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Chicoutimi Jonquiere

Chicoutimi and Jonquiere are boroughs located within Saguenay in Quebec. As such the drivers here are bound by the driving laws of the Province. As well as being a driver in Canada they must have at least the basic insurance.

Cantin Gagnon


This is an insurance broker that has been in the business for fifty years*. They have been providing vehicle insurance products to the Chicoutimi-Jonquiere area. The company believes in making sure their clients are informed. To do this, they provide a helpful link section on their website. They have 555* followers on Facebook and a 4.9* star rating here.

Lussier Dale Parizeau

This is a company that has a long history of providing insurance products to those in this area. They have been in business since 1915. Also, they are considered to be one of the leading Insurance brokers. They have earned a 3.9* rating on their Facebook Page. Plus, Company also has a large following comprised of  3,538* followers.

Tremblay Assurance

The Company offers all of the major insurance packages including vehicle insurance. They also focus on some unique needs that some drivers may have. One of these is for those drivers who are having difficulty getting insurance. This broker will make the extra effort to see that all of their clients can get the coverage that they need. Another area that is important to them is making sure that their optional payment plans. Not everyone can afford to pay their insurance in large chunks. It is easier for them to make smaller and more frequent payments. Tremblay works hard at trying to meet the payment needs of their clients. The company has a 4.9* rating on Facebook with 409* followers.

ProMutuel Assurance

ProMutuel has several offices throughout Quebec. They are a full-service insurance broker. Which includes vehicle insurance. The Company has a Facebook showing they have a 3.4* star rating. Plus, they have 8,981* followers. On their LinkedIn page, they are claiming to have 1,004 employees on staff. When it comes to vehicle insurance discounts, the company has lined up some discounts. Such as a multi-vehicle rebate and a new free value discount for up to one year. It is a discount that will give the replacement guarantee free for one year.

BC Assure

The Company as Insurance Brokers works with their clients when they have claims. The company began offering brokerage services in 1960 and which time they acquired several brokerage firms. By 2006 they became known as BC Assure. The Company has two reviews on Google giving them a 4.5* star rating.

Assurances Saguenay

customer service

Another broker serving the Chicoutimi-Jonquiere region. For those in this area needing insurance such as vehicle insurance, this is a company that offers it. The Company dates back to 1981 then changed hands in 1994. Then once again in 2002. To become as it is as of today. They like to focus on the latest technology as it pertains to the Insurance Industry. Customer service is one of their priorities. They have a solid list of affiliates they use to obtain insurance for their clients. This list is made up of top brand name insurance companies. Currently* the company does not have any reviews on Google.

Riverin Girard & Associates

Riverin Girard & Associates is a full-service insurance broker. They shop efficiently for the best rates for vehicle insurance. Also, they recognize how difficult it is for young people to get the type of affordable coverage they need. The Company will work closely with those that fit into this group of insurance shoppers. They will act as the support service when a claim has to be handled. They provide a 24.7 claim hotline. The Company has been in business for more than 50 years.

Martyne Corneau Insurance

Most insurance brokers cater to all clients in need of Insurance. Martyne Corneau does the same including meeting the needs for those who want vehicle insurance. The company works with young people who need to find insurance at reasonable rates. They also offer some support packages. Google has not listed any reviews* for this Company.


This is a collection of insurance brokers that service clients in need of Insurance throughout Quebec.They have a long list of Insurance companies that work with. Also, many of the brokers in the Chicoutimi-Jonquiere area belong to this network. Many of which offer a full selection of vehicle insurance packages.

Asking the Right Questions When Shopping For Insurance

With the cost of insurance being as high as what it is, it is important to become a savvy shopper. To do this the right questions have to be asked. No matter which Insurance broker you choose you will have some questions to answer.

Sometimes insurance buyers get overwhelmed with having to provide so many answers. They forget to ask the questions that are important to them.

What is the Qualification and Experience of the Broker?

There are all sizes and types of Insurance brokerage firms. Many are well established. Some have only been in the business for a few years. You want some background on their experience. They are the experts that are going to be insurance shopping for you. It is important that you know they are well versed on the subject of vehicle insurance.

What Kind of Claims Support is Provided?


An insured driver wants the answer to this question before they need to file a claim. When an occurrence takes place in a collision, it is concerning at the time. No matter if it is even a minor collision. Drivers need to know beforehand who they need to contact to start their claim. Many insurance brokers have a 24/7 hotline available for their clients. But, there are some that do not. A driver needs to know who should be their first contact regarding a claim.

How Are the Premiums Determined?

Premiums are going to dictate how much a driver has to pay for their insurance. It is worth asking how they are determined. The Insurance broker should be able to give you some good advice about this. It will be based on the answers you have given to their questions. They will tell you what is going to work in your favour and what is not.

For those shopping for vehicle insurance in Chicoutimi-Jonquiere, this list of brokers and helpful tips should help to get the right insurance coverage.

*Data collected on the day of post publishing.

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