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Bowmanville sits just outside the city of Toronto. There are a lot of people that live here and work in Toronto. Many rely on their vehicles to do this. It means they need the proper insurance. The brokers located here will assist with this.

James Insurance Broker


This is a brokerage firm that offers a good selection of a variety of insurance products. They have been working in Bowmanville since 1893.  Plus, they have a long history in the community here. They are well recognized and respected. For the individual service that they provide for each client of theirs. They enjoy finding the best deals on vehicle insurance. For those that require this type of insurance. They can rely on their many years of experience and expertise. This allows them to be able to shop effectively for each client. They work with a large selection of insurance providers. To give them the options they need that best fit their clients. On their Facebook page they have 12* followers at the present time. On Google reviews, they have two* reviews giving them a 5.* point star rating.

Petley-Hare Insurance Brokers

Those shopping for insurance want to be able to rely on the experts. Within this category is the insurance brokers. For Bowmanville, this particular brokerage firm has been serving the community since 1922. Their focus is on building strong relationships with their clients. They are involved in the community and are well recognized for this. Plus, they are a company that will work one-on-one with each client that they serve. Also, they will ask the right questions. To determine what type of insurance coverage the client needs. They will put the focus on quality coverage at reasonable prices. They work with some impressive insurance companies. Ones that give them the opportunity to shop effectively for their customers. This is a company that won the Brokerage of the Year award for 2017 as a finalist. Currently, the company has two* reviews on Google giving it a 3.* point star rating.

SureNet Insurance

Individuals shopping for vehicle insurance should know what their expectations are. They should decide to deal with a quality insurance brokerage. Those living in Bowmanville have several to choose from, and SureNet is one of these. They have been helping individuals with their insurance needs for over 27 years. It all comes down to personalized service. It is because vehicle insurance is a personalized product. Every individual has their own specific needs for this type of insurance. Insurance companies follow metrics to determine the premiums. The brokers can help with the proper presentation to their clients. To get them the best insurance package at the best prices. Currently, SureNet does not have any Google* reviews.


All-Risks is an insurance brokerage firm that is building its popularity. They have several outlets throughout many different regions. One of these is in the Bowmanville area where it was established during 2017. The company offers many different types of insurance packages including auto insurance. Those that need auto insurance want it in a quick and easy fashion. That’s what they can expect this company to deliver on. They realize that their clients need coverage quickly. But they also realize that they need the right coverage at an affordable price. This is what the brokers here will work towards. Their LinkedIn page currently shows 191* employees with 1045* followers. Their Facebook page indicates that they have 694* followers. Here they have 12* reviews with a 3.9* star rating. Currently, they do not have any reviews on Google* reviews.

Arnstowski Insurance Agency

For those that like to deal with a small company for insurance, they may want to turn to this State Farm agent. He serves the Bowmansville area. His mandate is to bring the most reasonable pricing to those looking for vehicle insurance. Also for other types of insurance. This is an agent that has been serving in the insurance industry for several years. His mandate is to provide 24-hour service. This means that when a claim requires attention this agent is going to be there. Currently, this agent does not have any reviews* on Google reviews.

The Co-Operators


Bowmansville insurance shoppers wshoppersant choices. When it comes to their insurance needs. They have options such as using insurance brokers or agents. Or they can deal directly with the insurance company themselves like the Co-Operators. This is a company that has many offices throughout the province. As such they have one located in Bowmansville. The Company offers a collection of different types of insurance packages. At this office, the agents will make sure that each client gets the proper coverage that they need. They believe in personalized service. Also, they are intent on getting the best prices when it comes to insurance premiums. They will focus on the discounts that apply to each customer. Currently, this office has no Google* reviews.

Trevet Insurance

Trevet insurance is a company that is dedicated to supporting State Farm insurance. They provide this service to the Bowmanville area. State Farm has a full collection of insurance products. Among these is auto insurance. This agent has been working with State Farms since 2001. His mandate is to treat each client with respect and as an individual. Vehicle insurance is a personalized form of insurance. The premiums will depend on the information that the customer provides. This agent will work closely with the client to get them the best coverage according to their needs. He will also focus on the affordability.

Roughly Insurance

Roughly insurance has a lot of reasons they offer to Bowmanville clients as to why they should use them. They focus on the fact that they are locally situated. This means that there is easy access to this company. They also are heavily involved in their community. They believe in giving back to those that support them. The company offers a selection of insurance products. Among these is car insurance. They will work with some of the leading insurance companies. To bring the best products to their clients. No longer does vehicle insurance shopping have to be difficult. At least not when one is using an insurance broker such as this. At present at the Company have 38* reviews on Google reviews giving them a 4.3* star rating.


joined force

There are a lot of brokerage firms that have decided to join the BrokerLink network. W.O. insurance in the Bowmanville area is a company that has decided to do this. The BrokerLink office is located in Curtis which is close to Bowmanville. These companies joined forces in 2017. They still stand behind their quality service. They now feel they have a better advantage to serve their clients better. Their mandate is to provide affordable insurance that offers comprehensive coverage. Vehicle insurance shoppers rely heavily on this type of attention.

*Data collected on the day of post publishing.

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