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Buses are one of the most difficult vehicles to maneuver on the road today. Due to this reason, the price for bus driver insurance is fairly steep. There is a substantial risk that you could hurt someone when you are driving a large vehicle. When you get into an accident in a large vehicle, it is highly likely that someone is going to be seriously injured. Usually, buses do not have the greatest seatbelts. The risk of death and/or injury is definitely higher on a bus than in a compact sedan. Your insurance coverage will have to be set up to ensure you can afford to pay for the personal injury of your passengers with your insurance policy.

Do Schools Supply Bus Drivers with Auto Insurance Coverage?

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Often times schools will supply bus drivers with auto insurance coverage. However, even when this occurs, you should definitely check to see what coverage you have. An accident involving a bus is probably going to cause substantial damage. When/if you were at fault for the accident occurring, you are going to be held liable for the injuries that occur. Depending on how many people you have on the bus, you might want to get more liability coverage. The more people you have on the bus, the higher the potential is of not having enough insurance coverage. Remember, you can always get your own policy for your own peace of mind.

Do You Have To Have a Certain License to Be Able to Drive a Bus?

In order to be able to drive a bus, you do have to get a certain license. To be able to get that license, you do have to pass a series of tests that prove you can drive a large vehicle. When you are planning to drive a bus for a school, you need a class B or E license. A class F license allows you to drive a non-school bus that has seating for up to 24 passengers. To be able to apply for any of these licenses, you have to have at least a G1 or an M1 license.

What Coverage Should I Get As a Bus Driver?

Usually, the most important type of insurance for bus drivers is liability insurance coverage. This is simply due to the large number of people who ride buses. No matter the vehicle that you drive, you’re always responsible for the well-being of your passengers. When you get into an accident, any injuries that occur to your passengers are going to go through your insurance policy. It is also important to realize that buses are worth a lot of money. You may want to get some kind of collision coverage for the value of the bus. Buses are not as durable as one might think. Substantial vehicle and personal damage can be done very quickly. You likely are not going to want to pay for that damage out-of-pocket.

How Do I Save On Insurance As a Bus Driver?

It is actually pretty difficult to save on insurance as a bus driver. However, there are a couple of things that you can do that will somewhat improve your premiums. First of all, make sure that you check to see if you can pay for your insurance policy upfront. Usually, you will get a better discount by paying for your insurance upfront. After that, try your best to keep your driving record clean and compare insurance through a variety of insurance providers. You may also want to see if there is some kind of a discount through the organization you are working for, for your bus insurance. Beyond this, you might be able to bundle or add other drivers to your insurance policy, which could lower your premium. However, there isn’t too much else you can do to save on insurance as a bus driver.

Is Medical Payments Insurance Coverage Important for a Bus Driver?

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In Canada, we have a free healthcare system. However, medical payments insurance coverage could be important depending on your job description. When you drive out of the province, you do lose some of your free medical insurance benefits. Due to this reason, if you’re driving out of the province, you should definitely make sure you have medical payments insurance coverage. This will make sure that all of the passengers of your vehicle will have coverage for their immediate medical expenses when an accident occurs. You would not want to travel to another province and get into an accident, only to be held liable for all of the medical expenses incurred. This is especially important when you’re carrying a whole bunch of passengers.

Should You Get Comprehensive Insurance Coverage for a Bus?


Comprehensive insurance basically covers a vehicle when damage occurs to it from something other than a vehicle. The problem is, you never really know when this is going to occur. Something could cause major damage to your bus at any time. If you are driving your bus all of the time, it is generally recommended to get comprehensive insurance coverage. You wouldn’t want to be without your bus as a result of an accident and have to pay for the repairs out-of-pocket. At least with comprehensive insurance, no matter how damage occurs to your bus, you should be able to repair it. Just make sure that you maintain your bus as much as possible. Insurance companies sometimes deny claims for a lack of maintenance and you don’t want that to happen.

To Conclude

Insurance for bus drivers usually is not very cheap. Bus drivers should have a substantial amount of liability coverage to cover the injuries of the passengers that they are carrying. The last thing that you want to do is get into an accident and not have enough money to cover the injuries of the people you are transporting. Even if you have insurance through your school, make sure that it is substantial enough for your own peace of mind. Always try your best to drive safely and not get speeding tickets. This will help keep your insurance premium lower and decrease your risk of getting into an accident.