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One day when you get home from work, you sense some excitement in the air. Your son tells you that now he has a G2 license. That is a reason for celebration, but you may wonder about the drastic change to premiums. Yes, adding a G2 driver does make a lot of difference to many factors on your car insurance, especially the premiums. When you notify your insurer about adding a G2 driver to your policy, your premiums may go up. If you think of not informing about this change, it may not be a good idea. In the event of a collision with your kid behind the wheel, you may learn this the hard way when a claim is denied.

In order to drive in Ontario, you need to prove that you carry a valid license with proper active insurance coverage for the car and the insured has to give you consent to drive. If the G2 driver does get involved in a collision, they may get convicted or fined and have a tarnished driving record. But the consequences for the car insurance policy and the insured could be much more. The claim may likely be denied if the G2 driver was not named on the policy at all, and the insurer may refuse renewal or increase the premiums.

Can G2 Drivers Drive Across In Quebec And In Other Provinces

A very common question that comes to our mind is about any provincial driving limitations. G2 drivers do not have any restrictions to drive in Quebec or other provinces in Canada. As long as the provincial rules of the road are met with safe driving habits, G2 license holders could drive across most provinces. Quebec does recognize any past driving experience you may have in Ontario as a G2 license holder.

What Happens To Your Car Insurance Policy When You Add A G2 Driver


There are some factors that the insurer looks at when you decide to add a G2 driver to the policy.


Car insurance premiums in Ontario are on the higher side compared to most provinces in Canada. Especially, in the age group between 16 – 24 years. Thereafter, the premiums do decrease as the driver gains more experience and has a clean record. If your kid has a clean driving record and is aged less than 25 years, you may see an increase in the premiums than if the age was more than 25 years. If you add your child as a part-time driver instead of a full-time driver, that may decrease the premiums to some extent.


Your insurance company will check your kid’s driver abstract to know their driving habits. Any violations, tickets may all be considered and could cost you more. The increase could be done even if your kid is aged more than 25 years. The result of a bad driving record of your kid could lead to a 10-star policy rating.

Considering the above two factors, there might be a change to your premiums. You may look at it from a different perspective and as a great way for your kid to start taking on some responsibility. You may let them pay the additional premiums if they can afford it. You are expected to fully disclose the details of all drivers to your insurer. They may live with you and may drive your car at some point. If you wish to exclude any driver from your policy, you may submit form OPCF 28A to your insurer. This needs to have the signature of your child confirming that they do not intend to drive your car at all. If they still do drive, then you may have to be prepared to face some grave concerns.

How Long Do You Have To Wait To Get Your G

As per the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario, there are certain restrictions on G2 license holders. G2 is the second level in the graduated licensing program and though the driver does gain some experience, there are many limitations. They may have accompanying passengers but there are certain terms set on the G2 license holder. These rules have to be adhered to at least for 12 months, after which you may get your full G license.

  • G2 driver may not drive in an impaired state and the blood alcohol level has to be 0.
  • All passengers in the vehicle have to wear a working seatbelt each.

Are G2 Drivers Allowed To Drive In The US


If you are planning to drive in the US as a G2 license holder, you may do so and obey the state laws and rules of the road. Also, it is advisable to respect the restrictions set on your G2 license so that you have not violated any conditions. The rules for G2 licenses mainly apply only in Ontario, but for any citations such as impaired driving or speeding, you may be answerable to the insurer when you get back to Ontario. There could be cross-border information shared regarding your driving record.

Can G2 Drivers Drive On 400, 401, 404, And 407 Highways

G2 drivers can drive on any road or highway in Ontario, at any time of the day.

Can You Drive After Midnight With A G2

A G2 driver aged 19 or less has some more limitations while driving between the midnight hours and 5 a.m.

How Many Passengers Are Allowed With A G2


A G2 license holder may be allowed to drive with only 1 passenger for the first 6 months of getting the license. After which you may drive with up to 3 passengers aged 19 or less for a period of 6 months. This condition applies till you are 20 years old or you get a full G license. The only exception to this rule could be if the G2 driver is driving with a fully licensed experienced driver seated in the front passenger area. Or the passengers may have to be your immediate family members; either a guardian, blood relative, or related to you by adoption, marriage, or common-law. If the G2 drivers do not adhere to the above terms, they may risk losing their license.

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