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Bolton Caledon Ontario

Bolton is a highly populated city in the region of Caledon. The drivers here are intent on buying quality insurance products at affordable prices. They will seek out experienced insurance brokers in their area to get the best vehicle insurance rates.

Able Insurance Brokers

auto insurance

Many people don’t realize vehicle insurance is a specialized product. They throw it under the umbrella of insurance. Here at Able insurance brokers, they do realize that this is a personalized type of insurance. So they class it as that. They carry a full range of auto insurance packages. Also, they will carefully go over these with every client. They work diligently on trying to get the best discounts for those that qualify. Also, they have indicated that they may be able to save up to 60% on the premiums. Plus, they work with top quality insurance providers such as Intact insurance. Intact is well known for the calibre of products that they offer for insurance shoppers.

Isure Insurance

Isure insurance indicates that they can get the best auto insurance rates for those in Ontario.  They cater to standard buyers for vehicle insurance. Also, those at that have a high-risk need. There are individuals that fit into this category. Some have run into difficulty getting insurance. It could be because of a poor driving record or some other reason. No matter what it may be this insurance company will work hard. At getting them the insurance, they need at a price that they can afford. The LinkedIn page for this company has 23* employees with 290* followers. Their Facebook page indicates that they have 24,225* followers. They have a 4.8* star rating on their Facebook page. They have 90* for reviews on Google reviews giving them a 4.7* star rating.

St. Andews Insurance

St. Andrews is dedicated to offering all types of complete insurance packages. Those of different categories. Included is the auto insurance. They consider themselves to be Ontario auto insurance experts. Insurance in Ontario for drivers can be confusing, and it can be expensive. Having a brokerage firm that can take all the confusion out of this product is refreshing. They believe that they have the responsibility to be a representative for the client. As such not only will they strive to get good discounts but they will be there in the event of a claim.

This gives insurance shoppers the confidence they need. In knowing that if they are in need to fall back on their insurance, there is someone there to support them. On the company’s Facebook page they have 2539* followers they have a 4.4* star rating here. On Google, they have 27* reviews giving them a 4.* point star rating.

Signature Insurance

Signature is an insurance brokerage firm that wants to make buying insurance easy. One can either do this through their website or by directly dealing with the company itself. They have taken the time to seek out the best insurance providers that service Canada. This way they can be diligent in their choices for the best insurance as it pertains to each driver. Every driver has an individual need when it comes to insurance. Good insurance brokers realize this. It means they must take the extra time to shop carefully for their clients. But that’s what their business is all about. Currently, this company has 13* reviews on Google reviews giving it a 4.1* star rating.

All Risks Insurance

Many have come across the All Risks insurance brokers. This is a network of brokers that are comprised of over 200* brokers. All of them have come together to serve insurance needs. They have more than 60* locations spread out across Ontario. One of these is prepared to serve the Bolton area. These brokers are intent on getting the best prices for their vehicle insurance shoppers. They realize that they need to work quickly as drivers want to get on the road with confidence. They are experienced enough to know how to shop for the best insurance rates. For each client that they deal with.

Think Insure


Think Insure is in tune with the needs of insurance shoppers. When it comes to auto insurance, shoppers have a specific set of requirements. They want a broker that they feel comfortable talking with. They want one that they can ask questions of. Also, they are looking for a broker that is going to care. Ones that care about the amount of money they can save the insured auto driver. Think insure is one of those companies that can meet all of these needs.

They have made sure that they deal with prominent insurance providers. To give them the flexibility in finding the best rates for their clients. On their Facebook page, this company has 137* followers they have a 4.4* star rating based on 13 reviews. They have 104 reviews on Google giving them a 4.5 star rating. They are located outside of the Bolton area. The company is situated in Markham. But they provide a full line of insurance services for those in the Bolton area.

For the insurance needs in Bolton, there are many different agents. Quality ones that have decided to represent a chosen insurance provider.


State Farm is an insurance provider that carries a full line of insurance products. They are seen in many different locations throughout the different provinces. In Ontario, they have a strong presence. This also includes the Bolton area. There are different insurance agents who have chosen to represent this insurance Company.

John Brown Insurance

John Brown is a representative for the Bolton area. Supporting the State Farm insurance packages. He is well versed in all types of insurance at that this provider has. Including the auto insurance. He is there to answer any and all questions that his clients have. Also, he strives to make them feel comfortable in confidence in the choices they make. This agent has three* Google reviews giving him a 5.* point star rating.

J H Glenn Insurance

John Glenn is also another agent that has chosen to set up his insurance business in Bolton. He has chosen State Farm as the company that he wishes to represent. He has done this because he believes in the comprehensive packages they offer. The ones that this insurance provider offers. He has been affiliated with State Farm since 1998, and he knows the company well. He believes that he can trust what this company offers as he represents his clients. This agent has two* reviews on Google reviews giving it a 5.* point star rating

Jennifer Beasley Insurance Agency

customer service

Jennifer is an insurance agency representing the Co-Operator’s insurance. She is fully experienced in the provision of insurance products. This includes auto insurance. She is most pleased to be able to serve though shopping for this insurance in the Bolton area. Co-Operators are well recognized for their high standards. Along with their excellent customer service when it comes to insurance products.

*Data collected on the day of post publishing.

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