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Halifax is the capital of Nova Scotia. In respect to 2016 statistics, it has a population of 403,131. Many of the residents here reside in the urban areas. Many of which are drivers that require quality vehicle insurance. The city has a good selection of established and experienced insurance brokers to meet their needs. The driving conditions can vary here. It is important that drivers have the proper insurance coverage. It is also a good idea for them to shop carefully. In order to get affordable rates.

Keyes Insurance

father and son

All kinds of vehicle insurance, as well as other insurance needs, are met at Keyes Insurance. It is a small insurance brokerage that offers good customer service. Currently, there are eleven* employees headed by a Father and Son. The business was established way back in 1926. Keyes Company has partnered up with several well-branded insurance companies. The Company currently has a 4.2* star rating on Google reviews.

Archway Insurance

As an insurance brokerage serving Halifax, this company focuses on auto insurance. Packages that can be customized. To meet the needs of each client they serve. On their LinkedIn Profile, they are indicating that they currently have 49* employees. They are active in the community. Participating in activities such as the 3rd Annual 1 Ton Food Challenge. On Facebook, they have 508* followers. Google based on 16 reviews has given them a 4.2* star rating.

Stanhope Simpson

This is a company comprised of two brokerage firms. One is Stanhope Simpson. The other is Simpson-Hirst being the older company of the two. Stanhope Simpson was established in 1979. The Company is involved in the community via many charitable events and organizations. Plus, in the industrial sector. The company employs many different professionals. Which are assigned to different sectors of their organization. They are a full range insurance broker company that includes offering a variety of vehicle insurance packages. Google has given them a 5.* rating. Based on 41 reviews.

Eisenhauer Insurance

The claims agents at Eisenhauer are available 25.7 to handle the claims of their clients. While they serve the needs of all clients, they also cater to high-risk drivers. They are made up of a team of 16* professionals. Who all fill different responsibilities within the firm. They work with a large selection of partners to bring the best rates to their clients. The company has received eight reviews on Google. Giving them a 3.5* star rating.

Cluett Insurance


As an Insurance brokerage firm serving Halifax, this company has a complete roster of insurance packages. They are for vehicle drivers of all types. It includes the passenger vehicles as well as the recreational types. The Company is staff orientated. It provides fun activities for them like an Easter Egg hunt. On Facebook, they have gathered 690* followers. The Company also enjoys running contests. With the opportunity to win some nifty prizes like gift cards. There are 13 reviews accumulated on Google. These reviews are giving the company a 4.4* star rating.

Gateway Insurance

Gateway is a company that offers a complete line of insurance products. Along with their full offering of vehicle insurance, they have put a focus on additional coverage. They highlight their waiver of depreciation and rental car coverage. Plus, they provide insurance for antique and classic car vehicles. Their LinkedIn Page indicates they have 16* employees working with them. Currently, the company only has two reviews posted on Google Reviews. It has brought them a 3.* star rating.

Harbour Town

As an insurance brokerage firm, they are small in size but big on customer service. The companies have a full range of vehicle insurance packages. They are partnered up with some top brand insurance providers. The Company only lists 1* employee on their LinkedIn page. The Company has an informative Facebook page. Where they are showing 147* followers. Their website is detailed and informative. For those looking for vehicle insurance, they should be able to find what they are looking for here. They currently have one review on Google reviews giving them a 5.* star rating.

Premier Insurance

Premier has made sure that they have all of the vehicle insurance needs to be met for the Halifax residents. Plus, they offer a full selection of the other important types of insurance. As an independent broker, they have assessed to many quality insurance providers. The Company claims to have 91* employees on board. According to their LinkedIn business page. On Facebook, they have a 4.9* rating. However there are no Google reviews* to give them a rating.

Maritime Insurance Services


Doing business with this companies means you are dealing with a small family operated efficient insurance brokerage. They service the Halifax area. The Company is showcasing 5* individuals. Who provide insurance services that include vehicle insurance. Maritime has been operating since 1963. They claim that their combined staff has over 100* years of insurance experience. So far this insurance broker has received one review on Google giving it a 5.* star rating.

Coles Group Insurance

A brokerage firm serving the wants and needs for insurance in Halifax. The company has a small group of 9* insurance professionals on staff. Among the many different types of insurance products offered it includes vehicle insurance. They are partnered up with many well-known insurance providers. They have not received any Google reviews* as yet.

Vehicle insurance is mandatory right across Canada. It creates a need for insurance shoppers to have choices. The Insurance Brokers in Halifax meet this need. There are options for basic insurance right up to full insurance packages. Plus, a chance to capitalize on various vehicle insurance discounts.

*Data collected on the day of post publishing.

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