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fort mcmurray Alberta

Fort McMurray may be classed as an urban area but it has many drivers in need of quality insurance. Drivers here want to be able to have choices as to who provides their Insurance. There are several brokerages that can help them with their insurance shopping.

Twin Insurance



This brokerage firm works for their clients. They do this by linking up with several quality insurance providers. The company focuses on getting the best vehicle insurance deals. As they apply to their customers. They also believe in making it convenient for their clients. They have long hours through the days to accommodate their busy clients. For those that need assistance with claims, this company offers twenty-four claims service. Also, Twin Insurance makes payments easy and offers an interest-free payment plan. The company has partnered up with some quality insurance companies. It means that they will be able to choose from these according to their client’s needs. Currently*, on Google reviews, there are no reviews for this company.

Rogers Insurance North

Rogers Insurance North is a subsidiary of the Rogers Insurance Ltd. insurance providers. The company offers a complete line of insurance products. Within these are vehicle insurance. There are insurance packages available for many different types of vehicles. The broker will help each client choose the insurance coverage that is best suited for them. Plus, there will be a priority placed on potential vehicle insurance discounts. According to those which are available. The company strives to provide affordable insurance for each of their clients. The LinkedIn page shows this company has 217* employees. On their Facebook page, they have 612* followers. Which gives them 5* star rating. They have 2* Google reviews giving them a 5* star rating.

BrokerLink – Signal Road

signal road

BrokerLink is a collection of insurance brokers that serve insurance shoppers across Canada. They have more than 130* offices to assist those in need of vehicle insurance. Plus, they cater to other insurance needs as well. This company is a subsidiary of three insurance companies. With Intact Insurance being one of them. There is an agent available in Ft. McMurray to help those in this area find the quality insurance they are in need of. This particular office has 2* Google reviews. It has given them a 5*. star rating.

BrokerLink – Morrison Street

This is a second BrokerLink office also located in Ft. McMurray. They pay the same attention to detail for vehicle insurance. The same as they do with their other insurance packages. Having two BrokerLink offices in Ft. McMurray makes it convenient for those who want to take care of their insurance in a quick and easy manner. This office shares the main Facebook page for BrokerLink. Where it shows that the company has 20,085* followers. For this location as of yet, there are no Google reviews*.

Ft. McMurry Insurance Agents

There are some who already know the Insurance Company they want to insure with. They may be able to rely on designated agents for their contact.

The Co-Operators

Co-Operators are a highly recognized Insurance Company serving Canada. They have many offices throughout many of the Provinces.

Stephen House Agency Inc.

This agency is available to meet the needs of insurance shoppers. Like those who want to deal with Co-Operators. The Agency is owned by Stephen House. His mandate is to offer personalized service. For those who are looking for quality insurance. This agency believes in providing detailed insurance information to their clients. It is their way of helping clients make informed decisions. The agency links to the main Co-Operators Facebook page. Here there are 21,969* followers. Giving the Insurance company a 2.6* rating. The Agency itself has 2* reviews on Google giving it a 1.* rating.

Sarah Beaumont

Sarah is also an agent representing Co-Operators Insurance Company in the Ft. McMurray area. She offers the same personalized customer service as what one can expect from any of the Co-Operators agencies. She links to the Insurance Company’s LinkedIn Page which has 19,558* followers.

Co-Operators Office

internet or phone

Co-Operators have one of their main offices located right in Ft. McMurray. Here those interested in their different types of services can visit this local office. Or, they can deal with them via the internet or telephone. The staff here is waiting to be of assistance. There is a full range of vehicle insurance packages. There are also some potential discounts available to help drivers in Ft. McMurray get some reasonable and affordable rates.

Insurance at a Distance

It is not always necessary to have a brokerage with a physical location in an area. Those who live in Ft. McMurray has the option of dealing with Insurance brokers located outside of the Ft. McMurray area. It is easy to do business with these brokers via telephone or over the internet. There are several brokerages within Alberta.

HDF Insurance

HDF caters to insurance clients right across Alberta. They are ready, willing and able to serve those in the Ft. McMurray area. They are a full-service brokerage firm that deals in all types of insurance. For those looking for vehicle insurance, this is a company that can help. The Company works with many high profile insurance companies. Those that cater to Canadian insurance needs. With these options, HDF can create personalized insurance packages. For each of their clients. They will work hard at getting the applicable discounts. To help save money on vehicle insurance premiums. They make it well known that as a brokerage firm they work for their clients. Not for the Insurance companies that they are affiliated with. Their Facebook page indicates they have 2,177* followers.

Intact Insurance

Intact Insurance is a large Insurance Company. They have made sure that they can meet the Insurance needs of the residents of McMurray. This is an insurance company that offers all types of insurance. For their vehicle insurance, they offer some comprehensive packages. They provide vehicle insurance that will fit the needs of every driver. Especially for those looking for good coverage at affordable rates.

Allstate Insurance

Again this is another large insurance company that can meet the needs of those living in Ft. McMurray. They can do this from their Edmonton office. For those shopping for vehicle insurance, they will want to check out what this company has to offer.

*Data collected on the day of post publishing.

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