurance coverage.

What Is Considered to Be a High-Risk Driver?

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Depending on the insurance company that you’re dealing with, there are different things that label a driver as high risk. Usually, insurance companies use statistics to determine who the high-risk drivers are. If in the past 10 years, you have had two at-fault accidents, it is likely that you’re going to be labeled a high-risk driver. Another way that you can be labeled a high-risk driver is if you have two or three tickets in your name over the past three years. Usually, the more infractions you have over a short period of time, the higher the risk there is that you will be labeled a high-risk driver.

How Do I Get Insurance As a High-Risk Driver?

One of the best ways to get insurance as a high-risk driver is to shop around. Usually, after you contact a few different insurance companies, someone will take you on as a client. Different insurance companies are willing to take on higher risks than others depending on their circumstances. Some insurance companies are not willing to insure high-risk drivers at all. It really depends on what your previous driving record looks like and how much of a risk an insurance company deems you to be. Offering to pay your insurance premiums up front or to reduce or completely remove additional coverage like collision and comprehensive insurance, might help to influence an insurance company enough to take you on as a client.

Can an Insurance Company Deny Me Insurance As a High-Risk Driver?


Yes, an insurance company can deny whoever they like to. You don’t even necessarily have to be a high-risk driver to be denied by an insurance company. Different insurance companies have different levels of risk tolerance. Even if you have a pretty clean driving record, it does not mean that the first insurance company you call is going to take you on as a client. Sometimes, insurance companies don’t do business in particular areas. Certain areas have been proven to be more expensive for them to insure drivers in. The higher the risk in the area you live in, the less likely you are to get a policy with an insurance company.

How Expensive Is Insurance for High-Risk Drivers?

The amount you’re going to be paying in premiums as a high-risk driver depends on where you are located in Canada. In Ontario, for example, you regularly pay the highest amount of auto insurance coverage in the country. A couple of driving infractions in Ontario in 2012 would force you to pay $184 per month. If you did not have any driving infractions, you would be paying an average of $150 per month. The amount you are going to be paying each month, however, really depends on why you are a high-risk driver. Should you be labeled a high-risk driver due to things like impaired driving, you might even see your insurance premium double or triple.

Can I Get Insurance through an Insurance Broker As a High-Risk Driver?

Yes, you certainly can get insurance through an insurance broker as a high-risk driver. In fact, it might be easier for you to get insurance through an insurance broker. Insurance brokers have relationships with insurance companies throughout the province. It is highly likely that they deal with multiple different high-risk insurance companies in your province. They will quickly be able to compare rates at all the high-risk insurance companies. You then don’t have to go through the problem of calling insurance companies only to be denied a policy. Your broker will get back to you with the cheapest rates available for your vehicle.

Why Is Insurance More Expensive for High-Risk Drivers?

Insurance rates are more expensive for high-risk drivers. There is a higher risk of insurance companies having to pay out money. Even if you have not had an accident, careless driving or speeding tickets are not good. They are still going to cause you to pose a higher risk to insurance companies. If you are willing to speed or drive carelessly in your vehicle, then it is more likely that you will accidentally run into something and cause an accident. Accidents can be very expensive for insurance companies. So, the higher the risk you pose of getting into one, the more money you’re going to pay for your insurance.

How Do I Save Money As a High-Risk Driver?


There are a bunch of ways that you can save money as a higher-risk driver. Usually, the best way to save a large amount of money is to shop around for coverage. After you have found the best insurance quotes, there are only a few things you can do to get cheaper insurance. Bundling your house and automobile insurance will likely help you to get a bit of a cheaper rate. However, beyond that, you will likely only be able to get a cheaper rate for things like driver’s training, loyalty, your age, and how safe your vehicle is to drive. Regular discounts such as paying for your premiums upfront and discounts for winter tires will also be available to you, even though you are a high-risk driver.

To Conclude:

For anyone who has a driver’s license, you should be able to get car insurance. So long as your license is valid, there will be an insurance company willing to insure you. Should you try a whole bunch of insurance companies and be denied, you can always get coverage through one of the provincially run, government, high-risk insurance companies. Insurance might be expensive, but if you are a high-risk driver, there is hope. Eventually, your record will be extinguished and you will be able to have a clean driving record once again.

About the Author: Ashley Miller

Ashley is an insurance content professional and very knowledgeable on all related subjects. Ashley has over 12 years of insurance content writing experience working with various insurance companies throughout her career.