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Grande Prairie, Alberta

Vehicle insurance shoppers in Grand Prairie need to have the proper insurance resources. In order to assist them with their insurance needs. The Insurance Brokers that serve this area are happy to be of service.

Broker Agent General


This is a locally owned brokerage firm that is going to meet the insurance needs of those in Grand Prairie. They have a comprehensive program for vehicle insurance. As well as other types of insurance. Their main priority begins by listening to the insurance shopper. From there they will be diligent in finding a policy that best suits the individual. The company will work diligently at getting the appropriate discounts.

Following this, they will continue reviewing the insurance policy each year. To make sure that the proper coverage is in place. Also, to ensure any additional discounts are being utilized. The professionals here will ask the insurance shopper the right questions. To make sure that they are getting the proper amount of coverage. Currently, on their Facebook page, they have 372* followers. They have 15* reviews placed here with a 5.* point star rating. On Google, they have 28* reviews giving them a 4.9* star rating.

Prairie Villa Insurance

Prairie Villa has chosen to team up with some of the leading insurance companies. Those that serve insurance shoppers in Canada. This allows them to be able to develop individualized insurance packages. As they pertain to each client. It means being able to get them all the discounts that apply to them. The company also offers other types of insurance packages. They will take the time to explain what vehicle insurance options are available. They will suggest the best packages based on the information that the client provides. The Company believes in good customer service. They also believe in giving back to their community. To do this they have set up three endowment funds. The company has 10* reviews on Google reviews. This has given them at 3.9* star rating.

McLean & Shaw

This insurance brokerage company meets the insurance needs for those in Grand Prairie. They have been doing this for almost 60 years. They are loyal to their clients. The Company teamed up with a large selection of established insurance companies. However, their mandate is they work for their clients. Not for the insurance companies. There is a purpose of having multiple insurance providers to choose from. It is so they can get the best deals for their clients. It allows them to have plenty of options. The company offers vehicle insurance along with other types of insurance packages. The company arranges insurance for passenger vehicles. As well as other types of vehicles. Currently, the company has one* review on Google reviews giving it a 1.* point star rating.

Western Financial Group

Financial Group

This company offers a full line of insurance products. Within their vehicle category, they will arrange for car and truck insurance. Plus they arrange policies for many different recreational vehicles. This is a large company. One that has multiple offices to help serve the needs of those requiring insurance. For their LinkedIn page, they have 6,555* followers. Plus, on their Facebook page, they have 3,611* followers. On Google, they have nine* reviews giving them at 2.6 *star rating.

Sheldon Hannah Insurance Services

This is an agency that supports the Cooperator’s insurance company. As such, they can bring a full line of insurance products to the Grand Prairie area. Part of this includes auto insurance. Insurance shoppers can answer the necessary questions online. Or speak directly to one of the agents here. Then they will then be able to set up the best insurance package for vehicle insurance. That which Cooperators have to offer. They will also make sure that all the applicable discounts are being taken advantage of. Currently, this agency has 15* reviews on Google reviews. Giving it a 4.7* star rating.

Lundgren & Young

Back in 1983 this brokerage firm started with a humble beginning and was a one-man show. Over the years it has grown where it now possesses a large database of clients. The success of the business was based on simplicity. Plus, offering good insurance packages at reasonable rates. This is still the foundation of the company. Currently, they are a full-service provider. The professionals here will work with each client individually. To make sure that they are getting all the coverage they need.

Also, so they will be able to understand their insurance policy as it applies to them. They will also work on making sure that the discounts that apply to them are applied to the policy. The company wants to make insurance shopping for vehicle insurance simple and easy. The company has become affiliated with many insurance companies. This allows them to make the right choice for the insurance provider. For each customer that they serve. Currently, on Google this company has six* reviews giving them a 5.* point star rating.

Westland Insurance

Westland insurance has several locations to meet the needs of insurance shoppers. They offer a full line of insurance packages. When it comes to vehicle insurance needs this is a company that can be counted on. They will make sure that they can compile an individualized policy. Based on the client’s needs and wants. They are fully aware of the importance of insurance discounts. The Company will review these carefully. To see which pertain to the client to help make their premiums reasonable. At the same time making sure that there is no compromise in the coverage that the driver needs. On their LinkedIn page they have 325* employees. They also have a following here of 1,679*. On their Facebook page, they have 738* followers. Out of 136* reviews on Facebook, they have 4.6* star rating. On Google, they have nine* reviews giving them a 3.9* star rating.

Elevate Insurance

This is an insurance brokerage serving Grand Prairie and the surrounding area. They do so with dedication and friendly service. They consider each client to be important and to have individual needs. The company is a full-service insurance broker. Meaning they offer different types of insurance packages. One of these is vehicle insurance. They work with their clients at getting the insurance premium set up. Also to make sure that they are there when needed. When an insured has to place a claim, it can be overwhelming and frustrating. Here at Elevate insurance, they make sure that they are there to represent their client’s needs. This is an award-winning insurance brokerage firm. One that is well known for their customer service. Currently* on Google reviews as yet the company has no rating.

Hub International

Hub is a large collection of insurance brokers. They serve many different areas throughout Canada. One of their offices is located in Grande Prairie. Here they can meet the needs of the insurance shoppers for this area. Among the variety of insurance products that they offer includes auto insurance. The agents will take the time to fully explain all segments of the insurance policy. Also, what is available to each driver. Included in this will be what discounts may be available to them. The mandate for this company is to make insurance shopping quick and easy. While at the same time providing the proper amount of coverage. At the most reasonable rates. Currently, this office has one* review giving it a 1.* point star rating

Foster Park


Foster Park brokers was established in 1979. With the number of staff on hand, they have over 500 years of combined experience. They have a full roster of long-term clients. They offer a full selection of insurance packages. In their insurance category, this includes the auto insurance. Professionals here will work closely with their clients. To make sure that all of their insurance needs are met. Clients will be well informed as to what to their coverage is comprised of. They will also be encouraged to take advantage of discounts that are available to them. These discounts can go a long way in reducing the cost of insurance.

*Data collected on the day of post publishing.

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