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The way the doctors attend to their medical practices has changed greatly over the years. At one time part of the doctor’s roster was to make house calls. This meant that they were using their vehicle on a regular basis. Many doctors now do not do house calls. Using their vehicle for this purpose is not a major concern for many. There still are doctors that do provide home care. They use their vehicle throughout the day for their medical practice needs.

Medical Organizations and Insurance


The medical profession is a very important one. Doctors make up a good portion of this industry. They have various organizations that they can rely on to assist them. With their different needs both on a personal and a business level. In Canada, there is the Canadian Medical Association. It provides a great deal of support for Doctors. Included in this is advice for their personal insurance.

Personal insurance includes vehicle insurance. These organizations suggest doctors include their vehicle insurance as part of their personal insurance needs. They will give suggestions on who can offer them the best advice for this. They suggest that insurance agents or insurance brokers are a good resource to use. Also, they encourage doctors within the various provinces. To rely on their medical associations.

Insurance Through Medical Organizations

Each province will have its resource for doctors to rely on by way of organizations. In Ontario, it’s the Ontario Medical Association. Among the services they offer is the opportunity to buy vehicle insurance. To be able to do this they have teamed up with a specialty insurance company. Like Personal Insurance. They can develop a personalized package for the doctors in Ontario. To help ensure that they get full coverage as well as decent prices on their premiums.

Group Insurance

Doctors are buying insurance through OMA. They are buying into group insurance. Most often group insurance is cheaper. It is because the insurance company is dealing with volume. Most insurance companies demand a certain number. Before group insurance can be designed for them. The Personal specializes in group insurance packages. It is most likely the reason that OMA has chosen to affiliate with this particular company.

Vehicle Insurance for Personal Use

The OMA realizes that doctors have more than one vehicle that they need to insure. The insurance coverage they are providing can cover many of their other vehicles. This includes vehicles such as recreational vehicles and motorcycles, for example.

Important Discounts

This is one way of being able to keep the costs of insurance down. No matter what profession one is in. It is through taking advantage of discounts. The OMA has created this opportunity. Through the vehicle insurance, they offer.

Multi-Vehicle Discount

Multi Vehicle

Some doctors have more than one vehicle. OMA has made sure that there is an option in their insurance choice for a multi-vehicle discount.


No matter what profession an individual is in their driving record is going to be a priority. In keeping the rates down. The OMA vehicle insurance creates an extra option when it comes to accidents. This is an extra part of insurance that doctors can buy. What they can do is buy this to protect them from an increase in premium should they be in an accident.


Doctors using this insurance have the opportunity to bundle their insurance. Meaning that they can insure their car and home to create the extra savings.

Other Savings

Most insurance companies will offer a selection of discounts. The OMA insurance coverage is no different. Besides the ones already listed there are savings for those using hybrid vehicles. Or a savings of up to 5% when using winter tires. For those that get concerned about the costs for deductions, there is another option. It is to go with a zero deductible.

Other Advantages

There is another advantage that comes with insurance offered through OMA.  It is a convenience. Doctors have very busy lives. They don’t have the opportunity to shop for insurance the way that they would like to. That doesn’t mean that because they are doctors that it is mandatory. For them to go with the insurance offerings of OMA.

Other Choices


There are many other insurance companies that offer full insurance product packages. There are some that specialize in professional insurance. Doctors may want to take a little time out to do their insurance research. If they want to be sure that they are getting the best insurance rates possible.

They can do this by asking for quotes. Making sure that the insurance companies know that they are in the profession of being a doctor. By getting the quotes and doing further research, it allows the doctors to do a comparison. Against the insurance that they are being offered through  OMA. Which deals with the Personal Insurance company.

Some may find that they can get better rates. Others may find that they are going to get the best deal by staying with what OMA has to offer. In any event, one will know that they are making the right decision. When they finally decide who they want to use as their insurance provider.

Personal or Business Use


One factor when buying insurance as a professional is how the particular insurance company is going to view them. Will they get assessed as using their vehicle in a standard fashion?

Some doctors use their vehicles in their medical practice. It may be that some insurance companies may view this as business use. This is another factor that is going to have to get taken into account. No doubt this is already factored in with what the OMA offers. The ones available through the OMA insurance coverage.

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