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Cochrane Ontario

Cochrane is a small but busy town about an hour away from Timmins Ontario. Drivers here face all types of driving conditions. They want to be sure that they have the best vehicle insurance possible. They can get this through some quality brokers that service this area.

Paul Ayotte Insurance Brokers


For one to choose a good insurance broker, they have to set certain expectations. One of the most common types of insurance in need of is auto insurance. This insurance broker is well aware of the pressure that drivers are under. To get the type of insurance best suited for them. As such the company will work very closely with their clients to determine what their needs are. This brokerage firm is a family owned business entity. They have been in business in the Cochrane area since 1974. During this time they have grown their business locations to five*. They are the type of company that is approachable. A company that cares about what their clients need. Their Facebook page shows they have 531* followers. On Google reviews, they currently have one* review giving them a 1.* point star rating.

Cambrian Insurance

Cambrian insurance is committed to the residents of Cochrane. They realize the importance of insurance for drivers in this area. They also realize that insurance shoppers need good rates. This company is dedicated to focusing on full insurance coverage at the very best of rates. They realize that they are there as representatives of their clients. This means that when there is a need for a claim the professionals here are going to be fully supportive. They are instrumental in helping their clients work through the claims process. It can be a stressful time when this occurs, but Cambrian Insurance is there when their clients need them. On their Facebook page, they have 1,722* followers. They currently do not have any review on Google* reviews.

PBL Insurance


PBL is a situated in Timmins Ontario. But also services the Cochrane area for their insurance needs. They are one of the top insurance brokers in Ontario and have been in business for almost 100* years. Also, they believe in building close relationships with their clients. Plus, they have partnered up with some of the most selective insurance brokers. The Company believes in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Also, they encourage their clients to speak openly about their needs for insurance. These professionals offer many different types of insurance.

Included in this is that which is needed for vehicle insurance. Vehicle insurance can be difficult to shop for. It is because every individual has their own needs. It is also known to be expensive throughout Ontario. The very basic insurance is mandatory for Canadian drivers. In most cases, this is not enough for the average driver, and they want more. For these clients, PBL is going to make sure that they get them the best rates possible. Their LinkedIn page shows they have 185* employees with 1,263* followers. Their Facebook page indicates that they have 166* followers.

The Co-Operators

Co-Operators are going to be sure that the residents of Cochrane are well looked after. In regards to their insurance needs. This is a company that has many offices throughout Ontario. Plus they are well recognized for the type of insurance products that they offer. Auto insurance is very important to them. It is because there are so many drivers that are in need of affordable insurance packages. Ontario is known to be one of the highest provinces when it comes to insurance costs. Unfortunately, drivers have to buy at least the basic insurance. In most cases, they want more than what this type of coverage has to offer. Often they are held back because of the high prices for additional insurance. The Co-Operators strive to make this type of additional insurance more affordable. To give peace of mind to their clients.

There are not a lot of brokers located in Cochrane. But there are several agents available to look after the needs of the residents here.

Allstate Insurance

Allstate insurance company is going to make sure that the residents of Cochrane are going to get the insurance coverage they need. This company offers a full range of insurance products. One that is important to many is auto insurance. Allstate is big on getting their clients the discounts that they qualify for. Many insurance shoppers are not aware of how important these discounts are. They can reduce the cost of insurance. Allstate is an easy company to deal with. They have been in business for many years, and they make their clients their priority.

Economical Insurance


Economical Insurance is located in Iroquois’s Falls. Which is only a short distance from Cochrane. Those that want a quality insurance broker can rely on this firm to meet their needs. Their whole approach to insurance is that it doesn’t have to be complicated. Many drivers that are looking for insurance become overwhelmed. They aren’t sure what their requirements are and what is of extra benefit to them for coverage. Economical is going to take the guesswork out of this for them.

There are a limited number of insurance brokers and agencies located in Cochrane. It doesn’t mean that the residents here cannot obtain the insurance they want in a remote manner. It means dealing with them via telephone or through the internet.

Intact Insurance

Individuals that live in Cochrane have different choices for purchasing insurance. They can seek out a local broker. Or they can opt to look for an agent that represents a specific company. Like the Intact insurance company. They will make sure that there is an agent available to them to handle their insurance needs. When it comes to auto insurance, this is a company is considered to be top-notch. They are exceptionally well known for their customer service. Also, for their fairness in handling claims. They also focus heavily on different types of insurance discounts. One of these is the driving discount which can save individuals up to 25% on their premiums. With the price of insurance in Ontario, this makes this offering a most lucrative one.

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