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Anyone driving a vehicle in Edmonton must have basic insurance. It is comprised of three sections of coverage. One section deals with injuries as well as damages to properties. The second covers medical expenses. The third section covers vehicle damage. There are many Insurance Brokers in Edmonton to meet the insurance vehicle needs of all types of drivers.

Sadler Insurance


Sadler insurance has six employees. It is a company that offers a full selection of insurance products. Included in this is the vehicle insurance. They offer insurance packages for young driver. As well as classic car enthusiasts. Also, many other vehicle insurance packages. Their focus is on working with the client and not the insurance companies. They have been providing insurance services since 1936. Also, they are classed as a full-service independent insurance broker proud to be serving the drivers of Edmonton. The Google rating for customer reviews for Sadler is 4.3* star rating based on three reviews.

Arc Insurance

Arc insurance claims to be Edmonton’s top auto commercial broker. They go to great lengths to inform their clients of the different types of auto insurance. As it pertains to Edmonton. They have two locations in Edmonton. To provide convenient service. One of these is in the North and the other is in the south. They have received a good number of reviews on Google. Amounting to 52 which has given them a 4.9* star rating. Comments that are made have been those such as the company offers friendly service as well as prices.

Capital insurance

husband and wife

Capital insurance offers all types of vehicle insurance. They are affiliated with the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce. As well as the Insurance Brokers Association of Alberta. Capital Insurance was founded in 2005. It was done so by a husband and wife team. They both possess a great deal of insurance experience. Their community involvement includes making a charitable donation to various organizations. They have a 4.5*star rating with Google based on 38 reviews. Clients praise them for their efficiency in looking after their insurance needs.

Drayden Insurance

Drayden insurance offers a complete line of vehicle insurance products. Including that for the coverage of collector cars and antiques. They focus on creating a customized plan to meet the needs of each of their clients. The Company has eight offices throughout the Edmonton area. To make it convenient for those shopping for insurance. They have been around since 1965. Also, they currently employ over 140* individuals. The client base that they proudly boast of is more than 30,000* clients.

Access Insurance

Access has been serving the insurance needs of those living in Edmonton since 1983. They offer all types of insurance. Including insurance for vehicles including recreational vehicles.Plus, they currently employ 47* employees. They have a following of 875* people on their Facebook page. In addition, they also maintain a very informative blog on their website. It is to help those shopping for insurance to understand it better. Their core mandate for running their business is efficiency, understanding, and reliability. The Company has had a lot of feedback on Google through the reviews consisting of 898. Giving a 4.9* star rating.

Merit Insurance

Merit insurance services cater to the Edmonton clients looking for all types of insurance. They add a personal touch to their business with a mascot. Who is a puppy by the name of Barolo. The company has been in business since 1985. Among their collection of insurance, offerings are vehicle insurance packages. They also have one called the uninsured motorist protection. As of today, they have not collected a lot of reviews on Google review. But for the few that they do have, they have received a five-star*rating.

Leibel Insurance

personal vehicle

This company offers a full selection of personal vehicle insurance. It includes auto and truck as well as motorcycle insurance. They also focus on offering packages for sports cars along with classic car coverage. It is a company that has been operating through family generations. The Company been in business since 1981. They work closely with the community. Also, they support a variety of different charities. Such as Camp Faces and the Christmas Bureau of Edmonton. Leibel has earned a 4.9* star rating out of 228 reviews on Google.

Foster Park

Foster Park has been servicing Edmonton with their insurance needs including vehicle insurance since 1979. They claim that they have 500 years of combined insurance experience. They play an active role in the community. Supporting the Food Bank as well as the Hot Lunch programs. Also, the Foster Parent’s Plan. They are members of many different societies. It includes the Risk Management Society. Also, the Independent Insurance Brokers Association. Plus, the Chambers of Commerce along with many others. On Google reviews, Foster Park has a 4.3 rating* based on six reviews.

Alberta Best Insurance

This insurance broker offers a complete line of vehicle insurance. Also, they focus on a variety of discounts. Among the standard discounts, they highlight those for drivers over 50. And also based on some occupations. It is a family owned operation. They have been in business for more than 35 years. Their community involvement includes supporting local charities such as the Alberta Cancer Foundation. Also, the Multiple Sclerosis Soceity of Canada. Google has given them a five-star rating*as a result of six reviews.

A-Win Insurance

A Win insurance is an established insurance broker offering a full lineup of vehicle insurance. Including that which may be needed for collector cars as well as all-terrain vehicles. They have several branches to add to the convenience for their clients. Also, they are connected to a large number of affiliates to help service their clients better. A Win is a medium-sized brokerage for insurance with a backup of 79* employees. The Company has four reviews on Google with a 1.* rating.

Shopping for insurance can be a huge task. But it is one that should be done with care as it is such an important purchase.

*Data collected on the day of post publishing.

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