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Which Maserati Model is Cheapest to Insure:

Maserati ModelsMontrealTorontoCalgaryEdmontonOttawa
Gran Turismo$2034.00$1677.00$1779.00$1911.00$1213.00

Facts about Maserati:

  • Maserati is an Italian luxury sports car manufacturer
  • The company was founded on December 1st, 1914
  • The company employs over a thousand people
  • The parent company of Maserati is Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
  • Maserati produces around 75,000 vehicles a year

Buying a Maserati:


If you buy a Maserati, you are definitely buying a very high-quality brand. Maserati’s have amazing Interior’s and very stylish exteriors, which is why they are so well known even though they don’t produce all that many cars. Maserati has a decent-sized lineup of cars considering the small number that it produces each year. Here is a breakdown of the models they offer and why you might be interested:

Starting at the low end of the price spectrum, you are still going to be paying a good amount of money. However, you are also going to be getting a very fast and nice vehicle. You have the option of picking up a Maserati Ghibli or you can pick up an SUV in the Maserati Levante. These vehicles may not get the best fuel economy, but an amazing interior unique body style will definitely leave you wanting one of these beautiful cars.

If you have a moderate to high budget for a Maserati, you will have the option of picking up a Quattroporte or the more well-known model the GranTurismo. Both of these cars may not be the very top of the line, but these are extraordinarily fast cars. The GranTurismo sports a 4.7 liter V-8 while the Quattroporte has a Twin Turbo 3 liter V6.

Getting into the top-of-the-line Maserati available, you will be looking at the GranTurismo convertible. This car has the highest MSRP price, but it is also the fanciest Maserati money can buy at this time. The car sports the same 4.7-liter V-8 engine as the regular GranTurismo, but this is the car that most people consider to be the best of the best in Maserati and may be the right choice for you if you like convertibles.

Pros of Maserati Cars:

  • Massive engines allow for a ton of power
  • Luxurious interior’s make for very comfortable rides
  • Maserati is a pretty well-known brand that definitely gives you a high status
  • These cars do have a unique look to them, which will certainly turn heads

Cons of Maserati Cars:

  • High MSRP price tags on these vehicles will stop some people from purchasing
  • Package options on these cars are quite expensive
  • It May be difficult to find somewhere to service and repair that is close by
  • Expensive parts and repair costs

List of All Maserati Models in Canada

3200 GT
4200 GT

Maserati and Auto Theft:


If you have this expensive of a car, you definitely need to be concerned about auto theft. It does not hurt to look at crime statistics in your local area to see the odds of your car being stolen, but either way, it is good to take precautions. The best way to protect yourself from auto theft is to make sure that you have comprehensive coverage of your vehicle. Sure it might be expensive to get insurance on a Maserati, but it is well worth the cost if you happen to get your car stolen or broken into. Insurance can definitely give you some peace of mind with your investment and is most definitely worth the extra cost due to the amount of money it could potentially save you.

Maserati and Your Safety:maserati

Since Maserati’s are such fast sports cars, you are going to want some peace of mind driving one of these. For this reason, Maserati has included a ton of different safety features in these cars. When driving at fast speeds you are at a much higher risk of an accident, which is why you should take a look at these safety features:

Anti-Whiplash Technology:

Maserati travel at such fast speeds that they sometimes need to stop fast in order to halt the car before hitting something. It is for this reason that Maserati has developed headrests that act as a restraint on your head to stop your head from slamming back into the seat rest during an accident. If you happen to get hit from behind, the car will auto adjust your headrest to minimize whiplash, which will allow you to end up less sore after the accident.


When you are accelerating in a Maserati or you are driving at a fast speed, you are at a higher risk of losing control of the vehicle. It is for this reason that Maserati has incorporated stability control into the design that will adjust the vehicle accordingly to help you gain control back. The design will apply select brakes or slow down the engine till you gain back control of the vehicle.

Air Bags:

One thing that can prevent a major injury in the event of a crash is airbags. It is important to be protected on all sides as you never really know where or when someone is going to hit your vehicle. Maserati has a lot of airbags in different areas. They have overhead airbags, which help if you roll the vehicle, side airbags in the event of a side collision and they also have knee airbags to help keep you stationary when hit.

Safety Ratings for a Maserati:

Even though most expensive cars don’t get crash tested to check for safety, Maserati vehicles sometimes do. Looking at crash statistics is a great way to tell if a vehicle is safe to drive and to tell if you are comfortable with driving it. This is definitely a great sign that Maserati is willing to spend the money to prove their vehicles are safe and reliable in the event of a collision. To give you some peace of mind and to show you how these vehicles react in the event of a collision, here are some crash statistics by the IIHS on the 2017 Maserati Ghibli:



ModelModerate Overlap FrontSide ImpactRoof StrengthHead Restraints and Seats
Maserati GhibliGoodGoodGoodGood


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