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Belleville Ontario

Belleville is a bustling city in Ontario where drivers are always on the go. They are faced with all types of driving conditions. The drivers here are in need of quick and easy access to vehicle insurance. There are plenty of vehicle insurance brokers to assist them with this.

Allstate Insurance

This insurance provider has an agent located in Belleville. This makes it easy for insurance shoppers who want to deal with this Insurance company. They can get the personalized attention that they need. This applies to both vehicle insurance as well as other types of insurance. The agent serving here will help to customize the vehicle insurance policy for each client. This will include all the possible discounts that pertain to them. Having an agent to rely on takes the guesswork out of vehicle insurance. For the Belleville office, they currently have 2* reviews on Google.

McDougall Insurance

young driver

McDougall claims to be the largest insurance brokerage firm serving Eastern Ontario. They offer a full lineup of insurance products. The company is proud of the insurance packages they bring to the Belleville drivers. They realize the drivers here all have different insurance needs.  Plus, they are here to assist young drivers to get affordable insurance. The professionals here place a lot of emphasis on being able to get the best discounts. According to each drivers eligibility. They also cater to classic car insurance. The company has been in business for 70* years. They have many different branches for client convenience. Their LinkedIn page indicates they have 128* employees. Their Belleville office has 396* followers here on LinkedIn. On Facebook, they have 5,738* followers. This gives them a 4.7* rating. They have 35* reviews on Google reviews. It gives them a 4.5* rating.

MacKay Insurance

This is a company that has more than 165* years of brokerage experience based on their staff. They are proud of their client base of over 5000* clients. They currently have a staff of 14* full-time employees. Also, they specialize in a variety of different insurance packages. They will also assist those who are considered to be high-risk clients. The company is involved in the community. Their mandate is to provide personalized services that insurance clients need and want. For 40* years, they have been providing their services to those in the Belleville area. As a family operated company, they insist on providing value. They have 8,626* followers on Facebook. This has given them a 4.7* rating. At the moment they have one* review on Google reviews. Giving them a 4.* rating.

Newman Insurance

Newman has several locations where they serve the insurance needs of their clients. One of these offices is located in Belleville. This Insurance broker offers all types of insurance packages. They offer a full line of vehicle insurance products. It includes ATVs and RVs as well. They are pleased with the full insurance services they provide. Their LinkedIn page indicates they have 46* employees on staff. They have 9,294* followers on Facebook. Which has given them a 4.8* rating. On Google reviews, they have 6* reviews that has created a 3.* rating.

Burr Insurance


For those in the Belleville area wanting vehicle insurance, they can check out Burr. They have been serving this community since 1928. They work with a collection of top quality insurance companies. It means that they can be selective when insurance shopping for clients. They are also a company that relies on the leading technology. That which applies to this industry. For their vehicle insurance clients, they work hard to identify their needs. Then they change their focus to getting them the best discounts possible. It means their clients are getting the best coverage at the best rates. Currently* the company has one review on Google reviews. It has given them a 5.* rating.

Allen Insurance

This is a company that dates back to 1903. It was then a family business and still is today. They stand on the premise that customer service is the foundation of the business. The company enjoys taking part in the community. By donating both time and money to local events. They take pride in offering individualized attention to each client. Among the insurance products they offer is vehicle insurance. Allen Insurance likes to keep their customers educated. About the type of insurance they need. This way it is easy for them to make decisions. Plus, they like to take advantage of what discounts are available. On a personal level for their insurance shoppers. Their LinkedIn page shows they have 18* employees on staff.Here they have 46* followers. On their Facebook page, they have 362* followers. As of yet* they have no reviews on Google reviews.

Whitley Insurance

Whitley Insurance is well known in their community. They participate in many worthy causes. Plus, they are supportive of a variety of organizations. For their clients, they offer a full roster of insurance products. For their vehicle insurance clients, they make sure they are aware of what is available to them. The broker will go through their options carefully. Making sure that any potential discounts are realized. Whitley Insurance has chosen a selection of insurance partners. To be able to utilize them in the best interests of their clients.The company has 2* Google reviews giving a 5.* rating.


Fledderus is part of the SurNet Insurance Group. Part of their insurance offerings is vehicle insurance. Customers needing this type of insurance can expect this company to meet their needs. The company has over 20* years experience in the insurance industry. Currently, they have 1* Google review giving them a 5.* rating.

Insurance Protect


This brokerage firm makes it very clear that they work for their clients. Not the Insurance companies that they represent. The company has chosen to work with some highly established insurance providers. It allows the broker to work with the insurance provider best suited for each client. Some insurance shoppers have difficulty in getting insurance. This brokerage firm will be pleased to work with them to find an affordable solution. Plus, they will go to task to find the best discounts as they apply to each insured. The Companies LinkedIn page shows they have 23* employees on staff. On their Facebook page, they have 90* followers. They currently* do not have any reviews on Google.

Mark Wilson

Mark is the agent that represents State Farm insurance for the Belleville area. The clients he serves for insurance needs include those who need vehicle insurance. Mark links to the Aurora State Farm page which shows 52* employees. The Facebook page is the main page for Statefarm for Canada. It shows 29,427* followers. Mark has 2* Google reviews giving him a 5.* rating.

*Data collected on the day of post publishing.

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