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You should always try your best to avoid letting your insurance expire. However, you also need to know what to do if it does expire. The first and most important thing you can do is start getting into contact with insurance companies. The larger the gap you have in insurance coverage, the more you can expect to pay for insurance. Insurance companies don’t like to see gaps in insurance coverage, so this is something you should attempt to avoid whenever possible. Getting an insurance policy as soon as possible to minimize the damages should be your top priority.

What Happens If You Let Your Car Insurance Expire?


Unfortunately, when you let your policy expire, you lose the ability to be able to legally drive your vehicle. You must wait until you have a different insurance company before you can legally drive again. On top of that, you are also going to go through what is called a lapse in insurance coverage. A lapse in insurance coverage does not look good on your driver’s record. Insurance companies might decide to increase your insurance premium as a result of having a lapse in coverage. When they see a lapse in coverage, they might assume that you were driving without insurance or that you weren’t driving at all. Insurance companies want to insure practiced drivers and responsible drivers. Having a lapse in insurance coverage is not good for proving your case.

What Does It Mean When A Policy Lapses?

A lapse in insurance policy coverage stands for any period in which you do not have an insurance policy through an insurance provider. Switching insurance providers while still having a policy in place does not count as a lapse in insurance coverage. It is only a lapse in insurance coverage when you are covered by no insurance companies. Insurance companies look at lapses in insurance coverage when they are deciding on how much you’re going to pay for your insurance premium. A policy lapses something that you should try and avoid at all costs. It is likely that you’re going to be paying a lot more for insurance if you happen to have a lapse in coverage.

How Do I Avoid an Expired Insurance Policy?

Even though your insurance company will send you a notice letting you know when your insurance expires, you might want to keep track of it yourself as well. Once you receive your notice, it is a good idea to start looking around for a new insurance company. The more you check out different insurance companies before you your policy expires, the more likely it is that you will be able to find a good deal. 1 Good Way to keep track of time is to know your policy expiry date on your personal calendar. You can set something like a notification on your phone as well to remind you to renew your insurance policy.

Is There A Grace Period After Insurance Expiry?

The only time that insurance companies offer a grace period is when you first start up an insurance policy. Once your car insurance expires, there is no grace period in place. As soon as your car insurance expires, it expires. Should you get into an accident after your car insurance expires, you will not be eligible to receive compensation of any kind from your insurance company. Luckily, insurance companies send out renewal notices when your policy is going to expire. This way you don’t have to worry about there not being a Grace period in place. You can make sure that you renew your policy on time, each and every time that you need to renew your auto insurance.

Can You Renew Your Car Insurance After The Due Date?


Yes, you can renew your old car insurance policy with your insurance provider if they are willing to take you on. However, even if you let your auto insurance expire with your current insurance provider without renewing it on time, they may want to increase your insurance premium for you to be able to renew it. Insurance companies never like to see lapses in insurance coverage, even if they are the insurance company that you have been dealing with. Although they might give you the exact same policy that you had beforehand, you shouldn’t expect them to do.

How Can You Pay Less for Insurance after You Let Your Insurance Policy Expire?

You are likely going to have to pay more for insurance if you let your insurance policy expire. However, there are some things that you can do to help lower your insurance costs. You can lower the amount of protection that you have on your vehicle, for one thing. Although this might be left coverage if you get into an accident, if you do not, you will be saving money. Another great way of saving money is by switching insurance companies. You could also try an insurance broker to see if they can find you a better deal on a new insurance policy, even with your lapse in insurance coverage. Finally, you can also negotiate with insurance companies in an attempt to get a lower insurance premium.

When Does Car Insurance Expire on Most Policies?


Car insurance policies almost always expire at 12:01 AM on the date after your policy is said to expire. Should you be leaving your insurance policy renewal to the last possible minute, it is important to know this information. Your insurance company will not likely issue you a grace period if your insurance is expiring. However, they might offer you the option to get temporary insurance coverage. This length of time usually around 28 days to a month will allow you to shop around for insurance coverage and not have to worry as much about jumping into a lengthy insurance policy.

To Conclude

Letting your policy expire is never a good idea. However, sometimes this happens by accident. Unfortunately, a lapse in your insurance policy can have a lasting effect on your car insurance premiums. The faster you fix a lapse in your insurance policy, the less your insurance premium should be affected. Always remember, you can always negotiate with any insurance company. It does not matter what your current situation is, you always have the ability to negotiate and change insurance companies if you desire to.

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