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2-Door Car

Car insurance is a must-have for motorists who own the vehicles they’re driving. Automobile insurance helps to protect drivers in the case that theft or accidents occur.

Without it, motorists will be paying out of pocket for all of the expenses that occur in any event. By paying for this type of coverage, drivers can rest easy knowing they’re safeguarded.

When it comes to insurance, rates are different for everyone. The rates a driver receives depends on all kinds of different factors.

Things like the driver’s experience, the city, the insurer and more all add up to different quotes for everyone. For those who are seeking lower rates, there are lots of things to consider to keep rates low.

Are 2-door cars costlier?

One of the factors that many people wonder about, is whether insurance is higher for a 2-door car. It is a common assumption that 2-door cars cost more both in purchase price and for insurance, compared to 4-door vehicles.

In general, it is true that 2-door cars tend to have higher insurance rates. This is because they are commonly referred to as sports cars, while 4-door cars are classified as family vehicles.

Aside from this, the parts to make the 2-door are more expensive. Additionally, these cars are also more commonly associated with speeding tickets and greater risks. Because of the higher risk factor associated with 2-doors, insurance companies are more careful to quote them.

Comparing Makes and Models

While the common trend is that insurance is higher for a 2-door car, this isn’t always the case. In fact, some 4-doors are more expensive than their 2-door counterparts.

If we’re comparing cars of the same make and model, then the 2-door car is usually more expensive. However, if we are comparing different makes and models, the 4-door car has the potential to be more expensive.

For example, there is both a Honda Accord EX Coupe and a Honda Accord EX 4 door sedan. When comparing the prices of each, the results differ between insurance companies.

Surprisingly, one company gave a higher insurance rate for the 4-door, costing $36 more annually. In contrast, another company quoted the 2-door higher, costing an extra $28.36 more per year.

It is clear that while 2-door cars seem to send up more red flags, they don’t always cost more.

Ways to Lower Insurance  

 For drivers who enjoy a 2-door car more than a 4-door, there are lots of options. Insurance in Ontario might be lower for these models, based on a few factors:

  • Added features: Nowadays, cars come with all kinds of upgrading options. Drivers who invest in additional safety features may benefit from them in terms of insurance rates. It is suggested that motorists inform their insurance company of these types of upgrades.
  • Manufacturer: If a car is from a foreign manufacturer, then it will be harder to get parts for it. This can attribute to higher insurance rates in Ontario.
  • Winter tires: Those who switch their tires in the cold and warm months are subject to lower rates. By practicing diligence and switching them each year, this can help to lower insurance rates in Ontario.
  • Size of the engine: Larger engines tend to add to insurance bills. Drivers who can settle for a smaller engine may find their rates drop quite a bit.
  • Driver’s history: Even if a driver has owned a 2-door in the past, having a good history can help with insurance rates. Practicing good driving skills now can help in the long-run when it comes time to buy that dream car.

Most Expensive Cars to Insure

Motorists who are looking for a new car might want to consider the most expensive cars to insure. By avoiding the most expensive culprits, it’s easy to start somewhere more manageable.

The following list includes the 10 most expensive cars to insure in 2017. Only the Maserati Quattroporte GTS and the Mercedes Maybach S600 are 4-doors designs.

  1. Mercedes AMG S65 Convertible
  2. Dodge Viper GTS
  3. Mercedes AMG S63 Convertible
  4. Maserati Quattroporte GTS
  5. Mercedes S550 Convertible
  6. Mercedes AMG C43 Convertible
  7. Mercedes Maybach S600
  8. Mercedes AMG SL65
  9. Nissan GT-R NISMO
  10. Audi R8 V10

Common Characteristics

There are some characteristics of cars that make them more expensive to insure. Motorists might consider avoiding some of these characteristics to help lower their rates:

  • Sports and luxury cars: These types of cars often have 2-door designs, as well as other features that make them a higher risk.
  • Convertibles: Drivers who are seeking cheap insurance might avoid this kind of feature if they have a winter season. These cars can’t perform as well in cold conditions, but they’ll still cost just as much.
  • Imports: The most expensive vehicles to ensure include cars from foreign manufacturers.

These include Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Porsche.

One other characteristic that can raise insurance rates, is the likelihood of theft. Nice cars are attractive to thieves, but so are cars that are profitable or easy to steal.

The most stolen new and used cars include a large range of makes and models. Some are sold, others are taken to “chop shops” since their separated parts sell higher than the car itself.

What to do next

Motorists looking for affordable auto insurance only need to do their research. Regardless of the car, there are lots of options when it comes to insurers and discounts.

Those who have a 2-door can still find an affordable insurance rate. The best things to do would be to compare rates, have a clear record, and consider additional safety features.


For those who are wondering ‘Is insurance higher for a 2-door car in Ontario?’, the answer is ‘Sometimes’. While it is certainly a common trend, there are lots of ways to reduce rates.

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