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Which Mercury Model is Cheapest to Insure:

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Facts about Mercury:

  • Mercury was a division of Ford Motor Company
  • The company had low priced entry-level vehicles throughout its existence
  • Mercury was founded in 1938
  • The company was defunct on January 4th, 2011
  • Ford decided to cancel Mercury in order to continue and focus production on its other two brands (Ford and Lincoln)
  • Mercury is still a Ford Trademark up until at least 2025, which means that Ford could decide to produce more Mercury vehicles in the future if they desired to

Buying a Mercury:


Although you may not be able to find a brand new Mercury available for sale, you could buy a used Mercury. These cars were plentiful back in the day and there are still lots of them on the road as a result of them being manufactured up until 2010. The company had a fairly large lineup of vehicles back in the day, but as time passes it will be harder and harder to find Mercury vehicles since they are no longer manufactured. The best way to pick yourself up a Mercury vehicle is to either visit your local car lot or look online to see if you can find any used ones for sale.

Pros of Mercury cars:

  • These cars were made by Ford, which means that they were reliable
  • The company’s cars were low priced, which means that parts for these cars were cheap at the time
  • Affordable vehicles and becoming rarer, which could potentially increase value long-term
  • These cars were and are relatively easy to work on due to their simple designs and low price
  • This was an American automotive manufacturer
  • These cars won’t be too behind in terms of safety technology if you buy a recent model, which is good
  • If you choose to get a Mercury SUV, these vehicles have a lot of storage room and a pretty nice looking exterior
  • You could get Mercury’s with things like a sunroof and other nice features, which you can find in used models on the market today

Cons of Mercury Cars:

  • These cars are no longer produced, which means parts are harder to find
  • Mercury is considered a relatively low-end brand
  • There are technically no Mercury dealerships or anything to ask questions at if you have any
  • These cars don’t have the most beautiful interiors in them

Mercury and Auto Theft:


If you own a Mercury, you likely don’t have to worry quite as much about auto theft as you would if you bought a brand new vehicle. Mercury’s are worth less than they used to be as a result of having higher KM on them and being older models. However, if you have a relatively new Mercury or one that is in good shape that you paid a good chunk of money, you are definitely going to want to consider getting comprehensive coverage for your vehicle. The nice thing about getting comprehensive insurance on a Mercury is that the value of the car is lower so insurance is going to cost you less money, which is ideal.

Mercury and Your Safety:


Although Mercury’s are older cars and you won’t find the latest and greatest safety innovations in these older vehicles, you will find some safety measures in these vehicles, which can help to give you some peace of mind with purchasing one. Mercury vehicles were made right up until 2011, which wasn’t all that long ago so you really won’t have to worry too much about the car being “roadworthy” as long as you get a relatively new model. Here are some of the safety features that you can expect to find:


On most Mercury models, you will find that there are fog lights incorporated into the design. This is ideal for safety as it will light up the road better in poor conditions and it will allow you to be able to have a better peripheral vision when the fog lights are used. In addition to fog lights, another thing that you will often find in the newer Mercury models is turn signal mirrors. This will help cars behind you be able to better see the direction you are planning to go, which definitely helps to keep you safer on the road. Besides mirrors, some of the new Mercury models even had auto-leveling headlights so that you would never blind an oncoming car.

Stability Control:

If you buy one of the more recent Mercury models, you will find that many of these models such as the Mercury Mariner do have stability control built into the design. If the vehicle senses that you are not able to control the vehicle in a safe manner it will apply the brakes and slow down the engine automatically in an attempt to give you back control of the vehicle as fast as possible.

Air Bags:

One of the most important safety measures regardless of the vehicle that you are driving. Mercury liked to throw a lot of airbags in their designs and it was commonplace to see both side and rear airbags.  as well as a passenger on/ off switches for the airbag according to your needs.

Safety Ratings for a Mercury:

There are plenty of old safety ratings available for Mercury vehicles and although we won’t cover all of the Mercury models available, here are a bunch of the Mercury models that were produced and how they did when they were crash tested:

ModelModerate Overlap FrontSide ImpactRoof StrengthHead Restraints and Seats
Mercury Milan 2010GoodGoodGoodGood
Grand Marquis 2010GoodMarginalNot RatedMarginal
Mercury Mariner 2010GoodGoodMarginalGood
Mercury Montego 2007GoodGoodNot RatedGood
Mercury MontereyGoodAcceptableNot RatedGood
Mercury Mountaineer 2010GoodAcceptableNot RatedAcceptable
Mercury Mystique 2000PoorNot RatedNot RatedNot Rated
Mercury Sable 2009GoodGoodNot RatedGood
Mercury Tracer 1999AcceptableNot RatedNot RatedNot Rated
Mercury Villager 2002PoorNot RatedNot RatedNot Rated


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