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Chatham Ontario

Chatham is an Ontario city with a population of just over 101,000 residents. Many of which drive vehicles. These are individuals that are in need of good vehicle insurance. The brokers serving the Chatham area will be able to help them with this.

Programmed Insurance Brokers

Programmed insurance brokers were originally called Ross insurance brokers. Ross has been in the brokerage business since 1939. Then changed its name in 2018. The type and quality of service did not change, however. In respect to their personal insurance. Included in this is an option for insurance for other recreational vehicles. The company focuses on what discounts they can get for their clients. One of these is the retiree discount. The company’s commitment is to get affordable insurance for their clients. Also to put their clients first. Presently they have five* Google reviews giving them up 4.8 * star rating.

All-Risk Insurance

This company has been serving the Chatham area for their insurance needs since 1993. They have several locations for the convenience for their clients. They offer complete packages of automobile insurance as well as for recreational vehicles. Their LinkedIn page shows they have 191* employees. Their Facebook page shows they have 694* followers. Here on Facebook, they have 12* reviews giving them a 3.9* star rating. Presently on Google reviews*, they have not received any reviews as yet.

Advanced Broker

Advanced Brokerage firm was started in 2002. Since then it has been serving those in the Chatham and surrounding areas. The company is a full-service insurance broker. Meaning that they offer many different types of insurance packages. Among these is the auto insurance for those in need of this type of coverage. They will work diligently with their clients to get the best coverage possible. Plus, they will also inform the client as to what their advice is in regards to this insurance. Also, they will also shop for the best discount. They currently have two* reviews on Google giving them a 5.* star rating.

Magermans & Raes

It’s not easy shopping for insurance. Insurance shoppers have the opportunity to rely on experts such as brokers. This particular brokerage company has several experts on staff. To assist the insurance shopper. They offer a variety of different types of insurance. For those looking for vehicle insurance, the staff here should be of great assistance. Vehicle insurance shoppers are intent on getting the best coverage. Also, at the lowest premiums. It takes knowledgeable people in the insurance industry to be able to achieve this. On the company’s Facebook page they have 541* followers. They have received a 5.* point star rating based on eight* reviews here on Facebook. For Google reviews, they have two*that have given them a total of a 4.5* star rating.

Preferred Insurance

Preferred insurance is dedicated to providing good insurance products. To the Chatham area. They are also heavily involved in the community. Where last year they contributed to the purchase of backpacks for students in need. The company is a full-service insurance provider. They have teamed up with a large selection of insurance companies. These companies include Intact insurance and Aviva. Clients dealing with this company have the option of dropping into the office, Or submitting online. The company has three* offices that they work out of. On Google, they have three* Google reviews giving them a .3* star rating.


O’Neill insurance was originally serving the Chatham area. They decided to join BrokerLink and now work under this network. The Company offers a full selection of insurance packages. Also, they still retain the priority of putting their customers first. For those shopping for vehicle insurance, they should find it an easy process here. At the BrokerLink office in Chatham. The experts here will walk each client through every step. First going through the process of buying vehicle insurance. They will inform them of their options. They will also work hard at getting them the discounts needed to help lower their premiums. The company works closely with Intact insurance. For the vehicle insurance needs of their clients. The Chatham office for BrokerLink has 2* Google reviews. This has given them a 4.* point star rating.

Orr Insurance

Orr insurance is a brokerage firm that has taken the worry out of insurance shopping. They offer a full selection of different types of insurance packages. Included in this is the personal insurance department. The vehicle insurance programs come under this division. The company focuses on providing insurance for many different types of vehicles. To give peace of mind, this brokerage offers 24/7 claims service. It means that they are there to represent their clients when the need for a claim arises. On their Facebook page, they have 1079* followers. Currently, they do not have any Google* reviews.

JMHI Insurance

When one is shopping for insurance, they have to do so in a careful manner. There are a lot of decisions to be made. In Canada, it is mandatory to have vehicle insurance to drive on Canadian roads. This insurance group is here to help those find the best insurance packages for them. Insurance is a personalized service. Premiums are set on many different metrics when it comes to auto insurance. The brokers here will work closely with their clients. To get them the best the discounts available to them. The company has linked up with many affiliates. To help provide the type of insurance coverage their clients need. Currently, this brokerage does not have any Google* reviews.

Kent & Essex

This is a brokerage company that is well-versed in insurance. They have been serving the residents of Chatham for over 130 years. Plus, they are a mutual company which means that they are owned by their shareholders. Also, they offer a full selection of insurance packages. Included in this is vehicle insurance. Those in Chatham needing this type of insurance can rely on this brokerage firm. It will mean answering a series of important questions. These questions help to determine the best type of insurance needed. It will also help to determine what discounts may be applicable. On their Facebook page, the company has 1058* followers. Currently, on Google reviews* there are no reviews as yet.

HUB International

Hub is a large firm that works in many different areas across Ontario. They have an office located in Chatham to serve the insurance needs of the residents here. Also, they offer a full selection of insurance. These experts working out of the Hub office here are dedicated to the needs of their clients. Plus, they will take the confusion out of the vehicle insurance shopping. They will currently go over all of the details about each policy. They will also give advice. Plus, encourage clients to take advantage of appropriate discounts. The Hub division in Chatham currently does not have any Google* reviews.

DPM Insurance

When one visits the DPM insurance website, they are going to be impressed. With the number of insurance programs this company offers. For those looking for auto insurance, they are going to find it an easy process to apply for it. They can either contact the brokerage firm directly or use their handy online access for getting a quote. It is important that vehicle insurance shoppers take the time to shop properly. There are many different metrics that are used. For determining how much insurance is going to cost. For this reason, it is important to work closely with the broker expert. The one that is going to assist in getting the coverage. On the company’s LinkedIn page they have seven* employees with 63* followers. They currently have three* reviews on Google giving them a 5.* point star rating.

*Data collected on the day of post publishing.

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