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One of the typical jobs that a lot of people take on is the delivery of fast food. It is a job that many students like to do because it has after-school hours. Then some retirees will work at this because of flexible hours. No matter who is going to work at this they need to know the requirements for car insurance.

Do You Use Your Own Car For Pizza Delivery?


There are a lot of jobs in the fast-food delivery business. However, many times it requires the driver to use their own vehicle. One of the most common types of food in food delivery is Pizza. It doesn’t take a big car to transport these, so it makes it feasible for small car owners. Small cars are gas efficient, but it also raises the question about vehicle insurance.

Do You Need Extra Insurance to Deliver Pizza?

What you may not realize is that you are using your vehicle for business. You may have even more insurance besides the basics. However, this insurance will not cover you if you have an accident.

Car Accident While Delivering Pizza

There is a risk of getting into an accident when delivering pizza. Commercial insurance will cover the costs. Personal vehicle insurance will not.

It doesn’t matter whose vehicle it is. It may be a friend’s or your parent’s car. Most likely they only have a personal insurance policy on the car.

Do You Need Insurance to Deliver Food?

It is mandatory in Canada to have primary insurance on any vehicle that is going to be driven on public roads. However, this is personal vehicle insurance. There is another type of insurance that will provide the coverage you need. If you are going to deliver food, this is driving for business. You need to put additional insurance on your vehicle.

Insurance for Delivery Business

The type of insurance you are going to need in the delivery business is commercial insurance. It has different coverage compared to personal vehicle insurance. Personal vehicle insurance is for drivers participating in routine travel. It is for when the vehicle is used to go back and forth to work. Or when it is used for recreational purposes.

What Does a Commercial Auto Policy Cover?


There are many different types of commercial insurance policies. When you are taking on a job like delivering food such as pizza you are using your personal vehicle for business. The Insurance Company needs to be aware of this. They will need to provide a different kind of insurance.


What most insurance companies do is add additional coverage to your personal insurance package. It is an endorsement. Some insurance companies call it riders. It sounds like an easy process, but it can be more difficult than anticipated.

The Insurance Company has to assess all of the risks. So there are many things that they take into consideration.

  • How much time is spent on the road?
  • It is assumed that most pizza drivers work part-time. So the time spent driving is essential.
  • Night-time driving is more common for fast food drivers. The time that you are driving is factored in. Insurance companies rely on statistics. The statistics show that driving after midnight creates a higher risk.
  • Another consideration will be the age of the driver, plus their driving history.

There are a lot of factors that the Insurance Company has to consider. So this is why it can be a challenge to get commercial insurance applied to a personal vehicle. It is Referring to vehicles for food delivery.

How Can A Food Delivery Driver Get Help In Obtaining Insurance?

Most people don’t have time to spend hours on the phone checking out what is available to them for insurance. Plus, it is especially when it comes to this type of commercial insurance. It is vital for these drivers to rely on resources to help them with this.

With the internet being so accessible this can be an excellent resource for helping to get insurance. If not used correctly it too can be a challenge. Just going to all of the different Insurance sites and asking for quotes can be so repetitive. It takes a lot of time.

One of the best ways is to rely on a company that is in the business of providing quotes. They have the resources to check out numerous insurance companies all at once. They can return accurate quotes in much less time.

The Added Advantage

There is an added advantage to using a quote company. It is because cost comparisons are accessible at the same time.

Most often those that are taking on the job of food delivery are doing so to make some extra money. It is not considered to be a high-paying job. If the required insurance is going to be too costly, then there is no point.

At the same time, there are plenty of Insurance companies competing for new clients. Even though this may be a difficult type of insurance to get, it is one that is commonly required. Each Insurance company will do its best to meet all of the needs of the driver. Plus, it includes competitive pricing. However, the delivery food driver won’t be aware of this without using good resources.

Do Uber Drivers Need Commercial Insurance?

Sometimes those considering this line of work will change their minds. It could be because of the cost of insurance, compared to the money they will be earning. They may assume that Uber driving is going to be a better-paying job. It may be true, but Uber driving with a personal car raises the same insurance challenges.

The insurance companies will have a set mandate in mind. They will use other metrics more applicable to this driving.

Food Delivery Driving Alternatives

food delivery

Another alternative is to seek out other types of food delivery jobs. It would be where the company is going to provide the vehicle. This way they are responsible for getting the insurance as well as for paying the costs.

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