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Drummondville Ontario

Those looking for insurance in Drummondville should not have any difficulty. There are several auto insurance brokers serving this area. Shopping for vehicle insurance is important. So is using the right resources for this.



Vehicle insurance shoppers want good coverage at reasonable prices. Promutuel can deliver on this. They work very hard at lining up discounts on vehicle insurance for each client. They also work closely with students to help them get good insurance rates. The company has developed specific programs to make vehicle insurance shopping easier. They have the Pro plan. Also, they have the Free Pass program. On their LinkedIn page, they have 1,006* employees recorded. On their Facebook page, they have received a 3.4*rating. They are also showing a following of 8,990 followers. For Google reviews for the Drummondville office, they have 4 * reviews listed. From this, they have received a 4.8*rating.

Henault Assurance

Under the personal insurance category for this company, they offer vehicle insurance. This includes insurance for Autos as well as trucks. It also includes RVs. The company has teamed up with a large selection of well-established insurance providers. Should an insured need help with a claim they have easy access to their agent. Who will then assist them through the process. The company has been in business for over 60 years. They currently have six* locations throughout Montréal and Québec. Currently* they do not have any reviews on Google reviews.

J.L. Paille Assurances

This is a company that has been in business for 85* years. Throughout the entirety of the years, customer service has been the priority. This is a firm that believes in getting the best insurance deals for their clients. They offer all types of insurance including vehicle insurance. They have extended their vehicle insurance offerings. The company is intent on helping those with insurance difficulties. For example, those that may have had a license suspension. Or a cancellation for nonpayment. They also will shop for the best insurance for antique vehicle coverage. Plus, they will help those with modified vehicles get the insurance that they need. They currently have one review on Google reviews giving them a 5.* point star rating.

Alpha Assurances

Alpha is well recognized in the industry for their accomplishments. They have been awarded a platinum title. As the platinum club winner for the Best-Managed Companies in Canada. They are proud to be able to state that they have held this title for seven years. They are pleased to inform their clients that they are available for them around the clock. This is a company that is very active in their community. They offer many insurance packages. Which includes vehicle insurance. They can offer a lot of incentives to help reduce the premium cost. One of these offerings is the Happy Star clause. Another is a two-year frozen premium offering. On their LinkedIn page, they have 102* employees. They have 10* reviews on Google giving them a 3.1* star rating.

IA Assurance

IA assurance is a company that likes to focus on the discounts. Those that they can get for their vehicle insurance clients. They are stating that they can get an average of $257 in savings. Of course, each client is served as an individual. What discounts are available will depend on this. Some of the discounts that they focus on are anti-theft discounts. Also discounts for electric cars. On their Facebook page, they have 11,690* followers. The company was founded in 1892. Since then it has been meeting the insurance needs of clients during this entire time. Currently* they do not have any reviews on Google.

Dufresne & Associates

This is a company that focuses on getting insurance for their clients in a quick and easy manner. They will work with many different clients. Including those that are having difficulty getting insurance for a variety of reasons. Some individuals have had their insurance cancelled for nonpayment. This brokerage company will assist them in being able to get back on track with their insurance needs. The company also services insurance needs for other types of vehicles. These include all-terrain vehicles as well as recreational vehicles. They work with a group of different insurance providers. By doing this, it allows them to personalize the insurance that each of their clients requires. Currently* this insurance brokerage firm does not have any Google reviews.



This is a company that has many offices throughout Quebec. They have a broker in Drummondville to meet the Insurance needs of the clients here. The company offers all types of insurance. For vehicles, they offer auto coverage. Plus they cater to motorcycle insurance and recreational vehicles. LaCapitale has had a presence in Quebec for over 75* years. It was founded in 1940. They are a company that is heavily involved in the communities that they serve. Currently* this branch has one review on Google Reviews. It has given them a 3.* rating.


Sunlife is an Insurance provider offering their line of insurance packages. They do have an agent office in Drummondville. For those that do not want to go through a broker to shop for insurance. This is an alternative. The company offers their vehicle insurance through Belairdirect. They have chosen to do this because of the potential driver discounts that are available.


Leclerc is one of the largest brokerage firms to serve this region. They have about 80* employees on staff to serve their clients. They take pride in being able to offer all types of insurance to their customers. Among their offerings are vehicle and recreational vehicle insurance. They work closely with clients to get them the discounts that they are eligible for. On their Facebook page, they have 437* followers. Which have given the company a 4.4* rating. They have 10* reviews on Google reviews. This has awarded them a 3.9* rating.

DPA Assurance

The Insurance broker here is Michele Ferland. Who is dedicated to offering the personalized vehicle insurance that his clients need. DPA has been in business for over 75* years. To be able to meet the insurance shoppers needs, the company deals with many quality partners. On their Facebook page, they have 823* followers. Here they have received a 4.8* rating.



This company offers a wide range of insurance services. Included in this is vehicle insurance. They promote Intact Insurance to meet the driving insurance needs. For those in the Drummondville area. They also cater to recreational vehicle insurance.

*Data collected on the day of post publishing.

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