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Seniors are eligible to get a discount if they don’t drive a lot. The less you drive a vehicle, the larger a discount you can get. Another substantial discount that elderly people can get is by buying insurance for a safe and reliable vehicle. The less coverage you need for your vehicle, the more you can save. Buying a used car can definitely help you to save some money if that is something you might be interested in doing.

Should I Set Up A New Policy Once I Turn 50?

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Once you turn 50 years old, you might want to consider setting up a new car insurance policy. However, it does depend on how your driving situation is. It is important to look at your previous record to make sure that a seniors discount will actually get you a cheaper car insurance rate. If for example, you have had an accident within the last year, your insurance company might want to raise your insurance rates. If this is the case, you might want to just wait until the end of your current policy so that your insurance doesn’t rise as a result of the cancellation.

Are Seniors Eligible For A Senior Discount?

Yes, senior citizens are eligible for a discount through most insurance companies. However, the amount of the discount does depend on the insurance company you are dealing with. Usually, auto insurance companies start to offer a discount once drivers are 50 years of age. You will have to contact your insurance company to find out, however, as some companies offer the discount at a different age.

How Do I Maintain My Driving Skills As A Senior?

The safer you drive your vehicle and the fewer accidents you get into, the lower your insurance rates will be. Make sure that you know all of the rules of the road. It does not hurt to go through a driving handbook regularly to make sure you remember what to do in every situation. The quicker you react to a situation, the more likely it is you won’t get into an accident. If you feel as though you could use some assistance with fixing your bad driving habits, you might want to get an instructor to drive around with you.

When Do Insurance Rates Start Rising For Seniors?


Insurance rates will usually start to increase once you are 65 years of age. Once you turn 65, you are at a higher risk of getting into an accident. The more years you are driving after you turn 65, the more you can expect to pay. As you get older things like eyesight, reaction time, and your ability to move are likely going to decrease. Insurance rates for seniors are actually pretty comparable to teenager drivers.

Is There Anything You Can Do To Your Vehicle As A Senior To Get Cheaper Auto Insurance?

Yes, there are some modifications that you can make to your vehicle to get a cheaper insurance rate. It is best to talk to your insurance company beforehand to make sure you can get a discount, but you can often get discounts on anti-theft devices, tracking devices, and winter tires. A winter tire discount is pretty standard in Canada. However, before you spend the money on an anti-theft device or a tracking device it is best to talk to your provider.

Can You Get Your License Back After It Has Been Revoked As A Senior?

Yes, you can get your license back after it has been revoked. You do need to follow the proper procedures, though. This means that you have to prove that you are still safe to drive on the road. Once you follow the reinstatement procedure and get your license back, you might have more expensive insurance. Any time a license is revoked or suspended, car insurance companies charge more for insurance afterward. Although this is unfortunate, this does not prevent you from being allowed to drive in the future.

How Can You Keep Insurance Low As A Senior?

Senior citizens often budget their expenses. When car insurance premiums rise, it could cause some issues with affording the things you need. There are a few steps that you can take to help keep your auto insurance low as a senior, however. The first and easiest thing you can do is take a driver’s training course. This will allow you to refresh yourself with the rules of the road and improve and realize what your bad habits are. Another thing you can do is pay your insurance upfront. You might have to budget for this, but you can get a fairly substantial discount. Finally, you could also lower your coverage and raise your deductible to lower the risk to your insurance company.

What Are The Signs A Senior Should Give Up Driving?


Whenever you start to doubt yourself and your driving skills, you might want to consider it. There are some telltale signs you can look for to prove you are not road-worthy. Poor vision, problems with hearing other traffic, slow reaction times, not reacting to what other vehicles are doing and even pain can be a good reasons to quit. When you are driving, you need to be able to make quick decisions. You never know when someone is going to run a red light and force you to slam on the brakes. Especially when you are a little older and more fragile, an accident is likely something you want to avoid. It is not the end of the world having someone else drive you around. You can always call a cab or ask a friend.

To Conclude

Getting car insurance as a senior may not be that easy. You may have to talk to multiple insurance companies, especially if you have a poor driving record to start with. The more insurance companies you talk to, the larger a discount you should get. You also have the option of talking to an insurance broker. Simply let them know your information and that you are looking for a senior’s discount and they should be able to get you quotes from some of the largest insurance companies.

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