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Airdrie Alberta

Airdrie is a bustling city located in the Calgary region. Many of the drivers here need assistance with their vehicle insurance shopping. It is not a problem as there are several insurance brokers available to assist them.

Andrew Agencies


Andrew agencies have several offices throughout Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. One office is located here in Airdrie. This is an agency that has been around since 1913. They represent the Wawanesa insurance company. They provide a comprehensive package of vehicle insurance products. They also will help those that are looking for classic car insurance. They have 125+ professionals to assist their clients. Throughout 19 locations. These are located in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. Buying auto insurance can be stressful. But Andrew agencies have taken the stress out of this type of shopping. Currently, on Google, this office has two* reviews giving it a 4.5* star rating.

Anita lp

Anita is the agent for this area that represents State Farm insurance. She will work closely with her clients. To make sure that they are getting the insurance they need according to their specific needs. Buying vehicle insurance is a personal type of shopping. Every driver has their own specific needs. Based on this it is critically important that they know what their insurance options are. State Farm has some beneficial discounts in place. For the drivers that qualify for them. Anita will make sure that these are applied as appropriate. Currently, on Google, this agency has 64* reviews. This has given her a 4.9* star rating.


BrokerLink is a group of brokers. Ones that have come together to meet the insurance needs of insurance shoppers. They have an office located in Airdrie. They offer a full line of insurance products. Clients looking for vehicle insurance will be attended to by experienced professionals. These are Insurance agents who specialize in this type of insurance. The company will be diligent in shopping around for the best insurance package. Based on each client. They will make sure that competitive rates are being offered. They will also inform the client of what potential discounts may be available to them. The professional looking after the vehicle insurance needs will ask several questions. To make sure that the best insurance packages being developed. On the main page for BrokerLink on LinkedIn, they show 930* employees. They also show that they have 2,979* followers. On the company’s main page for Facebook, they have 20,085* followers. For the Airdrie office, they have 4* reviews on Google giving them a 3.5* rating.


Parklane is a small independent brokerage company. They have built their reputation and their business on quality customer service. Each client is treated as an individual. Based on this they have individual insurance needs. The company offers a full selection of insurance packages. Included in this is auto insurance as well as commercial auto. For the personal auto insurance, there is also coverage for motorcycles. Along with other types of recreational vehicles. The company believes that their service is ongoing. Even after the insurance has been bought. They are always available to answer any questions. Or deal with any concerns that their clients may have. At present, the company has one* review on Google reviews giving it a 5.* Rating.

Andrew Agencies

Andrew agency has been meeting the needs of insurance shoppers since 1913. They are a large collection of professionals. Ones that work out of 17* different locations throughout Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. They currently employ over 125* staff members. Their mandate is to bring the best insurance packages to their clients. The main page for this company on Facebook shows they have 391* followers. For this particular office, they have two* reviews giving them a 4.5* star rating.

Family First

Family First

Family first is taking the approach to providing insurance just as their name applies Family First. It is because they know that insurance affects the entire family. The company offers a variety of insurance products including vehicle insurance. They try to keep the process of buying insurance as simple as possible. They will work closely with their clients to identify their insurance needs. Once this is done, they will compile an insurance package that is affordable. Without compromising on the protection that this type of insurance provides. Currently on Google reviews the company has nine* reviews giving them a 4.9 *star rating.

Air Alta Insurance

This is an insurance brokerage firm that has been serving the Airdrie area since 1963. They take great pleasure in knowing that they have played an important role in the lives of their clients. When it comes to their insurance requirements. The company offers a full range of insurance products including vehicle insurance. They realize that this is a personalized product. The Company will take the time to talk with every client to determine what their specific needs are. They have partnered up with a select group of top quality insurance providers. This allows them to be able to shop carefully for the right insurance for each person. Plus, also get them the discounts that are going to help save them money. Currently on Google reviews that they have 12* reviews giving them a 3.7* star rating.

Platinum Insurance

Platinum insurance is one of those companies that realize that they need to listen to what their client’s requirements are. They offer a full line of insurance products. For those that are shopping for vehicle insurance, they can count on this company meeting their needs. The company is heavily involved in their local communities. As they feel that this is a way of showing their appreciation to their clients. For those that are looking for classic car insurance, Platinum insurance will be able to help them. The company has teamed up with a lot of top quality insurance companies. This allows them to have different choices. When it comes to meeting the personal needs for insurance of their clients. On their Facebook page, they have 45* followers.


Individuals shopping for car insurance know it is going to be time-consuming. Many also realize that they have to shop carefully for this type of insurance product. A company that can greatly assist them with this is A-Win insurance. They are devoted to getting the best insurance deals for each customer based on their needs. They will work closely with them. By asking a series of questions. Ones that will allow them to choose the insurance best suited for them. They are a brokerage firm that started their business in 2001. Plus, they have built on the foundation of offering impeccable customer service. Also, they have grown quickly. With now having over 35* offices throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Currently, for Google reviews, they have 21* reviews that have been posted giving them a 4.4* star rating.

Kensington Insurance

saving money

Kensington insurance is all about saving money for their clients. They offer a variety of different types of insurance packages. Many of their clients have come to them seeking out vehicle insurance. Clients are pleased with the comprehensive packages the company has provided them. Also, they have been able to take advantage of insurance discounts. Ones to help reduce the cost of their premiums. Currently, this company has six* reviews on Google reviews giving a 2.8* star rating.

*Data collected on the day of post publishing.

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