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This is a region that makes up part of the suburbs of Montreal. The drivers here must be intent on shopping for good insurance coverage. For the residents of Beloeil, there are several brokerages and agencies in the area to assist them. There is also an opportunity to deal with brokers online who are outside of this region. But do provide their services online or via telephone.



This is a company that offers a wide range of insurance packages. They have a personal insurance department. One that deals with the auto insurance that is required. Within this coverage, it includes personal vehicles. As well as other types of vehicles including recreational. The company will deal with each client on an individual basis. They will ask a series of questions that will give them the answers to the type of insurance needed. The company will also zero in on what potential discounts may be available for the drivers. All of this attention means getting quality insurance at the best prices. The company’s LinkedIn page shows they have 41* employees with 217* followers. On Google reviews, they have six reviews giving them a 2.8* star rating.

Promutuel Insurance-Beloeil

Shopping for vehicle insurance should not be time-consuming. Neither should it be overwhelming. When one wants a quick and easy answer for this product, they can turn to Promutuel insurance. Among the insurance offerings that they carry is auto insurance. They also include coverage for other types of vehicles. Like RVs, for example. This is a company that focuses on what savings they can get for their clients. They make it a point to list the potential discounts that may be available. The company’s LinkedIn page shows that they have 1006* employees. Here they also list the 6116* followers. For Google reviews, they have received three reviews giving them a 4.7* star rating.

Promutuel Insurance -Saint Marc-Sur-Richelieu

This is another office of Promutuel that is in the vicinity of Beloeil. For those who want to deal online from Beloeil they have the option to do so through this office. For this particular branch, the company currently has no reviews on Google* Reviews.

Masse Insurance

This firm has partnered up with some of the leading insurance providers in Canada. It means those shopping for any insurance are going to have viable options to do so. Clients will be able to take advantage of the many different discounts. Those that, each of these providers may be able to offer. This broker insurance agency will choose from the best partner. Ones that apply to the specific needs of their clients. Masse insurance takes on the responsibility of being a dedicated representative. They do this for every client that obtains their insurance through them. Currently, this company has no Google* reviews.

Chapdelaine Insurance


This is an agency that is focused on educating those interested in insurance. They offer comprehensive packages for insurance for vehicles. They are always anxious to answer any questions that potential clients may have. Once a client has signed up with this company dedication becomes that the priority. The company’s LinkedIn page shows they have 25* employees and 106* followers. For Facebook page shows they have 552* followers. They currently have 4. * reviews on Google reviews giving them a 4.* point star rating.

IA Insurance

Shopping for vehicle insurance has never been easier. At least not when one is using IA for their needs. This company is committed to each client they serve. When it comes to vehicle insurance, they will work hard at meeting each client’s needs. Insurance like this is a personalized product. This firm realizes this and develops individual insurance packages as needed. The Company has 3* Google reviews giving it a 3.* rating.

Rolland Gagne

Another quality insurance brokerage company. One that is ready, willing and able to provide insurance products. The company offers a good range of insurance products. For those in need of vehicle insurance, this is a one-stop location. The experts here will gladly assist in the vehicle insurance needs. Each client is catered to individually. The focus will be on getting comprehensive coverage. Affordable rates are also the focus of this brokerage company. They have teamed up with a good selection of quality insurance providers. Their LinkedIn page shows they have 340* connections. Their Facebook page currently shows 3* followers. The company has 1* review on Google reviews giving them a 5* rating.

Sun Life Financial

There are some individuals that prefer to deal directly with the Insurance Company. This is entirely possible. Sun Life will hook up their clients with advisors that service their area. This is an insurance company that provides a full roster of insurance packages. Among these in car insurance. They will offer comparable rates with the opportunity to capitalize on potential discounts. Currently this branch does not have any reviews* on Google.


Those who want to shop for insurance online there is the ability to do so. This company serves those who live in the Beloeil area. They offer many different types of insurance. One of particular importance to many is vehicle insurance. This is a company that offers a full range of auto insurance packages. They take the guesswork out of this type of insurance planning. Drivers in Quebec want to be able to have choices in their insurance packages. This is a company that can offer this. They have been providing this type of personalized service for many years.


deal online

This is another brokerage firm that those living in Beloeil can take advantage of. If they don’t need to visit the office in person. They can deal online with this company. As this is a company that knows what insurance shoppers in Beloeil need and want. All of the questions about this type of insurance will be answered by the experts here. The company has been in the business since 1915. They serve the province of Quebec through many different locations.

*Data collected on the day of post publishing.

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