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As the Capital of New Brunswick, this is a busy city. There are a lot of drivers here. Many that are in need of good vehicle insurance coverage. To assist them with this there are many brokers. Those that will focus on providing good insurance coverage. Plus, obtaining affordable rates for their clients.

GoTo Insure


This insurance brokerage firm is a family operated business. It is currently being run by the second generation. Originally it was founded in 1979. The company is very active in the community. It belongs to several associations. They are a full insurance brokerage service. Meaning that they offer many different types of insurance packages. They work closely with clients to help them understand their vehicle insurance coverage. The company has several locations for the convenience of insurance shoppers. On their LinkedIn page, they have 16* employees. They also have 100* followers here. On their Facebook page, they have 564* followers. As it applies to Prospect Street office. They currently have seven* reviews on Google. Giving them a 3.* point star rating.

Wilson Insurance


Wilson insurance has been around since 1930. They have always worked on the same concept that insurance is not the same for everyone. Plus, carry a full line of insurance products including vehicle insurance.  Also, they make it a point to work with each client on an individual basis for their vehicle insurance. This is a personalized product. It demands the attention required for the individual shopper. On staff, they are claiming they have 46* insurance experts. They currently work out of three* individual locations. On their LinkedIn page, they have 27 *employees and 68*followers here. On Google reviews, they have received three reviews*giving them a 5.* star rating.

Cain Insurance

This insurance brokerage firm was originally started in 1986. Since then they have continued to grow, and they currently employ more than 35*employees. They are customer orientated. Their mandate is to get top quality insurance packages. To meet their customer’s needs. At the best premium price. They offer different types of insurance packages. One of the most in-demand being vehicle insurance. They are involved in the community through sponsorships. Also with scholarship involvement. They have also received awards in the past like the Best Aliant Business Persons of the Year in 2011. On their LinkedIn page, they are showing 45* followers and 17* employees. For this particular location. On their Facebook page, they have 694* followers. For Google reviews, they currently have four* reviews with a 4.* star rating.

Assurance Kris Mann Insurance

Chris is the agent representing the Cooperator’s insurance for the Fredericton area. His team of professionals was awarded the Atlantic builders 2008 award. They are a hard-working team. A firm that focuses on getting the best insurance packages for their clients. Insurance shoppers in need of vehicle insurance can count on this agency. To provide them with the best that the Cooperator’s insurance company has to offer. On the Cooperators LinkedIn page they are showing 19,579* followers. On their Facebook page, they are showing 21,994* followers. For Google, they have one* review for this agency showing a 5. star rating.

D.W. Olts & Son Insurance

This is an Insurance brokerage firm the goes all the way back to 1912. They continue to serve Fredericton. The Company has built their business on treating their clients fairly. They work hard at shopping. Among the many different insurance packages that they offer it includes vehicle insurance. As well as many other recreational vehicles. They work with several high-quality insurance companies. To give them choices in finding what is best for their clients. They have eight* Google reviews giving them a 4.9* star rating.

Huestis Insurance Group

This is a company that offers a full line of insurance products. Plus, they offer a good variety of auto insurance packages. Also, they have been in business for over 50 years and cater to their client’s needs. They will take the time to outline what the insurance shopper requires. Then they will discuss optional coverages with them with no pressure to buy. They will work diligently at getting the applicable discounts. To help lower the premium rates. This is a company that works for their clients and not their partners. They are there to act as their representative. The staff is available to answer questions or help with the process of claims. On their Facebook page, they have 1,103* followers.

Kevin Burke Insurance

Kevin Burke is the Insurance agent representing State Farm in the Fredericton area. They show a team of four* experts on their website to assist their clients. State Farm offers all different types of Insurance products. Among these is auto insurance. The team here will double check to make sure that each client is getting all the discounts. Ones that apply to them. They will double check to make sure this is accurate. The company shows 52* employees on their LinkedIn page. On their Facebook page, they have 29,450* followers. For Kevin Burke’s agency, they have 21* reviews on Google reviews giving them a 4.7* star rating.

Stanley Mutual

Stanley Mutual goes all the way back to the 1930s. Since then they have been serving Fredericton and the surrounding area. By providing quality insurance products. As they progressed through the business, they formed the United Gen. insurance Corporation. Among all the insurance packages that they offer it includes vehicle insurance. The company is heavily involved in the community. The company focuses on getting the best insurance packages. For each of their auto insurance clients. They will focus on the reasonable cost that this type of insurance can be bought for. Currently, the company has no reviews* on Google reviews.

Hope Grant Insurance

There are insurance shoppers looking for auto insurance in the Fredericton area. They can turn to Hope Grant insurance for assistance. This is a company that works hand-in-hand with each of their clients on an individual basis. They have partnered up with several leading insurance companies. It is important to be able to select the right insurance provider. This means that there are more options for their clients. The company dates all the way back to 1870. Their LinkedIn page shows that they have 11* employees and 23* followers. On their Facebook page, they have 138* followers, and they have received a 4.* star rating here. On Google they have three* reviews giving them a 3.3* star rating.

Cooke Insurance Group

best rate

Cooke insurance was established in 1972. They take great pride in providing many different types of insurance. This company will work at getting them the type of coverage. That which is best suited for their clients. They will explain in simple terms what the policy entails. They will also work on getting the best rates regarding discounts. On their LinkedIn page, they have 55* employees with 94* followers. On Facebook, they have 527* followers. Here they have received 29* reviews giving them a 3.9* star rating. They have received one* Google review giving them a 4.* point star rating.

*Data collected on the day of post publishing.

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