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Which Smart Model is Cheapest to Insure:

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Facts about Smart Cars:

  • Smart Automotive is a German Automotive Division
  • Smart was founded in 1994
  • They produced 1.4 million cars in 2015, which is quite impressive
  • Assembly plants are located in France
  • Mercedes-Benz is the parent company of Smart Automotive

Buying a Smart Car:

smart car

The great thing about buying a small car like a smart car is that it is great on gas and it is super easy to park. These cars are capable of being able to fit into very small parking spots and although they may not have a ton of power to them, they do have some pretty nice interiors, which you will surely like when driving one of these cars. Now that you know a bit about why you might want one, let’s get into the latest model that is available:

The Smart Fortwo model is the newest Smart Car available. This model has a pretty low MSRP and you can get this car in gasoline or an electric option if you desire. This car comes in a manual or an automatic transmission and it is a two-seater vehicle. You may not have a ton of storage or horsepower with one of these cars, but they certainly do have a unique look to them and a very generous 80,000 km or 4-year warranty.

Pros of Smart Car Cars:

  • These cars are very fuel-efficient
  • Parts for these cars are relatively affordable
  • You get a very nice warranty for purchasing one of these cars
  • Available in an automatic or a manual transmission

Cons of Smart Car Cars:

  • These cars do not have a ton of horsepower
  • You cannot fit a ton of passengers in this vehicle since it is only a two-seater
  • The car is RWD, which some people won’t like especially if you live somewhere with bad winter conditions
  • Not a lot of storage room

Smart Car and Auto Theft:

smart car

If you do buy a smart car, you are going to, unfortunately, have to worry about theft. These cars are relatively popular and due to the small size of the cars and the small size of parts, they are relatively easy to hide and get rid of on the black market. Back in 2013 Smart Cars were the most stolen cars in France. If you want to protect yourself from theft, make sure that you lock your doors on your car and lock the door in your garage if you have one. Even with locks, your car can still be stolen, which is important to keep in mind. The best way to protect yourself from theft isn’t by having a ton of anti-theft systems, it is by having comprehensive coverage for your vehicle for theft, break in’s and accident damage. Protect your investment and it will give you peace of mind. A stolen car is worth nothing if you don’t have insurance for it and it cannot be found.

Smart Car and Your Safety:

smart car

One thing that you need to know about Smart cars is that they aren’t exactly the safest vehicles to drive on the road. Something that is this small of a size going up against a larger vehicle, it is quite obvious which vehicle is going to end up having more damage done. However, this does not mean that Smart Automotive did not incorporate some things into this car to keep you as safe as possible. Here is a breakdown of some of the safety features in these cars:

Air Bags:

Since this is such a small car, you are going to want to have as many things as possible slowing down an impact on your vehicle. It is for this reason that Smart Automotive loaded a ton of airbags into smart cars in order to make them as safe as possible. Smart Cars are equipped with a driver airbag a passenger airbag with an off/ on switch as well as a ton of other airbags such as a rear airbag, side head airbag, rear head airbag, a rear body airbag as well as a side airbag. All of these airbags together will help to provide you with the maximum amount of protection in the case of an accident, which is great for peace of mind.


One of the best ways to protect yourself on the road is to be aware of what is around you. The nice thing about a smart car is that there are lane departure warnings built into the vehicle that will let you know when you are drifting into the opposite lane. The mirrors on a smart car also have lights on them, which indicate which direction you are turning. This will help to keep other cars more aware of the direction that you are going on the road and will definitely help to decrease the chance of you having an accident.


If you want to stop at a very fast rate of speed then ABS is extremely important to have. Not all vehicles have ABS braking on all four of the tires, but Smart Car manufacturers want you to be able to stop as fast as possible. This car has ABS on all four tires and uses the front disc and rear drum brakes in order to stop you as fast as possible.

Safety Ratings for a Smart Car:

If you are still questioning whether or not a smart car is safe enough for you to drive, you may want to have a look to see how the Smart Car did in a crash test. This is a great way to tell how the different safety features incorporated into the car work as well as to see how well the actual body of the car holds up during an accident to different areas of the vehicle. Here is a chart based on the IIHS crash testing the car and how that turned out:



ModelModerate Overlap FrontSideFront Crash Prevention
Smart FortwoGoodGoodBasic


About the Author: Ashley Miller

Ashley is an insurance content professional and very knowledgeable on all related subjects. Ashley has over 12 years of insurance content writing experience working with various insurance companies throughout her career.