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When you are temporarily residing in the country it can be confusing to get car insurance. However, once you know what you are doing it shouldn’t be all that hard. First things first, you’re going to need to have a valid driver’s license. If you do not have a valid driver’s license from your home country, you’re going to need to get a Canadian driver’s license. Unfortunately, no matter your age, you have to go through the graduated driver’s licensing system in Canada. This means that you will start off at the G1 stage, which means you have to have an accompanying driver in the passenger seat whenever you drive your vehicle. You must pass through each stage in order to be able to drive by yourself on Canadian roads.

Can You Insure A Foreign Vehicle In Canada?


Yes, you can insure a foreign vehicle in Canada. However, it’s unlikely that you will be able to insure a foreign vehicle in Canada without a Canadian driver’s license. Depending on how long you are staying, you might not have time to get a Canadian driver’s license. Canada has a graduated license system. All drivers start off in the G1 class. This means an experienced driver has to be in the passenger seat at all times. In order to be able to insure a foreign vehicle in Canada, you do need to prove that you have ownership of the vehicle as well. You are also going to need to register the vehicle. This is the final step once you get your license and insurance in order to be able to drive on Canadian roads.

How Do You Get An International Drivers Permit As an Expat in Canada?

Unfortunately, once you are living in Canada, you cannot get an international driver’s permit. To be able to get an international driver’s permit, you have to apply for one in your home country. A governing body in your home country has to authorize you to have an international driver’s permit to be able to drive in Canada. Usually, international driver’s permits last for a period of one year. When you’re in Canada for a longer period of time than that, you need to get a Canadian driver’s license to be able to drive on the roads in Canada.

How Do You Register A Foreign Vehicle in Canada?

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In order to be able to register a foreign vehicle in Canada, you have to meet Canada’s strict safety regulations. Every car in Canada has to pass safety regulations in order to be driven on the road. When a car is registered in Canada, you have to prove that the car has a safety certificate. In order to be able to get a safety certificate, you have to take your vehicle to a certified garage. The garage will then tell you exactly what you need to do to your vehicle in order to be able to safely drive it on the road in Canada. You can then fix these problems yourself or have the garage fix them for you. Once these problems are fixed, you can take the car back, get safety for the vehicle and register the vehicle in Canada.

Is It Hard To Get Insurance As An Expat In Canada?

It can be difficult to get insurance in Canada as an ex-pat. However, it can be even harder to obtain the credit that you need for an auto/financing loan. This is largely due to the fact that you do not have a Canadian credit history. Without having any kind of credit history, financial providers have no idea what they’re getting into. It is highly likely that you’re going to have substantially high-interest rates as a result of this. This can be extremely frustrating for an ex-pat, especially if you are not in the best financial situation as a result of moving to Canada. Your best bet is to pay a high down payment on your loan to help build some credit and trust with your provider.

How Do You Obtain A Canadian Drivers License As An Expat?

Obtaining a Canadian driver’s license is possible, however, you might not need one. Sometimes, you will only be required to have an overseas license or an international driver’s license to be able to drive in Canada. However, it does depend on how long you are staying in Canada and the province that you are moving to. Depending on where you are from, your previous driving record might allow you to be able to take a road test without having to pass previous levels of the Canadian graduated driving system that is in place in most provinces.

How Do You Get Cheaper Insurance Rates As An Expat?

There is not a whole lot you can do to be able to get cheaper insurance rates as an ex-pat. However, you can ask your insurance company for regular insurance discounts. Things like taking a driver’s training program within Canada can substantially help to decrease your insurance premiums. You can also do things like bundle your home and auto insurance policy, pay for your insurance premiums upfront, add multiple people to your insurance policy, add multiple vehicles to your insurance policy and get discounts for things like hybrid vehicles and low mileage.

Can You Get Insurance With A Foreign License In Canada?


No, you will not be able to be issued an insurance policy in Canada with a foreign license. In Canada, you’re going to have to have an international driver’s permit or a Canadian driving license to be issued insurance. You are also not allowed to register a vehicle without having an insurance policy, which is important to keep in mind.

To Conclude

When you are moving to live or work in Canada, temporarily, it’s important to make sure you have car insurance. All Canadians are required to have car insurance. Without it, you are not legally allowed to drive on Canadian roads. It might be somewhat difficult to get insurance as an ex-pat in Canada. However, if you contact multiple insurance companies you should be able to get a policy set up. It can be harder if you have a poor driving record, but there are always options available if you are willing to pay a high insurance premium. The more actively you seek a new insurance policy, the more likely it is you will find one.

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