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Vehicle owners in Charlottetown are always looking for reasonable insurance rates. The brokers and agents here will strive to find the right insurance at the best price for each insurance shopper.

Peake & McInnis


Many individuals like to shop locally when they are looking for products. This includes their insurance products. Those that are looking for vehicle insurance usually want it as quickly as possible. This insurance brokerage can achieve this. They are a family owned local insurance brokerage firm. Also, they have been in business since 1912. They have worked hard at creating a list of top quality insurance companies. Ones that they can utilize. But the priority for their business is their clients. They will offer personalized service. It is because vehicle insurance is a personalized product. Clients want honest answers and good quality insurance. Also, they want reasonable prices. They should be able to have their needs met here. Their Facebook page shows they have 998* followers. They also have a presence on YouTube offering many informational videos. On Google, they have received three* reviews giving them up 4.3* star rating

Bennett Car Insurance

Most often when one is buying vehicle insurance, it is a family affair. As such they want to deal with a brokerage company that has the same concept. That is what Bennett car insurance has to offer. They have been in business since 1977. They are available to answer any and all questions regarding this type of insurance. The company also specializes in many other types of insurance products. When the need arises, this is a company that is there for their clients. Issuing a claim can be stressful. But this brokerage firm is going to support their clients through the entire process. Currently, this brokerage firm has two* reviews on Google reviews. It has given them at 4.5* star rating.

Cooke Insurance Group

services and support

Shopping for insurance of any type is a big job. The first step is finding a quality broker that is capable of meeting the client’s needs. In Charlottetown, one of the quality brokerage firms is Cooke insurance group. They offer quality services and support. They also include educating their clients. Buying insurance should only be done when one can do so with proper knowledge. This company will work hard on providing the exact coverage that one needs. They will offer additional options with no pressure. They will also inform the client of what potential discounts are available. Their LinkedIn page shows they have 56* employees as well as 95* followers here. Their Facebook page indicates that they have 527* followers. Here they have received 29* reviews giving them a 3.9* star rating. For Google reviews, they have received one* review giving them a 4. *Rating.

Huestis Insurance Group

One can have peace of mind when they work with an insurance group that can meet their needs. For this particular company, they are there to support their clients. For all their insurance matters. Getting vehicle insurance is quick and easy through this company. The priorities will be the best coverage at the best rates. They will also be there to support their clients when a claim is needed. On their Facebook page, they have 1105* followers. Currently, they do not have any Google* reviews.

Isabel Delaney & Associates

This is an agent that represents the Co-Operators insurance company. Many individuals are well aware of Co-Operators. Along with the impeccable reputation that they have. They offer a full line of insurance products. For those wanting vehicle insurance, they will be able to get a quick and easy quote here. The agent will also act as their personal representative. By looking after all of their insurance needs. Currently, this broker does not have any Google* reviews.

Insurance Company of Prince Edward Island

Vehicle insurance is a personal product. Therefore insurance shoppers want a brokerage offering personalized service. The insurance company of Prince Edward Island is committed to doing this. The company has many different offices comprised of a 17* broker network. They have been in business since 1987. They are strongly involved in the community and support many different organizations. Currently, they do not have any reviews* on Google.

Johnson Insurance

Vehicle insurance shopping means hunting around for a company. One that is going to meet their needs. Johnson insurance is one of these companies. Their focus begins by answering all of the questions that the client may have. Then they will go to work at finding the best coverage at the best rates. However, their duties to their clients do not end here. Whenever a client needs to put in a claim this company is there for them. They are their representative and take this responsibility seriously. Currently, the company does not have any reviews* on Google.

Sun Life

Sun Life is a very large insurance company serving clients all across Canada. They also have a presence here in Charlottetown. They are here to provide the insurance coverage that residents are in need of. This includes vehicle insurance. The company focuses on one vehicle insurance provider to meet their client’s needs. This is Belair which is part of the network for Sun Life and their referrals. Currently, the branch serving the Charlottetown area has no Google* reviews.

Aileen Matters – Co-Operators

Eileen is a representative for the cooperators. She serves the Charlottetown area. She is committed to bringing the best insurance rates. For those shopping for all types of insurance. This includes auto insurance. For those that are looking for a simple way to get to their insurance, this is an agent that they may want to work with. Currently, this agent does not have any reviews* on Google reviews.

HUB International

types of insurance

Hub has insurance advisors serving the Charlottetown area. These agents will be able to meet the needs when it comes to vehicle insurance. As well as other types of insurance. They will work swiftly to meet the needs of each of their clients. Currently, for this area, there are no Google* reviews.

*Data collected on the day of post publishing.

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