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chateauguay QC

Chateauguay insurance brokers offer their services to those who live in this region. It is a suburb of Montreal and is home to many drivers in need of quality insurance.

Assurances Robert Beauchamp


Buying insurance is an important matter. For those that are buying vehicle insurance, they have certain expectations. Ones that the coverage must meet. It means making sure that one is shopping for this product from a reliable source. This is the business that Assurances Robert Beauchamp is in. It is a company that offers a full line of insurance products. They have experienced brokers on staff to assist their clients. As a representative for the vehicle insurance shopper, they have some serious responsibilities. They have the task of finding personalized vehicle coverage at affordable rates. Every client’s needs are different when it comes to auto insurance. This company has been in business since 1955. It is a family owned and operated business. On their Facebook page, they have 37* followers. On Google reviews, they have one* review giving them a 5.* star rating.

Assurances Vezina, Leduc Bisaillon

The team here focuses on listening to their client’s needs and wants. When it comes to insurance. They are a full-service firm which means they also offer auto insurance. They have partnered up with several well-known Insurance companies. To be able to serve their clients in the best ways. It allows them to shop for their clients with a lot more options available to them. This company also makes paying the premium easier by offering some payment selections. On their Facebook Page, they have 163* followers. Here they have given the company a 5.* rating. They have two* reviews on Google which have given them a 5.* rating.


This firm specializes in the offering of insurance. They do this from a collection of insurance partners that they have teamed up with. Currently, they have more than 20* Insurance Companies that they do business with. When it comes to vehicle insurance, they have chosen to work with Intact Insurance. To meet the needs of their clients. The company has many offices throughout the area. It makes it convenient for those who wish to visit their location. But, they can do business online with this company. They have been in business for 50+ years. Their LinkedIn page indicates they have 80* employees on staff. On their Facebook page, they have 795* followers. Here they have 3.3* rating. The company has 5* reviews on Google Reviews. Giving them a 3.6* rating.

Diane Bardou

This is an agent who focuses on bringing insurance packages to clients. It’s done through LaCapitale Insurance Company. This includes meeting the needs for auto insurance. Diane has over 30* years experience in the Insurance Industry. She takes on the responsibility of being your representative for your insurance needs. Currently, she has no followers or reviews on her Facebook page. On Google reviews, there is one* review giving a 5* rating.


This is a company comprised of 180* brokers. The company has a desire to build their reputation throughout Quebec. The company was formed in 2008. It now has 30* branches to make serving their growing list of clients more convenient. They are intent on offering diversity in auto insurance. So they can serve anyone needing this product. They will help those who need insurance for their antique vehicles. Or those who are having problems getting insured. They are focused on providing vehicle insurance solutions. For any client that approaches them.

They have teamed up with a large selection of Insurance Companies. By doing this, it allows them to shop for clients according to their needs. With the ability to focus on potential discounts that apply to the client. Their LinkedIn page shows they have 37* employees. Their Facebook page shows they have 2,954* followers. Here on Facebook, they have 4.4* rating. On Google reviews, they have a 3.7* rating based on 3* reviews.

Assurance Jobin

customer service

This is a company that has been serving the needs of insureds since 1994. They take pride in the quality of their customer service. They intend to treat each client as one with individual insurance needs. The company takes on the role of being the client’s insurance representative. As such they are always there to assist their clients with the buying of their insurance. Also, they are there when a client needs to file a claim. The Company has chosen to team up with several recognized Insurance Companies. This gives the company the flexibility they need. When obtaining the best insurance at the best prices. Their LinkedIn page shows they have 5* employees. They have 320* followers on Facebook. Also here they have 4.4* star rating.


Vehicle insurance comes with personalized insurance. This is one of the many sectors of insurance that Cecyre offers. They have become affiliated with some of the leading Insurance companies serving Canada. The company has been in business since 1973. It has been handed down through the generations. Cecyre has a strong team of experienced professionals to assist their clients. They are supportive of their clients who need to file a claim. They focus on the Intact insurance provider. For them to tend to the insurance needs of their vehicle insurance clients. They want their clients to be able to make an informed decision.  Plus, they assist them with this by being able to answer all their questions.


This company believes in having their brokers work closely with their clients. This is an independent brokerage firm. They have expanded their outreach to include 8* branches. Within these, they have more than 100* professionals on staff. To deliver quality customer service. They have a before, during and after approach. A strong indicator that they know their role of being a top-notch broker. Those shopping for vehicle insurance should find it to be a pleasant experience here.


Essor understands the important role that their brokers must fill for their clients. A broker has the job of being the representative for the client. With the applicable insurance company. As a broker, this individual will make sure that their clients are getting the best coverage possible. Vehicle insurance is not a one product fits all. It is an individualized product. Essor realizes this and gives each of their clients the attention they need and deserve. Their LinkedIn page indicates they have 170* employees. They have 3,339* followers on Facebook. Here they also have a 3.1* rating.

Co-Operators Insurance


For those that want to deal directly with an Insurance Company, there is an opportunity to do this. It can be done with Co-Operators Insurance Company. They have several offices throughout Quebec. For those in the Chateauguay area, there is a Co-Op office to serve them in Laval. The agent here that tends to this is Nassaim Karoum.

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