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Which Volkswagen Model is Cheapest to Insure

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Facts about Volkswagen:


  • Volkswagen is an automobile manufacturer that is based out of Germany
  • The company was founded on May 28th in 1937
  • The company was the largest automaker in sales in 2016
  • Volkswagen makes all kinds of vehicles and in all kinds of sizes, which is partially why they are so popular
  • Volkswagen produced over 6 million cars in 2016 and they have over 600, 000 employees

 Buying a Volkswagen:


One of the great things about buying a Volkswagen is that you are getting one of the most reliable vehicles on the road. The engines in these cars are capable of lasting longer than almost any other type of car on the market, which is partially why you will see so many Volkswagen cars while you drive around. There are all sorts of different models that you can buy, each of which serves various purposes. Here is a general overview:

The cheapest Volkswagen car that you can pick up is a Jetta. The base model MSRP of this car is lower than most average cars on the market, which is why it is so popular. Another very popular car is a hatchback Golf. These cars have a base model MSRP that is a little higher than that of a Jetta, but you do get much more trunk room and a car that looks completely different than a sedan. If you want an old-school Volkswagen, you can also pick up a beetle or a Beetle convertible if that is something you are interested in.

A moderate budget for a Volkswagen will also open up some very good options for you. You will be able to pick up a Golf GTI, A Jetta GLI, or a Volkswagen Passat. These GLI versions of the Golf and the Jetta allow for a ton of speed and are a much-desired car among the younger generation. If you are looking for a more professional-looking vehicle, the Volkswagen Passat was made for you. This car will allow you to have a ton of storage space and lots of room for your passengers and other business equipment that you need to bring with you.

A budget at the top end of things as far as Volkswagen cars go can get you quite a lot as well. The Golf R is extremely fast and fun to drive. You could also go for something like the E-Golf, which is electric and will save you a bunch of money at the gas pump. Generally, the more expensive Volkswagens are faster vehicles with larger engines in them. Although you may spend more at the pump, you will likely have more fun driving these cars around.

 Pros of Volkswagen Cars:

  • One of the most durable engine designs on the market
  • The baseline model Volkswagens have some very low MSRP’s which makes them affordable to the average person
  • The interiors of Volkswagen’s aren’t extremely luxurious, but you can get extra packages with your car to improve the interior if you desire
  • The option for a faster engine is there and for a very reasonable price tag compared to some other companies

Cons of Volkswagen Cars:

  • Volkswagen emissions scandal has turned some people off of the company and their products
  • Repairs on these cars can definitely be a little bit expensive

List of All Volkswagen Models in Canada

CabrioletGolf IIIKarmann GhiaTiguan
CaddyGOLF IIIIPassatTouareg
CCGolf RPASSAT CCTouareg 2
CorradoGolf SportWagenPassat WagonType 2
E-GolfGolf SportwagonPhaetonType 3
EosGolf WagonR32Unspecified
Golf AlltrackJetta IIIScirocco
Golf GTIJetta WagonThe Thing

Volkswagen and Auto Theft:


One thing that you will find with regards to a Volkswagen is that you do definitely risk auto theft. Although these aren’t the most luxurious cars on the road, these cars are relatively expensive to repair and due to the large amount of them on the road, there is always a large demand for parts. It is relatively easy to sell Volkswagen parts on the black market, which is why you should make sure you have coverage. Comprehensive coverage can save you from having to pay out thousands of dollars for a new car. You cannot predict if and when your car will be stolen, but this is one thing that you can do to protect yourself.

Volkswagen and Your Safety:

Safety is one thing that you should always keep in mind when you are buying a new vehicle. Luckily, Volkswagen is one of the best brands in terms of safety available on the market. There is a reason that these cars are so popular. They are made with quality material that can stand up to impact and they also have safety features that will help to reduce the chances of you getting into an accident in the first place. Here is a breakdown of the safety features that you will find built into Volkswagen cars:

Dynamic Cornering Light System:

The headlights on Volkswagen vehicles are designed to turn when you turn around a corner. This is extremely beneficial in terms of your safety. This lighting system will allow you to get a look at all of the things in front of you on the road before you turn onto it. Definitely an improvement on traditional headlights.

Brake Assist System:

All Volkswagen’s are equipped with ABS brakes allowing you to be able to stop in an instant if you need to. Volkswagen has hydraulic brakes that work together with ABS in order to stop you as fast as possible no matter the situation.


One thing that you will love about Volkswagen cars is that they are all designed with an intelligent crash response system. These cars deploy the airbags and unlock the doors, disable the fuel pump to help prevent fire and they even turn on your hazard lights. Although cars are not yet capable of preventing all accidents from occurring, at least you can have some peace of mind knowing your car has your back.

Safety Ratings for a Volkswagen:

One of the best ways to determine if a car is safe is to look at is how its cars did when the company crash-tested it. To give you an idea as to how safe these cars are, we have rounded up the most popular models and their results during crash tests so that you can see how they did in comparison to one another:

ModelSmall Overlap FrontModerate Overlap FrontSideRoof StrengthHead Restraints and SeatsFront Crash Prevention

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