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Can A G1 Driver Get Car Insurance In Ontario


The licensing scheme in Ontario is on a graduated level basis, with 12 classes of license as per MTO. So, this means that as you gain driving experience with a clean driving record, you may progress to higher grades. Then you also get qualified to drive several types of vehicles. The G license series is for beginners and conventional 4 wheel drive vehicles. The M series is for motorcycles. The highest grade is Class A, which is the license for trucks and tractor-trailer combination drivers. A G1 license can be considered as no more than a student permit with many limitations.

G1 is the most basic type of all licenses which all novice drivers start within Ontario. As a G1 driver, you can drive all vehicle types that a G-licensed person can drive, provided that you are driving with a fully licensed driver with at least four years of driving experience. After graduating from G1, you could move to G2 and that allows you to drive G-type vehicles without supervision. However, you are subject to certain conditions to ensure safe driving habits.

Can A G1 Driver In Ontario Drive Without Insurance

In Ontario, it is the law that all vehicles are insured with at least the standard level of coverage to be driven on the roads. A G1 driver may buy a car but may not find it easy to insure without graduating with a G2 license. As per the Insurance Bureau of Canada, drivers holding a G1 license can get car insurance policies as riders but not as main insured. It is mandatory to have a G2 or G licensed driver in the vehicle with active insurance coverage when a G1 driver is driving.  Certain insurance companies may ask if there is anyone in the family who is holding at least a G license. If there is one, the insurance company may insist on naming the G-License holder as the main insured that could be a parent or a sibling. This is done as the policy would have the registered owner of the vehicle as to the main insured that cannot be the G1 driver.

How Are Car Insurance Premiums Calculated For G1 Driver In Ontario


If a family member is getting a G1 license, it is an absolute necessity to inform the insurance company. Since a G1 license is only a learner’s permit, this will not have any additional cost to the premium. The premiums may increase once the G1 driver moves to G2 and above. There is no requirement for G2 drivers and above to have an expert driver by their side. They are on their own. And as new, inexperienced drivers, they are a high-risk category to the insurance company.  There is no single mathematical tool to calculate insurance premiums for G1 drivers as it varies with each insurance company. They also take into account many factors such as age, gender, car make and model, school grades, driving habits, and much more. In Ontario, it is more costly to insure teenage boys than girls. Statistics show that teenage boys are more aggressive drivers than females. You are at an advantage if you are a G1 driver and an adult, not a teen. If you are an adult who has a job, you may negotiate the insurance cost to an extent.

Do G1 Drivers In Ontario Have Any Restrictions


In Ontario, specific laws govern G1 drivers. These rules ensure road safety when novice drivers are out on the roads in busy traffic. There is a demerit point system followed in Ontario where demerit points are added to the driver’s license if there is any violation of the traffic laws or rules of the road. So, as a G1 driver, you may be allowed to collect only up to 6 to 8 demerit points. After this there may be called upon to justify your bad driving habits in a meeting with the Ministry and your license may be suspended. If you collect more than 8 demerit points, your license may be suspended for 60 days. It is very important to remember that as a G1 driver, any traffic violation can lead to revocation of your license, suspension, or fines.

As per law, the following are the restrictions for G1 drivers in Ontario:

  • G1 drivers should have zero BAC when driving or operating a vehicle. The accompanying full license holder must have a BAC level of not more than 0.05%. The G driver must also have at least four years of driving experience and be seated in the front passenger section.
  • As a G1 driver, you cannot have more passengers than the number of functioning seatbelts. This law is necessary to ensure that all the passengers have the same level of protection in the event of a collision.
  • G1 drivers are not allowed to drive on series 400 highways and expressways even if they are with a G driver. The only exception to this may be if the G1 driver is accompanied by an Ontario-certified driving instructor.
  • G1 drivers are not allowed to drive in Ontario from 12 am to 5 am.

How Can G1 Driver Move To G2 License In Ontario

It typically takes 12 months of being a G1 holder before you can apply for a G2 license. You can shorten this period of wait time to 8 months only if you enroll in a Ministry-accredited driving school. You will go through a road test with a government representative from the Ministry of Transportation. This is the first road test you take before moving on to the next level of licensing. This road test is designed to test your driving skills that are essential for road safety. For example, you may be tested on your vehicle turns, stops parking abilities, etc.

Insurance is costly in Ontario for novice drivers and teenagers even with a clean record. However, these costs will gradually come down as driving experience is gained. Patience and responsible driving habits are of the essence and while at it, as a G1 license holder you may ensure that you do not commit traffic infractions.

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